Wayne Hills H.S. Football Players Charged With Assault Play In Playoff Game Friday

Reaction Mixed -- In Stands, Good Call; Away From Football, Sets Bad Example

WAYNE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Wayne Hills High School began its playoff run Friday night will all of its players, despite the fact that nine were charged this week with aggravated assault.

In the stands, there was near unanimity over the decision to allow the accused star receiver, 18-year-old Andrew Monaghan, and eight juveniles on the field.

“There’s three sides to every story. His, hers, the truth, and what happened in between and you shouldn’t persecute and judge children until you know the facts,” one parent said.

“I think it’s a great call,” another parent said.

Police said Monaghan and the eight others assaulted two teens from another high school following a party last month. The players allegedly got out of a car, surrounded the victims and attacked. The motive, police said, seems to stem from an argument at the party.

“They got out, began hitting them, knocking them to the ground and once on the ground they were stomped and kicked,” said Wayne Police Chief John Reardon.

One of the victims was knocked unconscious. Both were out of the hospital Friday and have recovered.

Wayne’s school district points to state law that essentially says it can’t punish a student for anything he or she does not related to a school activity.

“An accusation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guilty of something. It doesn’t mean something should be taken away from you without the opportunity to prove your innocence,” said Superintendent Michael Roth.

“Police charge people with a lot of things all the time. That’s why there’s a court system, so I think they should be allowed to play,” said parent Gary Hirsh.

Away from the field, however, some had a different take.

“Should not have played,” one resident said. “Because just like what’s going on with Penn State, it wasn’t right, and they should be held accountable for it.”

“They’re not being punished for something that they did, even if it wasn’t on school grounds,” said resident Ashley Shenice.

Wayne Hills is known for its successful football program, with seven state titles in the past decade and a coach, Chris Olsen, whose son, Greg Olsen, is a tight end for the Carolina Panthers.

“Excellent football team. Coach Olsen basically for the past 10 years has surpassed any of our expectations,” resident Brian Gorkowski said.

“They should play until they’re proven guilty,” Gorkowski said.

It is believed, if found guilty, it is unlikely the accused players will face any jail time.

Should the students be allowed to play? Sound off in our comments section below…


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  1. nrichard says:

    Why don’t you have the entire Wayne Hills football team tested for steroids – then the whiners and their parents won’t have to worry about playing football or any other high school sport – they’re all a bunch of dumb juice heads

  2. John T. says:

    With 7 state titles, of course the team needed to play these 9 young men charged with assault.
    Criminal actions (alleged, of course) – especially when perpetrated off school grounds – should not stand in the way of a great football program.
    Are there 9 more football scholarships still available at Penn State?

  3. Z says:

    I am a student at Hills but this is just pathetic.
    Even if the attack was for the purpose of so-called “self-defense”.
    What self-defense leaves a person beaten and lying on the road unconscious? No matter who the instigators were, it was wrong for Olsen to allow the football players to play in the game. They need to learn that there are boundaries and consequences for their actions.

    “They should play until they’re proven guilty,”

    Oh give me a break. Why don’t I hear anything about discipline? The football team at Wayne Hills is filled with druggies but I’ve yet to see any disciplinary actions taken for that either.

  4. John Wayne says:

    Hey Wayne Valley – WAKE UP. Those two Valley girls started this. Not even the Governor Christy will stand up to our Coach Olsen, star receiver Monoghan, and the mighty Wayne Hills.
    We will see you in the NFL.

    1. Simple says:

      You’re an idiot.

  5. p8nt says:

    The mere fact that these idiots are still being investigated, they should have been barred from playing as well as be suspended from school. Goes to show how much pull athletes and coaches have over the school. What a huge waste of air and space.

  6. rgben44 says:

    These kids should have been suspended from palying by the mere fact that they were consuming alcohol. This alone is usually aganist team rules . And it does not have to be proven in a court of law . If the coach had enough data to suggest they were drinkingi(which it sures seems like he had some eye witness acounts ) then he should have suspended them just for breaking team rules . (assuming that rules exists on this team )

  7. Michelle says:

    My son attends Wayne Valley and was present at the party and along with about 30 other kids, watched the fight. He admitted the victims continued to provoke the fight. The football team was wrong, if stories are proved true. But we, as adults, are clueless to the truth. There are 3 sides to the story, what he said, what she said, and the truth. It is actually sickening though, to think that the news channels take words and stories and twist them to ruin children’s lives, even the 18 year old. Imagine your child is being named and presented all over the news channel, you would be sick to your stomach. Im sure if it was your child, you would be on the other side of the argument because we as parents love our children unconditionally. None of you know the kids you are judging. We are all sticking our nose where it shouldn’t be. This should’ve been kept private for the sake of Wayne, Wayne Hills, the children, and their families. It is causing misery and even more rivalry all over wayne. Surely you can’t think this won’t result in more violence? Ignorance.

