Teen Suspended From N.J. School For Wearing Confederate Flag Shirt

Says It's Part Of Her History; Mom Vows To Sue On First Amendment Violation

EAST WINDSOR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A 14-year-old New Jersey girl has been suspended for wearing a sweatshirt with a Confederate flag on it.

Many see it as a symbol of hate and racism, but this teenager claims its part of her heritage, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Torri Albrecht said Monday when she showed up to her middle school wearing a sweatshirt with the confederate flag. She said her vice principal gave her a choice:

“He said I had to take off the sweatshirt or flip it inside out or face the consequences,” Albrecht said.

But the eighth grader, who was born in Virginia and lived there just a year, said she refused to take it off.

“It shows I am from the South. I am proud of where I came from and it shows my heritage,” Albrecht said.

The teenager’s mother, who took a picture at the Kreps Middle School, said her daughter was suspended for not changing into something else — a violation, she said, of her First Amendment rights.

“The Indian kids get to wear turbans. The Jewish children can wear yarmulkes. That’s their birth right, their heritage. It’s my daughter’s heritage,” said Jane West, Albrecht’s mother.

An assistant superintendent said Albrecht was not suspended for the sweatshirt but for a confidentiality policy they can’t discuss.

“When I got the suspension slip it said she was disrespectful when asked to remove her sweatshirt,” West said.

Albrecht’s bed is covered with her dad’s Confederate flag. He died two years ago. And it’s on the computer screen she used to buy her sweatshirt online.

However, Albrecht did admit she doesn’t know the history behind this flag, viewed by many as a racially-charged symbol.

“I don’t pay attention to that I don’t know,” Albrecht said.

However, the teenager, who said she’s receiving death threats, insisted, “Everyone who wears it isn’t racist.”

Some people in her town disagree.

“It’s a negative connotation. All she’s doing is hurting other peoples’ feelings,” resident Ken Flent told Sloan.

Albrecht said she wants to be transferred to a new school district and want to wear her sweatshirt there. Albrecht’s mother said she plans on suing her current school district.

Do you think it’s alright to wear the Confederate flag to school? Was the reported reaction appropriate? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Uncle Sam says:

    They didn’t take it. They fought for it and won. And thank God. Can you imagine if Mexico was bigger? It sucks enough as it is. As is evident by the sworms of Mexicans swimming, crawling, hiking, smuggling to get over here.

    1. chris nyc says:

      Hmmm….Let’s just look at your grasp of YOUR of YOUR native language Mr. Local Guy, shall we?

      “And thank god.”

      Well first off, “god” should be capitalized, next, the sentence itself is a run-on, and “sworms” is misspelled as well, buddy.

      I am guessing most of the folks who have come to this nation to make a life, legal or otherwise have embraced the language better than you…LOL. But you know what they say: ignorance is blisters on your lousy fingers compadre.

      1. Uncle Sam says:

        You talk funny…like your a Mexican yourself!

      2. Thomas says:

        I think both of you are idiots, even though I agree with your side of the argument. Before criticizing someone else’s grammar, learn it yourself. It’s an incomplete sentence, not a run-on. And I purposely do not capitalize god, just as many atheists do, not from ignorance, but as a statement.

      3. DarthEVaderCheney says:

        HEY!!! chrs nyc!!! I’M the Nazi Grammar/Spelling Police here!!! BUTT….OUT!!! (Da nerrrrrrrve!!!)

    2. Vablue Blood says:

      You really have no education when it comes to American history, the Mexican war, or our present invasion today.

    3. Karen says:

      Get a life East Windsor. The school system is reactionary. I live here. Last kid a senior. It’s not a swastika. We are all getting too sensitive. Wait until this girl gets to Hightstown High School you might as well be in prison.

