Gift Guide For The Technophile

By Marshal M. Rosenthal
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There’s no shortage of technology gifts available this holiday season. And some will even leave enough in your bank account to get yourself something nice too. Here are some great ideas, whatever your price range happens to be.

 Gift Guide For The Technophile

Photo Credit - Callet

It’s The Thought (Under $25)

The iPhone is anything but warm and cuddly. And it’s definitely not cheap. But put it inside the the Woogie 2 from Griffin Technology, and it becomes a plush toy for the kids to play with. The Woogie’s legs form a base to stand it up, and the touch-through plastic shield keeps little fingers from poking too hard.

Maybe protecting a smartphone from adults — not kids — is the problem. We’ve all dropped our expensive devices while digging through our pockets. The Callet solves this problem, combining a smartphone case with a wallet for double the protection. The case guards the phone from wear and tear, while the slit pockets provide quick and safe access to cash and credit cards.

Let the technophile declare war on those roving bands of pen thieves invading his cubicle or home office. A few clicks of the mouse aims and fires this USB Rocket Launcher from Thinkgeek. Unsuspecting victims of a foam missile attack will never know what hit them. Maybe war isn’t the answer. The Grassy Lawn Charging Station offers a “green” solution to all those unsightly cords and cables. No fertilizer needed.

Woogie 2 – Griffin Technology ($19.99)

The Callet – Callet ($19.95)

USB Rocket Launcher – Thinkgeek ($24.99)

Grassy Lawn Charging Station – Thinkgeek (24.99)


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