    1. Kevin says:


      Your story about your son attending the party and that the valley boys continued to provoke the fight is laughable.

      I know for a fact that the Valley boys were asked by the home owners to help get everyone to leave because the party was getting out of hand.

      Probably because they were serving beer to minors .

      That said after the altercation ended the Valley boys left. they were then hunted down by 9 thugs and beat down.

      Then you want it kept private so we can sweep it under the rug like nothing happened. You sound like a Chris Olsen fan. This is just what he would want to be done.

      Lets all commit felony assault and battery and not tell anyone. Maybe they should not have even been charged. They are star football players after all. They do not have the same rules as the other people in the world.

      We do not have to know the kids… the police, prosecutors and judge are not going to know the kids . They are not going to judge them on anything but the on the crimes that they have committed.

      Finally. If your son was there and watched the fight why didn’t he call the police?

      It is sad that as a mother you do not have a real grasp on the reality of this situation. Sounds like you are friends with a few of the thugs and feel bad for them. what a shame.

      1. David says:

        Did you witness the fight? I think not. Therefore, you saying “they said” is not helping to prove your case. The victims & valley supporters will say anything and everything they can to get the hills kids in trouble. The accused & hills supporters will say anything and everything they can to get the accused out of trouble. Thus, no one knows the truth, not even you.

        Michelle did not say the kids should not be accused. However, she did say that the matter should have been kept between the police and families involved. All of wayne knew about the fight anyway. But the news reporters are sick for wanting to publicly display Monaghan’s mugshot when hes just a child, although he is 18 years of age. He is still a child, living under his parents roof, as are the other minors.

        Those saying the kids shouldve played and defending olsen, i believe, are the less naive ones. You people think this doesnt ever happen. NEWS FLASH: stuff like this happens every high school party, some get publicized and busted, some don’t.

        If these children are not old enough to drink alcohol, no one has any right to trash talk these kids over the internet. What they did was wrong, but the adults who have the nerve to judge children they don’t know, PATHETIC. Think if these were your kids, would you like their mugshot on the screen? or reporters twisting stories about your child?

        1. Kevin says:

          If they were my kids they would not have been playing football after being arrested. That is the whole point.

          Yes children make mistakes and they need to be punished for them so they know what they did wrong and not to make the same mistakes again. Not make excuses for them so they think that they did not do anything wrong.

          These kids committed felony assault they did not TP someones house.


          If know several teenagers who were at the party. They all provided the same info. So When I say They said it is because they said . Unlike you who gets his info from the blog.

          1. wayne mom says:

            my daughter was at the party. she said that the owners of the house did ask the kids to help them get people out. but she also said these kids were beyond nasty and screaming rude things to the hills kids provoking a fight. when the hills kids started making comments and nasty remarks back that is when a valley kid suckerpunched a hills kid in the head.
            i am in no way condoning what these 9 kids did in anyway. but i do know not all 9 kids deserve to be charged with aggravated assult. 2 or 3 boys should be.
            i think the kids should play because it is not olsens job or the school boards job to decide which kids are guilty of aggravated assult and which are not. it is a courts job. they all should be charged with assult including the valley kids and only a select few with aggravated assult. there is a big difference between the 2.
            maybe you should stop getting your information from teenagers at a party because you clearly do not know the full story. but i can honestly say i do not know the full story either, so who are we to judge what these kids deserve when we dont know the truth.

            1. Kevin says:

              They should not play because they were arrested. Case closed. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves for leaving it up to the school to decide.

              Olsen should have set an example that there is a code of ethics on his team and his team should be held to a higher standard. Instead he did just the opposite. Showing that he is the self centered ass that most feel he is.

              Great coach but feels that he can do anything without consequence.

              You need to understand the laws. If you are in a group and a crime was committed. then the entire group will be charged with the same crime. IE robbing a bank . The guy who sits in the get away car is as guilty as the guy inside the bank.

              I am no contesting the issue of what happened inside of the house. It was took place outside of the house after the altercation ended that they were arrested for .

              By the way all my info comes form Hills students. All of the parents I have spoken with(all Hills parents) are appalled and embarrassed by this incident. The only people who do not want these kids suspended are the people interested in football .

            2. Dave says:

              Weren’t you in part one of your comment quoting information from teenagers at a party, yet you try and dismiss another person’s comment because he did the same thing? How hypocritical, but I wouldn’t expect less from someone who actually defends the fact that they should play.