    4. chris says:

      the confederate flag should not be viewed as just being racist. If you want to look at it that way then look at the american flag the same way to. Im pretty sure the american flag flew over segragation and women having no rights. Our entire country is founded on us coming over here killing the indians and taking over. people need to get over and get a history lesson. The American flag has probably flew over more messed up and corrupted things than the confederate flag ever will.

  2. Fritz Von says:

    I bet there wouldn’t be problem wearing a hammer a sickle shirt.

  3. Werdoomed says:

    Is this what we’ve become? I can only imagine what could be accomplished if the same amount of effort that is being wasted on this girl’s shirt where put to good use… the world would be a better place. Wake up America!!!

    1. flea says:

      As Americans, we have turned into a bunch of pansies…sad but true.



  5. Mark Capak says:

    I am a student of the EWRSD and I go to hightstown highschool as a seinor. The students of the school aren’t always as ignorent as people say or believe. I am not going to view my opinions towards the flag but, the teachers and staff say “its a dictatorship not a democracy” the polacies are biased towards the opinions of the adults and not us the students who are the majority of the population in the middle and highschool so it shows they do not care about our opinions. Ive been suspended for the same reason almost EXACTLY like this in my time there. It seems not fair that the students cant wear what they want and I have been told by many of the staff that “Im not 18 yet” and when you turn 18 a guardian still has to come and pick up your phone. They seem to want to control the students as their own children.

    1. whatsin thewater says:

      this comment is exactly why they should worry less about what the kids are wearing and more about their spelling.

      1. don'tbe ignorant says:

        @ whatsin thewater
        Don’t say anything before you gone there. I’m in the high school in the district and I’ve been to that middle school. It sucks. Students have barely any rights there and the rules are absolutely ridiculous. People shouldn’t judge from what they wear or How They SPELL. Try finding any misspelled words here, man. And maybe you should capitalize the beginning of your sentences too. At least the senior Mark can!

        1. Sarah says:

          Are you serious with this comment? Have you taken a grammar class? Good for you that you can use spell check but please work on your English! Students seem to forget that they do not have unlimited rights in school and are always demanding them. Sorry kids! When you graduate and get a job of your own, then you can have the freedoms you think you should have within a school. School is not the place where you get to do whatever whenever you please. There must be structure and rules, as with a civilized society. Follow the rules and get over.

          1. Stonewall Jackson says:

            Not to mention that First Amendment right are partially suspended in public schools because everyone there is required to be there by law. So when you expose another to your hateful ignorance, that person can’t just leave, as they could outside of school. Students, spend less time worrying about what you’re entitled to and earn a few privileges

            1. Paul Jackson says:

              I do not know of any 1st Amendment rights that are partially suspended in school, but maybe that is because I teach in GA. Who knows what they do in NJ.

          2. From Kreps, Thank You Very Much says:

            @Sarah Before we go into the world on our own and make decisions for our selves, we should practice in school instead of jumping right into it all! If you see some of the generations coming in to the world right now, you can tell they still need some practice on making decisions for themselves. If we are wrong, the teachers can help us fix it while we are still LEARNING or we will learn the lesson ourselves. That’s why students should make some of the decisions, popular sovereignty, not the adults, who think they know us or know what we, as students, want or need. I’m just saying, maybe the schools should actually be about the students to help them.

            1. Sarah says:

              Look Kreps, we were all students before and had to follow all the rules created by adults and we managed to learn decision making skills, etc. Having rules set up for you to follow is preparation for the real world, not the other way around. We know more than you think and have been around the block before. Perhaps it’s possible that rules are not in place to stifle your freedom but to teach you reality. If you think in the real world your popular sovereignty exists in the way you expect, you are sadly mistaken. The school is all about the student and your education. You have decision making “practice”, as you call it, everyday! If you can’t get it right now, you will have bigger issues to contend with as is evident by all of those adults making poor decisions.

    2. Aunt Tootz Told Me says:

      Life’s a *itch, Honeywagon! You’re in for a rough and bumpy ride if you can’t handle high school. Hooooooo boyyyyyyy, are YOU in for a surprise!

