Nurses Against Abortion Suing N.J. Hospital Requiring They Assist In The Procedures

Cite Religious Beliefs, Say They Risk Being Fired By UMDNJ If They Refuse

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A dozen nurses in New Jersey have filed suit against the hospital where they work because the nurses don’t want to assist during abortions.

They told CBS 2’s Don Dahler what the hospital is doing is against their religion, and against the law.

Fe Vinoya of West Orange has been a nurse for 10 years. She said when her employer told her she would have to start training on how to help with abortions, she decided instead to join a lawsuit.

“As a Christian, I don’t believe in abortion. I think it’s murder,” Vinoya said.

The women suing are same-day surgery nurses at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. They said until a few months ago, they were never asked to assist in those procedures.

But the nurses said the hospital implemented a policy change this past September and told them they had to assist abortions or risk being fired.

“In these economic times, that’s a very, very difficult choice,” attorney Demetrios Stratis said.

Dahler then asked, “If a procedure is legal, and abortion is legal, regardless of what your own personal beliefs are, why is it unreasonable for your employer to expect you to do your job?”

Vinoya answered, “Because it’s against my religious conviction and it’s against the law for them to force me, or for anyone to force me to assist in something that is against my religious conviction.”

The lawsuit is based on federal and state laws which forbid any person working in a facility that receives public funds from being required to perform or assist in abortions. UMDNJ gets $60 million in federal funds.

The women are represented by an organization of anti-abortion attorneys.

“You can’t force someone to do something that’s against their conscious. Whether they’re a nurse or otherwise,” Stratis said.

The hospital issued the following statement on Monday: “No nurse is compelled to have direct involvement in, and/or attendance in the room at the time of, a procedure to which she or he objects based on his/her cultural values, ethics and/or religious beliefs.”

UMDNJ insists no state or federal laws were broken, and said the hospital will be vindicated in court.

A federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order to stop abortion training for any nurses who object to it. A hearing is scheduled for Nov. 18.

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  1. tiff french says:

    For all of you that love abortion cuz your selfish, your momma should of killed you. Maybe she should kill you right now? OHHH WAIT NO THAT WOULD BE MURDER. HYPOCRITES

  2. Jan D says:

    I am Pro-Choice and a RN before Roe v. Wade in big city hospitals. Now that’s horror to see the results of botched abortions. After Roe v. Wade, I occasionally had abortion patients to care for. Like any other unpleasant task, but never forgetting I am there to care for the patient. My hospitals must have been enlightened though…they all had conscience clauses. If it made for severe staffing difficulties, I am sure a transfer to another area would and could have been arranged. Otherwise, look for a Catholic hospital and it won’t be necessary. Methinks there might be a payoff in mind or coercing your beliefs on others. And btw I am anti death penalty.More inconsistency in this human.

  3. Friend says:

    This question is for people who are pro abortion,

    Why does the United States law ban partial-birth abortion?

    1. Sassywolf says:

      No one is pro-abortion. If you look, we say pro-choice. There is a difference. I can be pro-choice and not approve of abortion. But it is the woman’s choice what she does with her body, not the state’s and certainly not any religion’s. If someone is religious, and they don’t like abortion, they have that right. The right they don’t have is to step on someone else’s rights. The article itself is not talking about partial birth abortions, it is talking about abortion in general. Partial birth abortion is only used in extreme cases, such as the death of the mother. It is not used lightly. Abortion is in many cases only done during the first trimester, when the fetus has no identifiable features. Like I said, partial birth abortions are usually done during the third trimester and only in the case of the mother’s likelihood of dying.

  4. Kathy from NJ says:

    I think that all like minded nurses and doctors should form their own hospitals – and hire only people “like them, with their same beliefs” and then only treat people “like them with their beliefs.”

    Oh wait, maybe they should take a different oath when they go into the medical practice – that’s it…”I will only care for people and conditions that I believe in their lifestyle choices or participate in procedures that I find morally acceptable.”

    My personal beliefs aside, its a scary concept….

  5. Ron Darcy says:

    VERNON you are a lunatic and should check your head for 3 sixes….To think God gave us the technology to commit murder, could rethink my idea to allow maybe one abortion…YOU! And at least your last name shows your final resting place…Bring some

    1. Vernon Hell says:

      Time to give up your multi-millennial fraud. There IS no Jesus. There never WAS a Jesus. To worship Jesus is an evil denial of the REAL GOD. Either quit spreading your malicious nonsense or you will surely BURN IN HELL.

      The only good Christian church is one that is BURNING!

  6. brendatobias says:

    I do understand the nurses’ sentiment. I too would find it difficult to assist in something I find abhorrent (ex. cosmetic surgery on minors) but the profession simply doesn’t allow for those choices. Your job is to care for the patient. Period.

  7. Vernon Hell says:

    ABORT CHRISTIANITY! In any of its forms, it is a false religion that offers a sure path to HELL. GOD gave us the technology to safely abort unwanted fetuses so that we will not overpopulate HIS planet and spread misery, and HE wants us to use it.

