Police: Jericho Couple Roughed Up After Disrupting Home Invasion

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Detectives in Nassau County are investigating a robbery that left a Jericho couple roughed up Monday night.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

Police said a 55-year-old man and 38-year-old woman were returning to their home on Birchwood Park Drive at about 6:35 p.m. They were surprised — overwhelmed — by three young men with guns, yelling for money — or else. The bandits were hiding in the bushes of Stuart Leiman’s house next door.

“Yeah, my wife is beside herself because that house over there was robbed about a month ago. These are the times that … people are desperate,” Leiman told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Police said the trio charged at the man and woman, forcing them into the garage. As they started to enter the house, the home’s alarm system went off. The victims refused to shut off the alarm, police said.

“While they were demanding money, they demanded the alarm be turned off. At some point, at least one of the subjects began to kick and punch the victims and strike the male victim with one of the handguns,” Nassau County Police Lt. William Carey said.

Despite the beating, the couple continued to let the alarm blare. The suspects, realizing the alarm would notify the police, took off on foot, police said. They didn’t manage to steal anything.

Both victims were banged up and bruised. They were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Police are still looking for the burglars. The whole neighborhood was on edge Tuesday.

“The police came here … I thought we were being targeted. You know, this neighborhood of Jericho. But they said there’s just a rash of robberies, of burglaries, I mean,” Sharon Stangel said.

“Everyone’s been really careful, leaving their lights on, locking their doors, extra carefully and keeping their windows shut,” Sam Kurash added.

Police said the suspects are three black men, over 6 feet tall, in their late 20s. They were all armed with pistols. One wore what police describe as a “red or burgundy” hoodie.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS. All calls are kept anonymous.

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

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  3. Surfin Bird says:

    The couple should have called 911 when they saw the suspicious people.

  4. Max says:

    Three black men, over 6 feet tall, in their late 20s? Wearing hoodies? Blacks wear hoodie? WOW.

  5. Max says:

    They are lucky they weren’t raped first Starting with the husband.

  6. We ALL need to be Vigilent says:

    Being robbed is one thing…but at gun point is a whole different story…in addition to being beat up!!!!! The only way to deal with this type crime is for everyone to be aware and alert and report to the police anyone who does not look like they live in this neighborhood of Jericho….if they don’t live here, why would they be here???? We all need to be vigilant!!!!!

    1. Jericho Resident says:

      Fully agreed. Everybody need to report to the police whenever seeing anyone not belong to this neighborhood.

  7. Meme Meyagi says:

    it only takes one nubian to ruin a country

    1. Nubian trainer says:

      It only takes one bullet to take care of a nubian.

  8. rob says:

    OMG! They were blacks???!

  9. FUNZI TIERI says:


    1. Tobay says:

      Du bist a nar!

  10. Other neighbor says:

    Please delete moronic comments
    like the ones from “Neighbor” and
    “Not a Bit Scared”

    For Shame.

    1. The Other neighbors says:

      Please delete yourself from this world. Take your seeds and big wife with ya! Moron

    2. Neighbor says:

      Other neighbor. Do you live in Jericho? If so how many black neighbor do you have or how many black landscapers or contractors have you seen. None. So when you see 3 black males in their 20’s invite them for dinner.

      1. Neighborhood Watch says:

        I tried to hire a black guy hiding in the bushes to cut my grass. Instead he smoked it and tried to cut me.

  11. neighbor says:

    Birchwood park is a busy road especially at 6:30 how can not anyboy notice 3 black guys in Jericho. Lesson well learned as soon as you see any black guys or spanish (with the exception of the landscappers) just call 911. It is everybodies responsibility to keep the neighborhood safe, you could be next.

    1. Neighbor 2 says:

      Agree completely 100%

      I know a few Old Crusty Jews from the area who are in their late 60’s and decided to adopt kids from Africa. Guess what, once they get older, they find where they belong and turn to crime. All blacks are the same. Look at the little dirtbag from Syosset who robbed 5 Lakeview homes last week! Enough said, call 911 instantly!

      1. G.W. says:

        Look at Somalia

  12. Not A Bit Scared! says:

    It’s come to the point where you should just stop what you ae doing and call 911 as soon as you spot an African American in your area. Any way you paint the picture, blacks will never be in “good scenarios”. that’s just the way it is, the way it was and the way it will always be! They are all BAD. Next, we need to get the one who’s in office,…OUT. Plus, half these “colored” folks are so stupid, they would’nt even know how to load a pistol, please!

    1. Logan says:

      Very True!! I lived in a black neighborhood years ago. It was the worst experience I had. Nothing will ever top it.

  13. Memphis Bill says:

    Newsday reported this story and took out the fact that the suspects were black. Political correctness run amok.

    1. Reality Guru says:

      Agreed, the fact that they are black is for purposes of I.D., not racism.

      For those surprised at this incident, the area in question represents a security nightmare, with a half dozen exits leading to three busy arterials plus close access to both the L.I.E. and Northern State Parkway. The targeted home is on the community’s periphery backing up to an industrial area.

  14. Mike says:

    It’s a shame, more black kids looking for work.

  15. scary says:

    You can’t even come home in peace. I hope they get these guys before they take any lives. Horrifying to come home too, I’m glad to hear they’re okay. I would be scared to even open the garage door from now on.This is so scary.

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