City Council Approves Residential Parking Permit Plan

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The New York City Council has approved a proposal to create residential parking permits.

The plan calls for parking in some areas of the city to be by paid permit only. The idea is to make it easier for residents to find parking near their homes.

But the measure requires the backing of the State Legislature.

Both of the two Republican senators in the city oppose the measure, so it’s not likely to pass the GOP-controlled Senate.

The local parking issue is a big concern in Brooklyn neighborhoods near the new Barclays Center, which is set to open next year with only limited space in its parking lot.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg supported residential parking permits as part of his failed congestion pricing plan, but now says he’s not so sure. He’s worried about parking for local businesses.

Under the proposal, some of the permit fees would go into New York City Transit to improve bus and subway service.

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One Comment

  1. DaleAuburn says:

    Better idea… Resident permits WITHOUT the fee.

  2. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    This idea is an outrage. By law, out-of-towners always have ABSOLUTE PRIORITY over city residents, especially in street parking and hiring.

  3. Richard says:

    Every other major city has residential permit parking. On the upper West Side, we find the same cars with our of state licenses parked here regularly – nights, weekends. The owners live here but register their cars with friends or family out of state, as far away as Vermont and Florida, to avoid paying New York registration of insurance. The only time these cars ever move is for alternate side parking.

  4. LA says:

    I live in Park Slope, as well, and many of the people that park on my block drive into work at Methodist Hospital and 2 local high schools. Will they also have to buy parking permits?

    What does the regulation say about workers who park in the neighborhood? Will their cars be ticketed and/or towed?

  5. ME says:

    Shut this ridiculous idea down now — and leave it alone. Free parking is a good thing. It is necessary for the city’s economic “flow” ie weekend mornings for shoppers coming into town, evenings for people heading in for dinner or a show, and customer parking for local businesses on a daily basis. As a former Manhattanite now living in NNJ, I use the city’s free parking. Take it away and it will hurt the city’s economy, not help it. The price of permits paid by local residents won’t make it up.

  6. Michael H. says:

    Why is the Barclay Center allowed to open if its parking structure won’t be at full capacity?

    1. Daydream Believer says:

      Maybe the developer is waiting for somebody to build some sort of “public transportation” system, possibly involving underground trains that people might use to travel to and from the Barclay Center (and other places,too).

      Nah! That will never work. Everybody knows that REAL New Yorkers drive everywhere.

  7. Jeremy says:

    I have a car in the city, and I spend hours every week moving it back and forth to avoid paying for a private parking spot, But this is NYC – and a car is a luxury here (and slightly ridiculous). Stop wasting time on pandering to the rich people in Park Slope (including me!) I say ban on-street parking all together. If you want a car in the city, then renting a parking spot is part of the cost.

  8. p8nt says:

    Why not just tear down all the run down buildings, crack houses and build a gated parking lot?

  9. blahblahblah says:

    Is there a plan to prevent the residents in those areas from ‘flipping’ their parking permits? Or charging a premium for their PUBLIC ‘residential spaces?’

  10. Bklyn mom says:

    Here is the problem – if you have an area that is only residential, then permit parking MAY make sense for evening/overnight. However, in an area such at Park Slope and near Atlantic Terminal, where it is nearly impossible to find a spot if you’re trying to shop,permit parking is ridiculous. As it is, some genius came up with “no left turns” anywhere on Flatbush Ave, from Grand Army Plaza going towards the Manhattan Bridge. I got stuck there for half an hour trying to get past the stadium construction and the mall, having to make right turns to finally get to Atlantic Ave. Forget parking, you can barely drive!

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