Gov. Chris Christie Demands Utilities Restore All Power By Sunday

TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Gov. Chris Christie demanded that everyone in New Jersey have their power restored by Sunday night, and utilities were racing to meet that goal.

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JCP&L said power was restored to all but around 400 customers Sunday evening, while PSE&G no longer had any customers without power.

Latest Outage Numbers: PSE&G | JCP&L

“While the overwhelming number of affected customers have had their power restored, it is imperative that full restoration efforts finish by the end of this weekend without exceptions,” Christie said in a statement. “Any further delays are unacceptable to me and unacceptable to those New Jerseyans who have demonstrated significant patience in the aftermath of the storm. If there is any failure to meet this timetable, I will consider taking appropriate action in consultation with Board of Public Utility President Lee Solomon.”

Downed trees have been a major hurdle in restoring power.

In Morristown, crews says it’s finally down to just individual houses and blocks.

“A woman came up to us and said ‘why aren’t my lights on?’ I actually went over to her house and flipped her main breaker,” said a power worker who was brought in from Madison, Wisconsin. “She’d been off for eight days and I don’t know how long her neighbors were out.”

More than 614,000 New Jersey customers lost power at the height of the storm.

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One Comment

  1. Lard Lover says:

    Gov. Chris Christie demanded that the company that manufactures the world famous ‘Fry Daddy’ produce a propane fired version so that the morbidly obese, clown of a governor never has to be without massive amounts of fried food during power failures. He stated that this new product is a necessity in order for him to maintain his massive girth.

  2. Paul N says:

    Christie is like “I am Oz'” This man is so full of himsef (along with every thing he can eat) Worlers have been going non stop since the stomr, give them some credit!!

  3. Tom Thumb says:

    Typical administrative response to a problem caused by shortages in there labor force and the amount of destruction caused by the storm. And there best executive effort is to threaten people.

  4. Nancyr says:

    Watch out. He might sit on you!

  5. JCP&L WORKER says:


    1. NJ CITIZEN says:


  6. Richard Murphy says:

    maybe this demand that power come back on thing should have come on Monday instead of 7 days later. rediculous to have people still without power

  7. Bob David says:

    Just put the wires underground instead of repairing them every year….
    Think about it….

    1. The Realist says:

      Do YOU have a few spare billion to pay for that?

    2. Richard Tattersall says:

      7 years ago, a manhole cover on W53 just west of Broadway, Next to to the Broadway Theatre, blew about 4 foot into the air. They stopped the matinee and cleared the theatre. Withing the next 4 minutes, every manhole cover from Broadway, west to 6th ave, and 6 blocks south blew. One of the 10,000 volt step down transformers had died.. Were I live in Brooklyn, there are times when the wrought iron fences, around the courtyards get electrified. Touch one, and you get a shock. You want to rip up every road and then repave them where you live? How many years would it take. .

    3. Amused but not misled says:

      You know of course the customer must dig the trench and wire it from the street to the basement panel. Utility ends at the street

      Do it! The electricians of NJ would love getting all that paying work. Geez I’ll even un-retire for that windfall!

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