  6. rosco says:

    maybe she just likes the dukes of hazzard!!!!

  7. mj says:

    whats nxt ? suspending a kid for having lynrd skynyrd on their ipod ?

    1. A kid from kreps says:

      I am a student of Kreps. The news people have it all wrong. People think this girl got suspeneded because she wore the sweatshirt but thats not the reason why she got suspended. This girl got suspeneded because of the use of profanity and her attitude when asked to take of the sweatshirt. If she would have simply said no im not going to take it off in a calm voice she would probably still be at school. So there is no whats next situation.

      1. another kid from kreps says:

        I’m also a student at kreps, and this person is right.
        She didn’t get suspended for wearing the sweatshirt, or even refusing to wear it, she got suspended because she cursed out the vice principal.
        AND the mom has it wrong.
        Kids wear turbans and yarmulkes because THAT’S THEIR RELIGION!
        This isn’t her religion. This is her heritage, and you know what? If it’s so important to her, she can wear it at home; not school.

        1. whatever41 says:

          These kids know the truth. I’ve seen her in action too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          1. Paul Jackson says:

            Whatever, just what were you doing in the vice principle’s office when this situation was being dealt with? And if you were not in that office, how do you know what happened in there?
            If this all took place in public, the least of the vice principle’s worries is a breach of privacy protocols. He could go to jail for that, besides losing his education certificate.
            It seems to me you have passed on information you know nothing about, or just flat out lied about it.

            1. whatever41 says:

              I don’t have to lie.

              1. Paul Jackson says:

                Of course you do not have to lie. You probably do it because you are a yankee and cant help yourself.

                1. whatever41 says:

                  Yup I can’t help myself,,,,,, now it’s your turn. Goodbye!

        2. Aunt Tootz Told Me says:

          You sound like an intelligent cookie! Congrats!!!

      2. Paul Jackson says:

        Just what were you doing in the vice principle’s office when this situation was being dealt with? And if you were not in that office, how do you know what happened in there?
        If this all took place in public, the least of the vice principle’s worries is a breach of privacy protocols. He could go to jail for that, besides losing his education certificate.
        It seems to me you have passed on information you know nothing about, or just flat out lied about it.

      3. Paul Jackson says:

        I guess you were wrong about the attitude and profanity. I mean since they are letting Tori come back and wear her shirt and all.

  8. george carver says:

    if it was a black wearing a black panther shirt nobody would care

    1. Lancelot Link says:

      Sure they would….they’d give you a scholarship.

  9. cat on a hot tin roof says:

    Half of kids today never even heard of the Civil War, unless it’s on their cell phone bill.

    1. cat on a hot tin roof says:

      Mark capak is a perfect example.

    2. Elle says:

      I go to kreps and wea re learning about the Civil War and already passed the topic! For her to say I didnt know what it means is bull. Unless she slept through the class she should know the slightest bit about the topic, disappointing.

  10. Dale V says:

    If this chick wanted to express her heritage she should have showed up in school with a 12 pack of Schlitz and a box of Marlboros under her arm.

  11. Carl W. Roden says:

    Here are the following facts.

    According to her friends, this girl, Torri Albrecht, 14, was a quiet student who never caused problems, never spoke back to teachers, never treated anyone with anything other than respect. She is apparently just a girl from Virginia who wanted to honor her Southern identity while attending a NJ school.

    However since “a number of students and teachers were upset by the shirt” and this brave child refused to remove it resulting in her suspension.

    The typical tag line of the PC Fascist Oppressor: “(School) officials said there is a school dress code, and the rules allow for intervention if an item of clothing is causing a significant disturbance.”

    My questions are how exactly was Torri “causing a significant disturbance?”
    What appears to be the sole motivation for this “intervention” on the part of school officials?