              Let’s pretend this fight never happened and these kids just got caught drinking. By those grounds ALONE they shouldn’t have played. THEY WERE DRINKING UNDERAGE, DISRESPECTING THE TEAM THEY REPRESENT! THEY SHOULDN”T PLAY FOR THIS ALONE, LET ALONE BEATING A KID INTO THE HOSPITAL. It’s one thing to defend yourself. It’s another to beat a kid to near death, no matter who started it, they beat a kid and left him in the road! DO you really see nothing wrong with this?!

              1. Lee says:

                i’m with u Dave! What abouat the adults who had the paraty and let the underage kids drink? Put them on the stand!

      2. wow says:

        FINALLY A PARENT (KEVIN) WHO ISN’T BLINDED BY IGNORANCE!!! Parents need to STOP pretending their kids are untouchable and not hold them accountable for their poor choices….Michelle how can you NOT be appauled that your son did nothing to help? Has he not been taught morals or have a conscience?

    2. Wayne says:

      Michele= Your son is a geek. He wasnt at the party.

    3. p8nt says:

      Ignorance is letting these dumbasses play football after the fact. Regardless of who started it. If the “valley” kids did provoke the altercation, the “hills” dumbasses should’ve just left things alone. IF in fact they hunted down these kids, then proceeded to beat them unconscious, then they deserve to be beaten to hell and back. IF the victim ends up dying, I hope these dumbasses FRY!!!
      Getting into a fight when your drunk is a mistake, hunting down the kids and beating them up, is premeditated. Your lawyers can spin it around and say they were under the influence, hence they weren’t coherent with their decisions. I say, they were coherent enough to do it.
      The only thing that’s probably keeping the tension between both communities are the stupid parents and kids who think they can do what they want. Why not BE A PARENT, and discipline your kids !!!

    4. WoW says:

      Considering this happened in Wayne the kids are allowed to play ‘until proven guilty’ and lets ignore the under age alcohol consumption that was witnessed at this party….If this had happened in Paterson all 9 kids would have been treated as criminals and not as kids ‘defending themselves’. As for the media destroying these kids lives…really? Are you THAT blinded by your chilldren that you can’t see there were NINE teens who behaved wrecklessly and endangered the lives of TWO??? Explain that one…Explain why should these NINE not be held accountable for their poor choices? THATS the problem with today’s parents…we want to pretend our children are incapable of behaving badly and refuse to let them live the consequences for their mistakes. Whatever the reason for this riot it should have NEVER resulted in violence PERIOD.

  8. Disgusted in NJ says:

    If I am correct NJ law(HIB) states that any bullying outside of school is now school business. This went into effect September 1,2011. I would consider what these 9 boys did much more than bullying. These boys should sit out no matter what sport they are playing or for what school, Wayne Hills Superintendent should be ashamed of himself , the coach the players and the parents. Lets hope things change before the next game so maybe these boys will learn a lesson and not think their behavior is ok!!!!

  9. Dave says:

    I wonder if all these people would still be defending this decision if it were members of another organization, not being the football team. I bet a lot of you would be singing a different tune…including the superintendent.

  10. Someone says:

    No dont let them play.

  11. Wayne says:

    Are you refering to the same mob mentality that caused 9 felons to beat on two children?

  12. M.Ross says:

    These comments demonstrate a mistaken belief by Wayne Hills residents that this incident is unworthy of sanctions. We cannot convince them, or temporary Superintendant Ross, otherwise.

    However, I also think that parents in other high schools would be remiss to allow thier children to play against Wayne Hill’s Felons.

    Every High School has the power to de-schedule Wayne Hills from its schedule until such time as these felons are removed from the team and Coach Olsen is terminated.

    In any event Temporary Superintendant Ross should be dismissed since his responsibilities include all Wayne schools, not just Wayne Hills Football.

  13. Confused says:

    If no crime has been committed by Wayne Hills football team, why is Wayne township paying for police protection of Wayne Hills Coach Olsen ?

    1. Jabril says:

      becasue of no lives like you who have nothing better to do than make a story out of nothing and ruin the lives of others. Congrats

      1. Wayne says:

        Jabril: Why doesn’t Coach just use the 9 felons to protect him, they can obviously beat on any two “no lives” like me.