  8. PaPa Joe says:

    Many years ago when oral contraceptives (BC pills) hit the market the controversy among Pharmacists, I’m a retired Pharmacists, was, if you were a Christian whose beliefs did not include contraception, olr, any other group, could/should you fill the Rx. If you were not self employed and did not want to fill BC Rx’s as the owner of the shop wanted you to, you found another job. There was no thought of suing the employer but, then, PC did not exists – the boss called the shots as long as your professional activities stayed within the law. If you were the owner of the shop you could do whatever yoiu wanted, within the law. There was then nor is there now a mandate to fill every Rx presented. The paralell, for me, is that if you don’t like company policy, find a place where you do. An employee can discuss, suggest , things along those lines -but- the employer calls the shots so long as those shots are within the law.

  9. Ben M says:

    It’s a fact that the majority of “pro-lifers” are pro death penalty. It’s part of a hypocritical and confused mindset that a lot of conservatives have.

    1. The Facts says:

      Aborted babies are innocent beings. The death penalty is not supposed to be meted out to the innocent. It is reserved for murdereers and traitors. No hypocracy. No confusion.

      1. Ben M says:

        Oh…and what about all the mistakes when INNOCENT human beings have had their lives taken by the state? What about the lives of their families? No hypocracy? No confusion?

      2. Ben M says:

        No hypocracy, no confusion…or just…no idea?

  10. Ron Darcy says:

    Lisa if you were aborted, we would have never known your comment! Abortion is Murder and to force someone to participate would make them guilty of the same crime…Comparing Abortion to open heart surgery is like comparing the executer to the healer…Nurses refuse! and your rewards will be great!!!

  11. Jin says:

    Nurses work to save lives – abortion is a touchy subject compared to that of open heart surgery. Respect the ethics and beliefs of the workers – they can continue to work and save lives without assisting in abortions.

  12. Lisa says:

    Abortion is a legal procedure. Would a nurse refuse to assist in open heart surgery? If you don’t want to practice medicine, get out of the business.

    1. ELi says:

      whats next? they won’t want to assist with patients that are…black,white, muslim, gay, illegal immigrants, catholic, jewish,rape victim…where does it stop

      1. Wearyman says:

        Yes Eli, because not wanting to be forced to take part in the ghoulish and vile practice of murdering babies by crushing their skulls with forceps and sucking out their brains (a popular abortion method) is precisely equal to being a racist.

        Are you that horrible a person that you don’t see the difference, or merely stupid?

        1. Sassywolf says:

          Firt, many abortions take place in the first trimester, when the fetus doesn’t have any way of taking care of itself outside the womb. The practice that you talk about is used in extreme cases when the mother’s life is in danger, usually between the second and third trimester. But many doctors refuse to abort after the first trimester UNLESS the mother is in danger of dying.

    2. Go home Nurse says:

      There are other hospitals to work for — If you don’t like your employer, go elsewhere! Ridiculous lawsuit. I hope all these nurses get fired and counter sued for being frivolous. Its a very SIMPLE issue made overly complicated because it involved a controversial topic. Replace the word “abortion” with any “task” your employer ask you to do. I am a cook and today I’m going to sue my boss because he asked me to cook a cow for lunch. Its totally against my religion to eat any cow meat. Tomorrow I will sue a potential employer for not hiring me because I refuse to cook any meat because I decided I’m a vegetarian.

      These nurses can go home and call it a day. There’s no violation of law here.

      1. Wearyman says:

        First of all, the murder of the not-yet-born is in no way equivalent to aiding a doctor in saving a life or in assisting a patient in returning to health. Many of these Nurses had worked there for YEARS and now they are suddenly being forced to take part in something so horribly vile as the taking of a life and all YOU can say is “Go find another job”?

        Does not the Hipporatic Oath (and the many other ones based off of it) state to do no harm? How is Abortion anything BUT doing harm? These Nurses, all religious issues aside, are FAR more loyal to their oath than the Hospital administrators are. Good for them, I fully expect them to win. Nobody should EVER be forced to perform a murder. EVER.

        1. The Facts says:

          The original Hippocratic Oath forbade physicians from aborting babies. The clause was recently removed from the Oath as it is no longer considered to be politically correct.

      2. old nurse says:

        @ go home. My employer does not own me and I am not a slave to unethical requests by patients. As a nurse, I am asked for many unethical requests by patients or family members such as sexual favors or eliminating unwanted relatives. Besides what is the difference between abortion and infanticide? The answer about a minute or less. At the end of the day, I have to live with my conscience. Maybe, if healthcare workers in Nazi Germany refused to assist in eugenics or other unsavory procedures by their government, there would have been no Nazi death camps. Remember that Hitler was elected into office. Please check out the Holocaust Museum’s exhibit Deadly Medicine.

    3. audi says:

      We bend over backwards to allow Muslim woman to wear thier burkas during pat-downs and for licenses but when a Christian woman speaks out… nothing.

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