    I mean apparently other students were refusing to work in order to stare at this Southern gal’s shirt. The teachers in question were paralyzed from their duties because they could not take their eyes off her shirt? Does this attitude toward a girl honoring her Southern roots remain consistent throughout the school period, or does it seem to dissipate when everyone gets bored with it over time–as most things seem to do with Middle School kids?

    So, because of the fact some students and teachers (God help these students) lacked the civility and maturity to simply inquire reasonably from this girl why she choose to wear a shirt bearing the Dixie Cross to their Northern school and instead of reacting with the usual reactionary attitudes, this justifies an “intervention” on the part of school authorities?

    This sort of attitude is why I am no big fan of the controlling aspects of the public education system in a culture ruled by the fascist thinking associated with Political Correctness. It breeds small-minded dictators who feel the need to impose their own sense or morality universally on those trusted with their education.

    We have seen in the past how such “zero tolerance policies” have been selectively applied by the will of school authorities. Such policies do not allow for the expression of religion on school grounds, yet Muslim students have been allowed to display theirs, or even allowed special “prayer rooms” while Christian and Jewish children are publicly ridiculed if they bring a Bible or other symbol of their faith. Indeed Christian children are only allowed one day a year to pray around a flagpole, while being taunted and bullied by their peers with little or no condemnation from authorities.

    Now that is not to say that these Muslim students shouldn’t have those things to honor their faith, they have the right to practice and honor who they are free of persecution in my opinion, but if there is to be a “zero tolerance policy” then it should apply equally to everyone one way or another.

    By the same right Torri should be allowed to honor her Southern heritage and identity freely and everyone should at least respect that right with the same sort of tolerance that we as Americans are supposed to practice for others who are different from us.

    1. A Reliable Source says:

      i go to school with tori shes nowhere near quiet , she always talks back , and she fights other girls in school , she did this on purpose obviously like wake up people she even posted on facebook that she hates her nigger principal, and this is also tori’s second year in 8th grade i know her very well , she smokes weed , and does a whole bunch of other things and she claims that she takes it from her mother. what the school did was right , if she really didnt mean to offend anyone and was a quiet girl she would have put the sweater inside out as was told before.

      1. fact master says:

        this is true. i go to school with her too and she is very far from quiet. she does smoke like Dale V says, she does bring a pack of marlboros to school. she finds any small thing to argue over. where ever you got your “facts” from, check your source because it is the least bit right.

        1. Kreps says:

          Also go to Kreps, and in one of her classes, but she was rarely in the class first of all, I have no clue where she was. She didn’t seem to be the nicest girl but everyone said she would asways starts fights and every thing that the 2 previous kreps students said. I mean Half our school does some kind of illegal substance, Its really sad.

          1. Paul Jackson says:

            If Tori was rarely in class, why did the faculty not do something about it? Being a teacher myself, if this ever came out that she missed a few classes with no one doing anything about it, the administration of this whole school is in danger of losing their education certificates.

            1. whatever41 says:

              Neither the kid or mommy is being truthful.

  12. Rhode Island Red says:

    The South will rise again!!!

    1. cat on a hot tin roof says:

      I think Charlie Daniels said something like that too.

    2. Auntie Tootz Was Right says:

      So does yeast, but witout the important other ingredients, it’s worth… nothing!

      1. Josey says:

        Your yeast analogy is inappropriate, inapplicable and scientifically unsupportable. Yeast does not rise by itself; the South will. Your animosity toward the South is very telling. A red leg among your antecedents, perhaps?

        1. Auntie Tootz Was Right says:

          And your point is? All you are, to me, is cheapentertainment. You’re welcome!

          1. Auntie Tootz Was Right says:

            PS: Your writing style is awfully close to another commenter on these screeds. Hi, twin sister of phil! Blessings and Peace to you also!