  14. snerone says:

    There are some “typical” mob mentality responses from those that will have an axe to grind with Chris Olsen and the Football program. Now some have gone way overboard with the steroid accusations. Stop now, are there instances of some trouble or issues over the almost 25 years of EXCELLENCE, absolutely !! But then again, I hear the band gets caught smoking and drinking every few years too. The fact that Chris is there to SUPPORT his players , UNCONDITIONALLY, is great. It would be a crime if he DIDN’T. And… The State of NJ has a MANDATORY RANDOM STEROID testing for athletes in the state that is maintained, so please give that garbage up.I haven’t read or heard that Coach Olsen is doing anything but following the laws that the Supt. Directs him to follow. But hopefully, out of loyalty to his players , he will continue to support his players, right or wrong now and in the future. It would be a shame if he didn’t.

    1. Kevin says:

      Wayne Hills students that were present at the party are saying that :.

      There was beer being served there!!!

      This incident of ganging up on others by the football team is not the 1st. They even have a name for it “Curb Kicking” .

      They are also stating that there are players taking steroids (could be HGH as there are no real tests that detect this)

      As far as our esteemed coach’s reputation,, I read somewhere that he was fired from Bergenfield because he slapped a kid in the face. I have no knowledge if this is true or not … Do You?

      What I do know is he did provide the seniors from his team a letter for a judge to read vouching for their character . These players were convicted of burglarizing homes in Pines Lake .

      I have no ax to grind with Mr Olsen. I have never met him. Do not have any children in HS. I am just appalled by his actions or should I say lack there of.

      He needs to be fired for allowing the players to play, making one of them call the coin toss and making him a captain.

      It’s his moral fiber that is in question here.

      Football is not what is important here

      1. mark says:

        You need to get your facts straight. The two “victims” were the ones who had brought alcohol to the party. Noone calls it “curb kicking” unless your from the 19th century and the football team does not gang up to hurt anyone. They stay together because they are more than a team, they are a family. If you were close to the team, you would realize that they are well bred young men who strive to become succsessfull men. Noone on the team takes steroids which is proven by the mandatory drug testing that is done to every single player. Wayne Hills is no different than any other football program except for the fact that they win because of their excellent coaching staff. Coach Olsen is the greatest highschool coach in the state of New Jersey. If he wasnt a likeable personality, his players would hate him by now. I have yet to meet a player of his that has any harsh feelings about Mr. Olsen. He’s always looked at as a very charitable family man with a good set of morals. That accusation is not true so please keep crap like that to yourself. These players were not accused of burglurizing any homes in Pines Lake. You clearly have never been a teenage kid with any sort of life if you think that what they did was “burglurizing”. Coach Olsen is the greatest personality in the town and you need to reevaluate urself as a human being. Get your facts straight and get a life before you ruin others.

        1. Kevin says:

          Mark reading is fundamental.. obviously this was lost on you. These thugs were not burglarizing homes in pines lake, it was 2 former players from the prior OLSEN GANG.

          2ndly you need to get your facts straight. The boys who were assaulted were invited to the party by the owners of the home, who were family friends .

          When the party started to get it of hand the owners asked them to help to tell everyone to leave. That’s when the original altercation started. After that was broken up the 2 Valley boys left and that’s when the mob left the party and hunted them down in the street.

          If you do not know what you are talking about you should not comment

          Finally the Wayne Hills kids do call it curb kicking. You are obviously out of the loop and not in the know. Stick to an area that you actually have some knowledge. From you comments this is not it .

          You again are one of those people who only care about the football team and not the rest of the town. It is no wonder why you support the coach you thinking is 1 and the same.

          1. Wayne MOM says:

            Okay lets say Coach Olsen is a good man, great coach and it’s wonderful he sticks behind his players. I don’t think we really want to dispute that. The problem is, his players, not 9 high school random kids, his 9 football players, took a boys fight up to the next level, and the right thing for him to do was to investigate it and make a decision whether to play them or not. He denied knowing about the incident this past week, but know he knows. Let’s give him the opportunity to do what’s right this week.

        2. J Black says:

          You are an example of what is wrong in this country……justifying poor behavior.

          Being a teenage is NOT an excuse for acting like an idoit.

  15. Jorge Hardin says:

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  16. Marie says:

    For all of you who are living life with blinders on , you need to wake up. This was a gang attack. There were 9 football players that were drinking beer at a party . From what I hear most if not all were also taking steroids. This is not the 1st alcohol related party . There also the RUSH parties that these teens are attending. You know they call them rush party’s because they text as many people as the can and they want to see how many they can get to people can rush over to the party before the cops come to break it up.

    Coach Olsen needs to be . This is not the 1st incident from his thugs. Last year he had 2 seniors from his team burglarizing homes in Pines Lake. When the got arrested and went to trial he gave them a statement for the judge to read praising them for their good character.

    Let’s not forget the fist fight he had with another teacher few years back

    He needs to be fired.

