NYPD Searching For Bronx Robbery Suspects

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – The New York Police Department is searching for two men wanted for an attempted robbery in the Bronx.

Detectives say the two suspects tried to take a chain necklace from a 50-year-old man as he walked into his apartment building in Baychester on Oct. 25.

The victim was able to fight off his attackers.

Police say the men ran out the building without taking anything, but surveillance cameras did take video of the suspects.


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  1. hh says:

    Corrupt FBI and DEA use no-knock warrants to enter suspect’s homes while they are away and steal items.

    They mostly steal watches, jewelry and less frequently expensive prescription drugs by returning a second time and swapping them with fakes.

    Some of them where stealing wear item parts off of cars, swapping them with old worn out parts from their personal autos and in some cases leaving the auto in a dangerous state.

  2. NYSmike says:

    Oh yeah…I wanna hire these thugs for my business…..NOT!

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