Craig got talking about the good old days, when he used to pretend he was the back-up 3rd baseman for the Phillies in order to talk to attractive woman, that presumably would not have given him the time of day otherwise.

That prompted Boomer to harken back to the days when he didn’t have to pretend to be anything, because he was the starting quarterback for the Maryland Terrapins and had a license plate that read ‘Terps QB’.

Unlike poor Craigie , a young Boomer certainly had more than enough going for him to get it done back in the day, without any type of ruse.

From there the guys made fun of the most famous Boomer look-a-like, Phil Simms – who turns 56 today and is officially closer to 60 than 50.

Then we got a call from Anthony in Belville , who is a big fan of the Morning Extravaganza, which was evident by his phone call…

LISTEN: Phil Simms Isn’t Getting any Younger (11/03)

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