  13. docjim says:

    I like that everyone hear is so quick to defend Black peoples rights, yet all of you have forgotten the plight of the American Indians whose rights are being trampled on to this day. how many of you realize most Indians today live in worse conditions then third world countries. Instead of sending aid and help to Darfur and Haiti how about the Rosebud and San Carlos reservations

    1. Jimmy says:

      Please tell me how they do something for themselves besides sell Tobacco and open Gambling Casinos. Any hospitals or Universities? Really, I would like to know but that’s all I see coming from the native Americans.

  14. docjim says:

    As far as I am concerned, this girl has EVERY Right to wear that shirt. The Confederacy was part of our history and heritage. Would you call Robert E. Lee a traitor, I would not. Millions of those brave men fought and died for what they believed in for hundreds of years, was it right, no, of course not. But every one in this country is protesting something or other nonsenseical this at least is based in history.

    1. Dont Be Duped says:

      Exactly, the principles of the Confederacy, barring slavery , where very reasonable, and a ton of blood was spilt over these principles. Believe you me, the Union didn’t fight that war to free the slaves, that was just a side effect that also gave them the moral high ground. I am guessing that this girl is not promoting a return to slavery, but representing other treasured redneck aspects of her cultural heritage.

      1. steve says:

        “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it” [A. Lincoln to H. Greely].

  15. lastdays says:

    Good for her. Jews for the Stars and Bars.

  16. Espe says:

    It’s ignorance on the mother’s part to equate yarmulkes and turbans to the confederate flag. The confederate flag is a symbol of hate just as a swastika is. The school administration was correct to ask Torri to turn her sweater inside out.
    She most probably got suspended for mouthing off and not following the rules. Her mother instead of teaching her daughter to be sensitive to other cultures is instead instilling and promoting hate in her daughter. Yes we have freedom of speech but we shouldn’t hide behind this freedom to spew hate.

    1. dividedbyzero says:

      The Confederate flag and the Nazi Swastika are in two totally different leagues, if you don’t know that you need to look into it.

      1. Espe says:

        I don’t need to look into it as both flag and swastika are a symbol of hate. why try to justify a difference, hate is hate.

        1. BiffMalibu says:

          You obviously know nothing about American or European history. Read a book, for Christ’s sake!

          1. Reuven Kerner says:

            whom the heck is this christ person? he never existed in the scope of your pretense. please read a book, for G-ds sake. stop believing in statues

        2. southren_girl says:

          the swastika is a symbol for peace look it up idiot

        3. Hunter says:

          The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate to whom, Espe? The ignorant? Again, as the fellow said, “If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson!” The Confederate flag, the Confederacy and the Souther n people are the victims of a 150-year-long campaign of hate. It’s time people outside the South thought about the reason a significant part of the United States are objects of hatred and disdain.

    2. Paul Jackson says:

      Just what about the confederate flag makes it a symbol of hate?
      Is it hate for people to fight for their freedom? Is it hate to stop a foreign power from invading your country? That is what the Confederacy was all about, but of course they do not teach that at this fine middle school.

    3. Paul Jackson says:

      A symbol is a symbol. You either have to ban them all or allow them all.
      What about being sensitive to this girl’s culture? By any standards of today, Mr Lincoln would be considered a terrorist. He invaded a country that was no threat to him or the Union without provocation, and made war on the civilians of that country.
      How is he any different than Uncle Sadam?

    4. Paul Jackson says:

      Espe, just what is it about the Confederate flag that makes it a hate symbol? I think you have no idea what that flag means.
      Just because you are ignorant of the facts does not make something what you want to believe it is. If you think it is a hate symbol, prove it. State why, instead of making an unsubstantiated comment.

  17. CoolBreeze says:

    Mom bought that shirt for the kid to wear so Mom could get her15 minutes of fame.

    This is all really stupid.

    1. whatever41 says:

      YOU GET IT!!

  18. chris nyc says:

    “Close down the operation” ??? Sounds ant-capitol-ist to me. Make up your mind, lady.