    He has no morals allowing these players to play much less be a captain of the team.

    It appears that several of you who have written comments about this story need to make a self evaluation of your morals. This is not about football, not about Wayne Hills vs Wayne Valley. This is about a gang of 9 thugs beating up 2 children, leaving 1 lying in the street unconscious and nothing else.

    I wonder how you would react if it was your child or one of his friends that was on the other end of the beating.

    SHAME on you all.


    1. Gary says:

      You do know that the two “victims” had shown up to the party drunk and they had thrown the first punch right?

      1. Kevin says:

        You need to get your facts straight. The boys who were assaulted were invited to the party by the owners of the home, who were family friends .

        When the party started to get it of hand the owners asked them to help to tell everyone to leave. That’s when the original altercation started. After that was broken up the 2 Valley boys left and that’s when the mob left the party and hunted them down in the street.

        If you do not know what you are talking about you should not comment

        1. anonymous says:

          thats funny you say that because you clearly have no idea what your talking about.
          maybe your the one who shouldnt be commenting

          1. Kevin says:

            Obviously you are getting all your info from Olsen, as he even denied knowing that there was any incident .

            You should look into what I am saying as it is right on point. you on the other hand have your head buried in the sand .

            Wake up

      2. Wayne says:

        Gary: While your facts are totally wrong, even if true 9 Felons should not beat on two guys, particularly after the initial altercation has ended and these two are heading home.
        Your precious players (Felons) are going to jail.
        The 18 year old will have a criminal record.
        None of them will play in college or the NFL.

        COACH OLSEN is a prison guard in WAYNE HILLS PENITENTIARY.
        SUP. ROSS is the retired warden.

  17. snerone says:

    Whatever the rules are they have been followed to probably the most extreme legality. These were kids at a party and there was an altercation. Happens probably EVERY week in every town across America. If all the idiot parents would let this sort out, the kids will probably all be friends and drinking buddies at some point in their life. Being from Wayne, I can attest to it. There will of course be all the jealous nipping at Chris Olsens heels because of the success of HIS program. If he DID look after his kids and made sure they played, GREAT for HIM and the kids… they all have earned that priveledge. I would doubt it was his call though. He still has rules and laws to follow and we all know that if he had no regard for them the next story printed would be of him losing his job.
    Kids make mistakes, last I checked , everyone does. Who knows what the real story is, but its good to see that the kids weren’t hung out to dry. No one is gonna turn back time and give them a game back that they are pulled from. I hope the Science Dept Head doesn’t remove them from Chemistry or any of their classes because that would be the same as removing them from football.As for any critisism pointed at Chris Olsen, just back off. This talk is occurring BECAUSE of his and the players, present and past, level of excellence. Wayne Hills is one of the premier public programs in the COUNTRY . Chris and the team are not there because they are anything but the best at what they do.

    1. anonymous says:

      thank you for putting the most reasonable response ive ever read. you are completly right and i couldnt agree more.

    2. hackensack1 says:

      OK, my last comment was a bit harsh…the kids should have STOPPED the attack or just WALKED AWAY. I don’t think that the wayne police are simply being impulsive and rounding up any old person. there has to be substantial evidence pointing to these kids. could some of them have been innocent bystanders…maybe, however my point in commenting in the first place is this…every one of those kids parents should have immediately pulled their child from playing in friday nights game and as a parent himself, Chris Olsen should have understood that and supported that. instead, these children were rewarded by being allowed to play in the game, as if nothing happened. what lesson are we teaching our children?

    3. anonymous 1 says:

      did i miss something? if i am not mistaken, chemistry is a REQUIREMENT as well as all other classes in HS are with the exception of some electives. Football is an EXTRACURRICULAR activity which means that it is not a REQUIREMENT to play, it is a PRIVILEGE. there is a big difference between the two.

      1. Jimmy says:

        unless you become a chemist, will you ever use chemistry in your life??? High School football has become alot more than an activity, it has become a package of memories that these kids bring with them for the rest of their lives. Football is just as much of a requirement as is chemistry.

        1. Gary says:

          So why isn’t everyone required to be on a football team of it is so necessary. Must be nice to live in your fantasy world.

          You know what they say ignorance is bliss.

          Wake up and see the real world for what t is.

  18. Glad I Left says:

    Has anyone contacted ESPN? I think a producer for E60 would find this story VERY newsworthy considering the Penn State fiasco.

    How could the parents of the accused boys even allow their son’s to step on the football field to play in yesterdays game? Remember people this is only a GAME… the reality is that charges have been filled and children have been more than BULLIED they were GANG beaten into submission.

