Brooklyn D.A. Hynes Appalled By Increase In Anti-Semitism; Markowitz Calls It ‘Anomaly’

Midwood Residents Say They Are Fully Prepared To Assist Police In Investigation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn community is on edge as police continue to search for the anti-Semitic vandals who torched cars and scrawled swastikas on sidewalks.

People living in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities are complaining of harassment and anti-Semitic slurs written on walls and even parking meters.

“There has been an increase in anti-Semitism, no question,” said Brooklyn district attorney Joe Hynes, who called it appalling.

Hynes told CBS 2’s John Slattery, “We are very optimistic that we will catch these people.”

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, told Slattery, “These are psychopaths that need to be separated from society.”

But Markowitz added hate crimes are not on the rise in Brooklyn, and believes what happened is an anomaly.

“You will discover that they are anti-Semitic hooligans probably drunk on the beer they used and think this is fun,” Markowitz said.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond On The Story

Last week, at least three cars were set ablaze and dozens of pieces of anti-Semitic graffiti were plastered along benches in Midwood. The cars were damaged and the benches vandalized along Ocean Parkway between Avenues I and J. Among the vandalism: “KKK” scrawled nearby, as well as numerous swastikas.

“It was done intentionally,” Markowitz told WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond.

Police in the 66th Precinct bolstered patrols in the neighborhood — especially the scene of the attack.

Fingerprints and DNA have been lifted from several beer bottles left at the scene and Hynes said thanks to forensic testing authorities are in a stronger position to find the suspects than they would have been 20 years ago.

Hynes said he doesn’t know if this is a case of repeat offenders.

On Sunday, about 100 Midwood residents joined elected officials in a march past four public benches from which 16 swastikas had been removed after the pre-dawn attack Friday.

Residents want the perpetrators caught and punished as examples.

“Especially as a preventive thing, but not because of saying hey we are in a new era. There’s no such a thing in my eyes,” Midwood resident David Israel told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the TV, that they came into our quiet neighborhood,” resident Sandy Aboulafia added.

But hate messages have happened elsewhere.

In 2009, in Edison, N.J., Congregation Beth El Synagogue had swastikas spray painted on its front doors, one of several anti-Semitic incidents over the years.

“There have been nine cases of swastikas, here in this township, not one person has been caught yet,” Rabbi Bernard Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg pointed to the timing of the Brooklyn attack. Just a day after what Jews remember as the night of broken glass in Europe, marking the beginning of the Holocaust.

“This was predictable. The people who did this knew that Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, was on that date, I guarantee it,” Rosenberg said.

Catching those responsible is a top priority for these residents. Many have given the police important tips.

“About a specific address for police to look into, something about neo-Nazis handing out flyers, and they said they were aware of it, and they’re looking into it,” resident Simon Gifter said.

And the Anti-Defamation League said it will make sure of it, because the threat may be here today and somewhere else tomorrow.

“We are all together in the fight against hate. No one community owns it. No one community can fight it alone, so today’s anti-Semitism, tomorrow could be anti-gay. It could be anti-anything,” ADL New York Director Ron Meyer said.

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  1. mo says:

    Alot of idiots are posting here: AryanDan, IgnoranteElephante, zz and a bunch more. You are a bunch of sick f-faces

    1. AryanDan says:

      Why would you call me names and not back it up?
      Reason: you can’t.

      My points are pearls.

      You have nothing to offer
      in form of comment
      besides name-calling.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. stella says:

    I expect we will find that it is Russians or Polish, blue-collar immigrants or the children thereof. People who are oppressed can’t wait to terrorize others once they get that hard-fought freedom. It’s a sad fact of human nature.

  4. Go back to Russia says:

    Why aren’t pictures of Einstein in the hallways of Jewish schools, instead of pictures of rabbis? It’s been over 100 years and no progress in Physics? The young men just read American novels and travel, who needs that? The women just have Anchor babies. How have you contributed to Space and its advancement? Jews are hedonists.

    1. Greenhouses in Russia says:

      Yes, Russia is 3x the size of the U.S. You people have taken up all of the
      Section 8 Vouchers so that no one else can apply. There are tons of Billionaires and Millionaires in Russia, why are you here competing with us for jobs?

  5. INSIDE JOB says:

    I don’t like saying this, but I feel this is a Zionist way for them to play us!!!

    1. Orwhellian Perhaps? says:

      ANIMAL FARM (the Pigs run the show)

      all animals are equal.

      Some animals are more equal than others.

      Happy Hanucha animals

      1. chuck says:

        you r an idiot, with a very low I.Q.
        you sholud be caged up in the Bronx zoo with a very horny mate.

    2. AryanDan says:

      Well, you know right now the Zionist want war with Iran. It is common for the media to have stories like this to manufacture false sympathy in order to discredit real objections to Israel’s military aggression.

