Building Collapse In Brighton Beach Claims Life Of 1 Of 5 Workers Pulled From Rubble

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — CBS 2 has learned one of the workers pulled from the Brighton Beach building collapse wreckage has died.

Chopper 2 HD was over the scene at 2922 Brighton 5th St., in Brooklyn where the five-story building under construction suddenly came down on Monday afternoon.

Firefighters frantically searched through the pile of concrete, pulling five workers out. Investigators said concrete being poured between the metal pillars buckled the building.

Three workers became trapped under the rubble after the top two floors fell onto the third, sending it all crashing to the ground, officials said.

“Looks like the weight of the concrete caused the 3rd floor to collapse onto the 2nd floor,” said Michael Marrone of the FDNY.

Robert Approbato was delivering a load of cement when he heard the crashing metal. He said it sounded like thunder.

“I just jumped off the truck, called 911 immediately, picked up my shoot, drove up the block and I’ve been here ever since,” Approbato told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

CBS 2 was there when one of the workers was wheeled away on a stretcher with a neck and back brace. It is unknown at this time if that worker is the one that died.

“He was like covered in cement, he didn’t look like he was moving. It didn’t look too good,” witness Jessica Padilla said.

The workers were all taken to a local hospital. One was listed in critical condition, two others in serious condition.

Inspectors and engineers with the Buildings Department are investigating the collapse.

Several neighbors had to evacuate as a precaution. They’ve since been allowed back into their homes.

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One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    Post, I guess you were right in their, helping the FIREFIGHTERS pull the debris off the victims when you saw a “couple” of them steal “stuff” ? No? where were you on the pile? Did you see them put the gold bars in their pockets? Or was it scrap metal ? Yeah, that’s it ! They were stealing scrap metal! Do you know how rediculous your comments sound? Here is literally a life and death situation and your stupid remarks about FIREFIGHTERS stealing “stuff” makes me want to throttle you! Sign me : FDNY (retired) 30 Years!

  2. Mike says:

    Sounds like there were no permits for the job, Inspectors wouldn’t allow a pour without shoring up the floors below! That is why we pull permits, the building department must inspect BEFORE the pour is made! Usually one of the workers would see the danger and say something to the boss, but when the workers are ILLEGAL ALIEN laborers, they won’t say anything that would jeopardise their day’s pay! Shut down all ILLEGAL building sites, make them file their permits ! Firefighters have NO CHOICE, they must risk their lives in rescuing these people form these dangerous building sites! Sometimes they are not successful, as what happened yesterday.

  3. kevin says:

    oh, really, u saw a few firefighters stealing “stuff” from a COLLAPSED, UNDER-CONSTRUCTION BUILDING with absolutely NO tenants, valubles or contents inside? thats what u saw? firefighters, WORKING ALONGSIDE ESU POLICE OFFICERS and dozens of other authorities robbing “stuff”? what “stuff” did you witness them steal??? cement??? pieces of scaffolding??? you are a liar and an imbecile. i was at the scene taking pictures, u have no clue what u are talking about whatsoever, keep to your own miserable life and don’t comment on that which u have no knowledge of u moron.

  4. Bullett says:

    I’m sure that the building department will uncover a few violations, but its too little to late for the injured workers. How about OSHA? Sounds to me like improper shoring of the building.

  5. Post says:

    I watched a few firefighter stealing stuff from this building. Typical greedy dirt bags

    1. KPMc says:

      You did? But didn’t have the balls to say anything or report them? If so, you are just as bad as them. But I think it is just a lie because you are jealous of people that work hard and can get laid without a fistful of twenties.

      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

      1. KPMc says:


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