    The time has come to end Olsen’s ( THE EGOMANIAC) dictatorship and unify the township.

  19. William Anderson Jr. says:

    if a player in the NFL or collage football was accused of anything, that player is temp suspended till the matter is resolved. i dont see how thats too much differant from HS football. temp suspension from the game till they are proven innocent would provide a better image to the HS as well as the game.

  20. Wayne MOM says:

    I wonder how 18 year old parents are feeling right now. Even if he is not proven guilty of this crime, his picture is front and center on all the reports, including channel 7, 11:00 pm news. What a crappy way to find out the responsibilities of being an adult. I know I sound like an old record, but remember Wayne parents tell your kids…if you’re around kids that are going to get in trouble, being in their presence, makes you just as guilty. The rule is especially important to the parents who have boys repeating 8th grade.(for the sport of football?) They will be 18 their senior year in HS, possibly at the end of their junior year. They will be tried as adults when their night out with their bros, turns into a fight

  21. Surfin Bird says:

    This was wrong

  22. Ms. L says:

    I would like to know where the parents of these Hills kids are??? Were they even around when this happened, or were they out somewhere not knowing where their kids were or what they were doing??? Regardless of what charges law enforcement brings on them, the parents need to step up and act like responsible parents… I truly hope the parents of the Valley kids press charges against the parents of the Hills kids for lack of supervision and total disregard of discipline. As far as Coach Olsen goes, he has set such a terrible example to all the players with his lack of compassion for the injured parties. This coach needs to get his priorities in order. No football game is more important than teaching and guiding your students properly. Just saying…

    1. Maurice says:

      and the parents of the victims should not be held accountable? the kids who had gotten beaten were trespassing on a private party, therefore the parents of the victims should be held accountable as well. The parents of the victims are just as guilty, if not guiltier than the parents of the hills kids. Coach olsen is a great coach, with a messed up public perception. He cares about his players much more than is perceived. He has always maintained discipline and has asked as a father figure for many players throughout his tenure and every single one of his players are thankful for the impact he has made on their lives. Instead of making comments on things you really have no knowledge about, why dont you get your facts straight. get a life and stop being jelous.

  23. Wayne resident says:

    Sadly, the town has failed to come together in this matter. Once again an issue has become a Hills vs Valley issue when in fact it should be something all of us collectively as a community should be concerned about. It shouldn’t be a my kid your kid thing. This community has 11 students involved regardless of what part of this town they reside in and that is worrisome. All these kids represent the future of this country and all of them need to have their poor decision making addressed. If the two valley kids were football players for valley, they should have been benched had there been a game. By not having a consequence for their behavior, they are being given a sense of entitlement. Of equal importance is the issue of whether or not this violence is alcohol related and where did the alcohol come from? Was it served at the party. I can only hope that parents aren’t so irresponsible that they would allow alcohol just so they can be the cool parents. That said, I’ve lived in Wayne for over 16 years and I’m embarrassed to say I live in Wayne at all. It’s time the adults bury the Hills vs Valley mentality, come together as a community and do the right thing for all these kids.

  24. Hills resident says:

    Sadly, the town has failed to come together in this matter. Once again an issue has become a Hills vs Valley issue when in fact it should be something all of us collectively as a community should be concerned about. It shouldn’t be a my kid your kid thing. This community has 11 students involved regardless of what part of this town they reside in and that is worrisome. All these kids represent the future of this country and all of them need to have their poor decision making addressed. If the two valley kids were football players for valley, they should have been benched had there been a game. By not having a consequence for their behavior, they are being given a sense of entitlement. Of equal importance is the issue of whether or not this violence is alcohol related and where did the alcohol come from? Was it served at the party. I can only hope that parents aren’t so irresponsible that they would allow alcohol just so they can be the cool parents. That said, I’ve lived in the Hills section for over 20 years and I’m embarrassed to say I live in Wayne at all. It’s time the adults bury the Hills vs Valley mentality, come together as a community and do the right thing for all these kids.

    1. lee says:

      best commeat! U must have some awesome kids. If ur in ur 20’s with no kids you will mke an awesome parent and your parents did a good job with you!!! I agree with you 100% and i’n not even from Passaic County.

  25. anonymous says:

    one of the victims threw the first punch and sevveral other punches after that,,,,,,,,some of the accused were not even involved or in attendance… all accused were at the party,,,,,so they were already there ,,,they did not randomly drive up and get out of a car to fight,,,,,as for one of the victims, a facebook picture wasposted of him at the hospital with a huge smile and with a bizarre comment under it …a full investigation is needed as none of the accused were given a chance to give their version if they were not football players no one would care,,,,,,as far as comparing this to penn states situation,,,shame on you,,,,,,

    1. Jean Conklin Lavandowski says:

      i totally agree

    2. Joe says:

      He threw the 1st punch and hit all 9 of the players that beat him up.

