Jerry Recco had his work cut out for him while providing his award-winning updates today. Last night’s World Series Game 6 alone had enough twists and turns to fill the entire segment.

Jerry is a pro though, and he was able to focus. More importantly, he got Craig to focus and began by playing some play-by-play cuts from last night’s Fall Classic which was won by the Cardinals 10-9 in 11 innings, accompanied by some post game audio from both the Cards and the Rangers.

Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton was not surprised after hitting a go-ahead 2-run HR in the top of the 10th inning because afterwards he shared that God told him he would end his HR drought.

Craig questioned how God got the message to Hamilton, before critiquing Cardinals radio play-by-play man Mike Shannon’s biased HR call.

Plus, Robinson Cano’s agent Scott Boras backs off – sorta.  The NBA labor talks are reportedly progressing rather nicely and Brandon Jacobs says his days with the Giants are numbered, which prompts Craig to call the 6’4″, 264 lb. running back a big-mouth douche…

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