New York Botanical Garden Needs Help Getting Back In Shape

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – New York Botanical Garden president Gregory Long says their fifty acres of first growth forest – a native forest that has never been harvested – took a real pounding in the freak October snowstorm.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

“In our forest, we have about 15,000 trees and we lost a lot of limbs up high in the canopy. The forest is very densely forested, you know, because the trees have never been cut there, and the snow rested on the leaves high up on the canopy and broke thousands of limbs up very very high,” he said.

Also damaged and closed are the 100-year-old magnolia collection as is the azalea area.

Long says the cost could amount to several hundred thousand dollars and the botanical garden is hoping those who love the place will step up to help with donations.

They might not know the full extent of the damage until next year.

You can donate to the garden by calling 718-817-8553 or visiting their website.

The garden is located at 2900 Southern Boulevard in the Bronx.

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  • daniel

    I go to the Garden almost everyday since I live a few blocks away. Although the forest lost some limbs, it doesn’t seem like the end of the world to me. This would of happened no matter what. All those fallen limbs should of been left where they fell to decompose and continue the normal cycle of the forest. With new light shining down on the floor new baby trees will grow and life will go on.

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  • Concern

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  • Gork

    With all the money that 1010 WINS is making from reducing their non-Shadow Traffic, non-Weather, non entertainment report, non-“business” report news to four and one half minutes and layering on ad after ad, they should make a large donation. Call it the Plaza Hyundai-Sleepys-Kars-for-Kids-Bobs Discount-Furniture-GEICO grant.

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