  19. Angie says:

    Whether or not an individual feels that the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride, it’s important to remember that to many people it’s a symbol of the enslavement and murder of their ancestors. To those people, its not much different than wearing a shirt with a swastika. Burning crosses and images of lynched men hanging from trees are also a part of our heritage. But we don’t go around wearing those on shirts.

    1. Paul Jackson says:

      Angie, if people think that they need to stop being ignorant. If you are against that flag because the Klan uses it, you must also ban the Stars & Stripes and the cross for the same reason.
      Remember, slavery was done under the Stars & Stripes and not the flag this girl got in trouble over.
      This school needs to teach some real history, not its racist version of it.

  20. chris in NYC says:

    First: Have a look at the Mississippi State flag.

    Second: Ask yourself if this young person was wearing a symbol in her school that is NOT ALREADY EMBRACED by our NATION as a symbol of one of our 50 states.

    I mean, come on folks, it’s on one of our state FLAGS…sheesh. If there is an issue, I don’t think it’s up to some school vice-principle, or a 12-year-old kid to decide…or is it?

  21. Charles says:

    If it is OK for the Brooklyn Museum to show ants crawling over a cruficied Jesus Christ it is OK for Tori to wear the Confederate flag on her shirt in school.

  22. Trina N. says:

    I agree with freedom of speech, and I applaud anyone who teaches their children to honor their heritage. But there is such a thing as teaching children to respect the feelings of others, and using discretion. I am of German decent, so does that mean it would be ok for me to wear a swastika? It’s my heritage and my right but I have too much respect for the feelings of others to do so.

    1. BiffMalibu says:

      I am an Indian (dot, not feather). Would it be OK for me to wear a swastika shirt?

  23. TV Bill says:

    Where’s Uncle Jessie and the General Lee when you really need them ?

    The principal is in cahoots with Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane !

  24. Korey W says:

    I use to go to school with Torri, actually in the same homeroom, and she never was bother to my teacher. She never talked back or made any problems. She was so nice too. I don’t believe that my vice-principal, Mr. Blount, should have went as far as her being expelled. Good Luck Torri!

    1. Carl W. Roden says:

      Torri should not be made to be ashamed for honoring her Southern roots. I pray for her to get through this, and to win the fight against those who would deny her the civility to honor the symbols of her cultural heritage and identity free from persecution.

    2. sienna marie says:

      hi koreyyy ! hahha its sienna ! right im so mad about this its so stupid… if we can learn about it we should be able to wear it

      1. Korey W says:

        hi! xD oui, oui! 🙂

  25. John says:

    Media does not need to report this. That is the real issue here. Not a shirt which depicts Southern Pride more than anything else.

    1. Mom is a loser says:

      Wow that MOM is one big idiot.To believe that shirt is not insulting just shows you the people we are dealing with here.Just bring your little angel daughter a new shirt and lets get back to learning.This is why uniforms should be mandatory because of dirtbags like this.

      1. Schmellma Arss says:

        Why don’t you go blow it out of you ass, then smell it.

        1. Jane says:

          So that must be the mom responding she does have a smelly arss The racist witch.

      2. 31337 says:

        Wow, get over it? The Mexican flag being flown in parts of Texas and California offend me but because they are “minorities” there is nothing that can be done. I’m also upset on the amount of crimes in certain areas but then its easier to pass out speeding tickets then it is to actually enforce the tough laws. If you get upset of a flag on a T-shirt I also suspect you have a job that robots will be taking over very soon. Maybe you should rethink the war of Northern Aggression and think about who invaded who.

        1. q says:

          Like the americans took the land from the mexicans??

      3. Carl W. Roden says:

        You know nothing at all about this woman, and yet you sit in judgement of her and her child. I feel sorry for your own children!