      Must have been some punch.

      Ignorance is bliss .

      By the way, i am sure that the police would love to hear their side their but lawyers are telling them to keep their mouths shut because they are afraid that what they say can and will be used against them in a court of law.

      You must be a High school student because your comments juvenile and not thought out.

  26. the one says:

    When the NFL hears of such an accusation these players are suspended for the NFL has a moral code for their players to abide by. For these players its their jobs for hs kids its a privilege to play yet these kids were on the field. Coach Olsen should never be allowed to coach again. BOYCOTT WAYNE HILLS FOOTBALL

  27. Patty says:

    The superintendent principal & coach should be terminated for allowing them to play. What happened to Zero Tolerance? It is a disgrace to the school ,program & town. If my son was left unconscious I would have them charged with attempted manslaughter. But then you do anything to win a game ? I guess Wayne Hills is above the law because it would ruin their record & there football scholarships. Hey maybe you will get a few to Penn State coach, you must be proud!.

  28. ted says:

    Another disgraceful display being brushed off as no harm done. Nine football players gang up on two – anyway you do the math it is disgraceful. But hey, I’m sure it was just the team supporting each other right everyone. And the show must go on….

  29. Carol V says:

    They have only been accused they have not been found guilty. In this country you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. Nothing should be taken away from them until that happens. Plain and simple that is the law of this great country.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I am a student at Wayne Hills and was actually there at this party. I witnessed this fight. Let me say plainly that every story has 2 sides, and to not pass judgements until you know the entire story. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Yes, these 9 boys were charged, but I know for a fact that many are innocent and a few were not even present at the party. It was not a brutal attack of two boys innocently walking down the street, it was an act of self defense that I can admit went wayyy too far. But Wayne Hills is not corrupt. I agree that playing on a team is a privilege and not a right, but the ability to a fair trial IS a right, and everybody needs to stop spreading rumors about the Wayne Hills football family. Nobody is pardoning anybody because they are a “star football player.” Due process will happen, and justice will be served for all parties involved. Do not be ignorant, people.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually there are 3 sides to every story…his or her and the truth. If you know so much I can only suggest you get to the Wayne police and say the truth. Hopefully its not to be liked more in school. If it wasn’t 9 kids and you know so much, why didn’t you call 911? And your right on the fair trial I totally agree, innocent until proven guilty. And some people get away with murder now a days also. You need to step up to the plate and give your statement if you haven’t already. And why didn’t you call for help?

    2. Seriously??? says:

      Self defense?! Are you kidding me??? Whether the 2 were innocent or not doesn’t matter when the 9 kids leave the party and go out of their way to jump them. I made some of my best friends from Wayne Hills and I know that these 9 hooligans don’t represent what this school is about. It’s a shame that Coach Olsen has put winning football games over educating these kids. As the head coach (and in my opinion, a person who has way too much authority in the school) and a leader of the team, he should have done something besides making the kids run a few more laps during practice.

  31. Wayne MOM says:

    It’s simply , serious accusations have been reported regarding these nine boys, in fact, they have been arrested for this incident, the solution, time out from the team until it has been investigated. Right now that would be in the best interest for the coach, the BOE, the parents of all the kids, the kids themselves, and the Township of Wayne.

  32. Valerie Rosenwald says:

    this was a teaching moment, wayne hills high school administrators. you failed. where was your moral leadership?

    1. J Edward Lyons says:

      it’s a shame that kids aren’t taught anything anymore. hell the one who wrote here who said that he was there can’t even spell. if they were accused then you sit out the game till your proven guilty or not. no reward for unlawful actions. kids today get away with too much because the school and parents let them. time to teaach that actions has results and not always the ones you expect.

  33. Kimba says:

    Two words: Penn State. The arrested kids are innocent until proven guilty (as is Sandusky), so that means they can walk around in public instead of sitting in jail. But what about moral responsibility? What about teaching character? It doesn’t matter who started the fight–I taught my kids that at age 5–if these kids were fighting and got arrested, that should be enough for them to sit out the game.
    My nephew played sports at a top Catholic school in the state and a “star player” was benched in an important game because he skipped mass, which he was required to attend. The sports program survived.
    How ironic to see another example of special treatment for athletes coming right on the heels of the Penn State scandal. This is the attitude that Sandusky benefited from for so long. This starts the Wayne Hills players on the same path of thinking they can do whatever they want without consequences.

