Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott Denies Claim That NYC Warehouses Students

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents says thousands of students are now “warehoused” due to New York City’s policy of shutting failing schools.

Chancellor Merryl Tisch made the comment at a meeting with the Daily News Editorial Board on Tuesday after visiting the Automotive High School in Brooklyn.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

She said no one was in the classroom and students at the school were wandering around the hallways. The high school’s principal didn’t return requests for comment. Only one percent of graduating students at Automotive last year were ready for college.

Since 2002, the city has opened 528 new schools and closed 117 struggling ones.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists the city has made enormous progress with the city school system.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb With Reaction From Bloomberg

“I don’t think there’s any school system in the country that has taken a school like the one she talked about and made as many improvements as we have,” Bloomberg said. “Are they all going to be ready for Harvard, Yale or Princeton? No, and incidentally, neither was I when I graduated school.”

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said he strongly rejected any notion that the schools “warehouse” students.

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  1. enercell says:

    Chancellor Tisch is 100% correct with her comment. Students from schools that are closed ARE left with NO SCHOOL TO GO TO… They are left out in the cold. They are at home, in the streets picked up or not picked up by truancy police.

    Of course Chancellor Walcott would deny this, he would be foolish to admit it. But truth is truth and facts are facts. Those of us that work or have worked in the NYC school system know this as a FACT!

    I heard this directly from a CFN (Children First Network) supervisor who stated that many people are resigning from their jobs at Tweed (Central Headquarters) part and parcel to them not approving of the way Mayor Bloomberg and the Chancellor are running the New York City School System.

    Many, many student’s have no place to go when their school is closed. Some schools are left on the record looking like they are open but in reality they are closed buildings with no one in attendance in that school. No teacher’s or students. In the system the student still appears as attending that school, with horrible attendance on top of it because they have not been discharged due to the school being closed nor have they been placed in a new school. The student appears as a chronically absent student but the truth is that the DOE has closed that child’s school and has not relocated him/her to a new school.

    If the building/school happens to be a large one and it houses more than one school the student who attends that closed school still has a school ID so they just walk into the building as a “tenant” so to speak and no one is going to stop them. So in this situation the student walks the halls all day long as they DO NOT have any place else to be or go.

    That’s the understanding to the term “warehoused” the student is left to float or roam either in a school building, at home or worse yet in the street were he/she is highly at risk.

    Lastly, so many students that are victims of a closed school are academically very good students. Every student within these so called “low performing” schools are NOT low performing students and they are caught in the crossfire and are falling through the cracks.

    Principals (especially newly appointed principals) who are graduates of the mayor’s Leadership Academy must be held accountable for students who walk the halls all day and walk out of the school buildings to roam New York City streets. Case in point, Marta Valle High School in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

    More proof that Mayor Bloomberg should never have had mayoral control of the New York City school system and under his continued direction more and more children and parents of New York City are educationally doomed.

    Thank you Chancellor Merryl Tisch for your public account of what you saw with your own eyes. Someone must step up and help the future of this planet… The children!

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