      4. Matt says:

        uniforms are absolutely stupid, the mom was just defending her, sure the confederate flag CAN be raciest, but it is also the symbol for the south, its nothing else, the south did not fight just for slaves they had many other reasons, this being considered raciest is crazy, specially with how society is now, so grow up and quit being such a c*nt.

        1. uniforms for all says:

          Uniforms are the answer and in school learning should be all we care about .Not wearing racist clthes that so called mom buys.

          1. libertarian says:

            … and lets make sure all of the uniforms have lightning bolts on them. Freedom of expression MUST not be outlawed. Whether it be a yamulke, a burka, a turban, a t-shirt or something else. Our differences are what make us who we are.

        2. Chris says:

          For what other reasons did the south go war against the Union? What aspects of southern heritage is being celebrated by wearing the stars and bars?

          It seems so much of this behavior is aimed at inflaming peoples’ emotions rather than celebrating ones heritage.

          1. BiffMalibu says:

            The North invaded the South to prevent them from leaving the Union. Please read a history book.

          2. Paul Jackson says:

            Freedom, Chris. The Confederacy did not go to war against the Union. They were invaded, and all they fought for was their freedom, and to protect their homes and families from the invaders. They were fighting terrorism. And people do get emotional over their country and homes being destroyed.
            That is what is being celebrated by wearing that flag. Reckon you need to study a bit more about that war.

          3. ATG says:

            A clarification is in order…That is not the “Stars & Bars” flag, the Stars & Bars is the First National Pattern Confederate Flag. What she was wearing was the Army of Northern Virginia { ANV } Battle flag…a common mistake amoung people…..there are over a dozen battle flages of different patterns…people seem to focus only on one though.

            People need to let this go….the people of the South, espicially if they had ancestors who fought and died in the war have ever right to keep this flag.

            Americans should be more concerned with all the “foreign” flags are are flying everywhere. They have no historical value here in the states.

            Not long ago if I’m not mistaken ..some news personal were asked to remove American Flag pins from their lapels..because they “offended” some people….Think about this….this is crazy..and whats even wors is that it was enforced If I was not mistaken….Time for a reality check I say…we have bigger problems and fish to fry than wasing all this effort over a girl wearing a symbol of a 150 year old lost cause….which 95% of Americans if asked don’t even know the true history behind any of those flags..or one from another.

            And let me add in “revisionist ” history doesn’t help either.

      5. Paul Jackson says:

        Just what is insulting about it?

  26. STFUNY says:

    looks like somebody needs cash and what better way than to sue than use the “Freedom of expression” card.

  27. General says:

    Seems to me that this girl did make the shirt a conversation piece. All of you are talking about it. Generations have fought for this country and the freedom of its people. Now, let this girl express herself. If you don’t like then discuss it, don’t suspend the child. Teach her or let her teach you about why she likes it and why you don’t. Everyone is entitled to the same freedoms in the United States of America!!!! Including freedom of expression.

  28. Bklyn mom says:

    I say find out who sells those shirts and close down the operation!
    As for those who complain about people with money and control, what do you think built this country? What do you think Capitalism is all about? I think many of us have forgotten that little part. The American Dream IS to be rich. But one has to work for it. No handouts. No social services. Wake up and stop blaming others for your misfortunes. (Sorry, I got off on a tangent here…)

  29. badman says:

    my kid wears his Osama Bin Laden shirt to school every day. All you free speechers – that’s cool, right?

    1. JMS says:

      i think that shirt would be the definition of protected political speech that our supreme court purports to defend.

  30. 2 gruesome2b says:

    lighten up, folks! please recall the immortal lines of george orwell in “animal farm”:
    all animals are equal…
    but some are more equal than others.
    if your views disagree with the doyens of political correctness, well then, shame on you.
    speaking of religion, if a yarmulke and other symbols of of affiliation with a particular group are acceptable, why can’t i wish someone a “merry christmas”? accept the fact that those who would eliminate us are working at a feverish pitch to ensure our rights are someone’s wrong and to repudiate us for exercising them.