  6. Bernie Sanders says:

    This is no joke .. I had this done by my house once and I am not Jewish .. It is very sad that whoever has done this has no heart ..People without feelings and who are very cold are just sad . We are all human beings why can’t society just learn to live in peace with each other . I have to say trust is an issue people need to trust again and feel safe . There are so many good people in the world and the few who just think its ok to do something like this make it bad for everyone else . It is a very sad thing .. I feel in the year 2011 we have not learned anything as a society .. People need to learn that we are all human free to be what we want to be and free to do what we want but it comes with responsibilty and great knowledge !

  7. zz says:

    I think it was jews who did it. Look at the time and day they did it. And who the hell writes KKK in nyc ? this is nyc, we dont have KKK here, this aint Alabama. Who wants to be a KKK in nyc ? seriously. It looks obvious that this was done by jews who want to always feel like they are the victims. That era is over, and im glad people are realizing that. NYC is a tolerable city, live with it, no one is better than the other. Come on now.

    1. Ron Paul for us AMERICANS says:


      ron paul 20`2 shut these bellyacakersup for crissake

  8. IgnoranteElephante says:

    The name actually comes from Noah’s son Shem, who settled in the current Middle East, in Ur. Through Shem came Abraham, Ishmael and his half Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob, later known as Israel. Arabs believe the patriarch of their culture is Ishmael and his twelve sons.

    Thus, the Jews and the Arabs both purport to be Semites. The question to ask ourselves is how do millions upon millions of Polish, Russian, German (Prussian), Hungarian, people, who are clearly European, make the claim to semitism, Judaism, and Isreal? Ahh, but such questions are taboo in the mainstream media and halls of academia.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Above is to John Marin and anyone else intersted.

  9. Ray says:

    Our increase in ant semitism is enhanced by the tone of the White House. Never in my life have I seen a more anti semitic president than the one in office now.

    It’s a trickle down effect.

    1. John Marin says:

      Few understand what the word Semitic actually means. In most learned texts
      the word is one describing the languages and cultures of the Arabian peninsula

  10. T.J.McBears says:

    This is bad but Hikind shows up when someone scrawls an incorrectly shaped swastika or the wind blows over a menorah like Heinrich Himmler is running around or a guy with a white pointed hood, I live in bK and the truth is its safer here than in Israel (no one is flleeing the area)–in school I learned the kid who cries when getting picked on gets picked on more

  11. Ira Steinman says:

    We are the People of G-d. Others can just never come to the realization that they are not. Shame on them.

    1. AryanDan says:

      Shame on you for saying Gentiles are not of GOD! You give Jews a bad name. If you think you are better than all the rest of humanity, then you would have no reason to espouse such hateful remarks.

    2. IgnoranteElephante says:

      The same book that asserts, as you claim, Jews are children of God, also claims that men who engage in homosexual sex, females that are unchaste at marriage, and those that worship false idols should be stoned to death.

      This is the same book that advocated for the “extermination” of every man, woman, child, and ox in many Philistine, Canaanite, and Ammonite states. Was it not?

      Where should we draw the line?

    3. Bernie Sanders says:

      you are an idiot see thats why people get angry at the jews they think they are the best thing next to slice bread … We are all Gods children no race religion is better than the other . We are Human and we have a free will to do what we feel is right . it comes with teaching and learning from others . If people took the time to teach people about themsleves and share stories kids would grow up with a better attitude . show them shindlers list or blacks in the 60’s gettin beat up for going to school show them how good they have it and teach them about the jewish faith and the catholic faith and other religions sharing and learning si the key !

  12. AryanDan says:

    Wow, the cops bothered with finger prints and DNA for a simple vandalism case. When my car was broken into, the did nothing but accuse me of insurance fraud. I guess you have to be Jewish to be real police support.

    1. AryanDan says:

      Sorry for the grammar mistakes. I don’t think I can correct them after posting, but you get the drift of my comment. Also, before you ignorant fools call me names, my point is valid. Jews get more police support than non-Jews. And that ain’t right.

      1. John says:

        The “people of God” cough cough ALWAYS getting priority. Agree 110%.

        However do not agree with your hateful username.

        1. AryanDan says:

          Aryan is not a hateful word.
          Unless you have accepted the media brainwashing
          would you say such a thing.

          Aryan is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning Noble.

  13. it's good to know says:

    If there would be zero tolerance we wouldn’t be having this problem. There were many anti semitic events swept under the rug before this incident occured. I guess if it’s not happening to the officers, it’s not important to follow up on. In the end, everyone pays for this type of behavior. No one is immune.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Antisemitism, in the form of thoughts, ideas, and speech, is not a crime. It is protected free expression, whether we like it or not. Acting on it, as in this case, may be criminal, but the crime is not the Antisemitism. The crimes are arson, criminal mischief, graffiti, and whatever else.

      When we start punishing thought and expression, we go down the path of tyranny, where those in charge tell us how to think.

      1. AryanDan says:

        Unfortunately, that is a tyranny many are willing to support.

        But you make a great points.
        Also, this punishment of thought is selective as well!
        And people forget, hateful thoughts and speech are legal, but vandalism is not.

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