  34. unanimous says:

    The sports program, mostly the football program at Wayne Hills, has become more corrupt over the years. If this were to happen to a non-football athlete, they would be punished to the fullest degree. I feel Olsen should not have played the nine. I could understand if he sat them for a quarter or half. It is embarrassing however that one of the accused represented the school as a captain, and led the team onto the field. Although the nine players are only accused and have not been proven guilty, this is not a slap on the wrist offense. Aggravated Assault is a felony, but I guess that does not matter if you play football for Wayne Hills. I would like to ask Superintendent Ross if he feels Jerry Sandusky should be allowed to work at Coach Olsen’s Back to Basics Camp. Currently he has not been convicted, much like the players. Does that make it just for him to continue to do what he loves. I feel bad that I am comparing the nine players to Sandusky because the similarities between the two end at the fact that they are charged with felonies. However, it does question why these players were allowed to play and why Olsen, and the player’s parents allowed them to play in this game. Its time for somebody else to become Athletic Director at Wayne Hills. Favoring one sport is not fair to the other sports in the school, especially when players can get away with this conduct. I truly hope that these players are withheld from future games to learn a lesson from their actions, but I also hope that their actions do not haunt them down the road because they are teenagers and made a terrible decision.

  35. JoeShmo says:

    I was at the party where the fight took place. And eveyone NEEDS to understand the “victoms” were the ones who started the whole fight. think what you want about our school but none of them are guilty. Also the “victoms” werent even addmitted into the hospital that night, how severe could there injuries have been. they were treated and released. They were in school on monday already braggin how theyre going to “get us back” Everyone needs to get their facts strait before they accuse good kids of things that are ruing their lives. GO HILLS

    1. hackensack1 says:

      Regardless of who “started it” the players should have walked away. Be the bigger person. The only thing that these BOYS proved is that they are cowards who needed to resolve a conflict with violence which is unacceptable in any situation. The parents of every one of these kids should be held accountable for their actions. As a parent, it is my responsibility to raise my daughter with morals and to know what is right and wrong. That is the problem with today’s society…parents are not teaching their children respect and allowing them to get away with anything and everything. I dread to see what the future entails if people continue to raise such disrespectful delinquents. By the way…the word is “VICTIMS” Maybe if you were paying more attention in English Class and less time partying then you would not look as young as you do.

    2. Jean Conklin Lavandowski says:

      Thank you the boys are all good kids from good families.And coach olsen is the best people in glass houses should not throw stones

      1. hackensack1 says:

        good kids don’t have a police records

        1. anonymous says:

          they havent been proven guilty. unless you know for a FACT theyre guilty stop commenting mean things. shame on you

  36. pete says:

    Why do people who flagrantly break the law always try to hide behind a law that tries to protect the INNOCENT. These nine “star players” are not innocent because it is already proven, that they cowardly sent two boys to the hospital. I am sure that a judge will mete out punishment in a few weeks or months. Punishment, however should start right now with banning them from the game as an opener. They also should be expelled from their school and enrolled in a school in Harlem of Flatbush. You would hear them cry for mercy over the river.

  37. gotacomment says:

    Yes, let’s worship at the altar of football once again. If these had been ordinary c-students who didn’t play a school sport, they’d be in jail now. But because they play football, let’s kiss their little privileged behinds, insteaad of beating said behinds as they deserve.

  38. L says:

    While I do believe that the actions were wrong, the boys shloud be aloud to play. They haven’t been proven guilty of the conviction. The boys that were attacked are most likey accusing these boys due to their positions on the team, school rivalry, and the meaningless fight. Give them the right to play. Innocent until proven guilty.

  39. wayne resident says:

    Eli, you’re an idiot. They beat the kid unconscious. It’s okay to beat someone and be rewarded by playing in the big game? Oh, I forgot, because one is a ‘star player’, or because they play for ‘Wayne Hills’ or play under the worshiped ‘Coach Olsen’? Same ol story . . disgusting.

  40. Joe says:

    They should not be allowed to play. It seems that administrators may pick and choose which off-campus incidents deserve punishment or which do not. Further, what about the “code” of conduct for athletes? I suppose having a beer of campus is more serious than beating on another person.

  41. Eli Manning says:

    Yes, let them play. The people in the Valley need to grow up. They are also innocent until proven guilty and I’m, sure this was provoked though it went too far.

  42. karen s says:

    hope the coach does the right thing & sits the players. there should be a code of team rules. this clearly would be a violation of team rules, whether on school property or off. it is conduct unbecoming a team. actions have consequences. your day in court comes later. playing on a team is a privilege, not a right.

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