    1. Allan Szast says:

      Merry Christmas

  31. bebe says:

    What a dumb a** ignorant women she is. How dare you compare something religious as a turban or yarmulkes to a Confederate Flag…..She needs to go back to school. Obviously this girl must have been suspended for mouthing off to someone.

    1. Allan Szast says:

      so its ok to display a puerto rican flag anywhere anytime, but an American flag (yes a confederate flag is an American flag) in any form is punishable by death. ok seems fair to me after all this is only America.

      1. JMS says:

        I think bebe was offended by the comparison as she said nothing about whether or not wearing the shirt is permissible. also, if by your logic a confederate flag is an “american” flag, then the peurto rican flag must also be one as peurto rico is an american territory.

        1. Carl W. Roden says:

          Actually JMS, YES! The flag of Puerto Rico IS AN AMERICAN FLAG!
          So is the flag of Cuba. The flags of Canada. The flag of Jamaica. The flag of Mexico….ect.
          To presume that the US Flag is the ONLY American flag is an extremely xenophobic attitude and shows just how out of touch you really are.

          1. chevychula says:

            A flag from Canada is a Canadian flag, as well as Mexico, is a MEXICAN flag! Jamaica is a British commonwealth with their own government. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US.. US owns them but allows them to rule themselves..So therefore it is basically a state flag, the other flags of other countries u listed aren’t!!! The confederate flag is nothing but a symbol of what the southerners were fighting for..which was free labor because they wanted to continue being lazy and profiting from people they thought they could OWN and enslave rather then shelling out the money…
            Hey I’m southern And I don’t approve.. If she wanted to show southern pride she could get a John Deer sweatshirt , Salt life.. Or a Browning shirt.. Thats redneck pride right thar!!!:)

            1. Korey W says:

              I think what he is trying to say is, that there can be thousands of different flags for America, metaphorically speaking, because there are so many cultures in the U.S to even count! America is a symbol of all the countries because everyone in American are from different countries. That’s one reason American doesn’t have a “Official Language” because there are too many languages that Americans speak to put on paper.

            2. Paul Jackson says:

              Chevy, you need to go back and read some history. The vast majority of Southerners did not own any slaves.
              Do you think Americans would leave their homes and families to fight for the right of rich people to own Hummers? Folks from New Jersey might, but anyone with an ounce of sense would not risk their life for something that did not mean anything to them, or benefit them.
              This sort of makes you think the Confederates might have been fighting for something other than slavery.

    2. Dorey says:

      I Agree, The turban and yarmulkes are religious! I can see the comparison of them both coming from what you believe or stand by, but the Confederate flag? That just means that you or your daughter stand by point of that flag or the Confederate States of America in 1861, which is slavery or the depletion of the African Americans rights.

      1. Paul Jackson says:

        Dorey, I think you need to go back to school. Slavery never was depicted by the Cross of St Andrew. If you want the flag that slavery and later so much racism flourished under, that would be the Stars & Stripes.
        Or do you think that blacks somehow lost rights when the Confederacy began, or got equal rights when the Confederacy was defeated? Maybe stop and think before you talk.

    3. Paul Jackson says:

      Symbols are symbols Bebe. You either have to ban them all, or allow them all. To do otherwise is discrimination.

  32. Heavy D R.I.P. says:

    Sure it is nothing more than a silk screened sweatshirt thats doesn’t necessarily imply a rascist agenda but I feel that the mother probably let her daughter wear this just to get under the skin of the indian and jewish kids she mentions in her rebuttal. African americans of course too. All the more reason why uniforms in public schools are a good thing!

    It amazes me this played out debates still garners so much attention in this country. China is winning!

    1. Jason D says:

      indeed. China will own our a$$ in 50 years.

      1. Ziggy says:

        At the rate we are going down hill, I’ll say in 10 years.

    2. Carl W. Roden says:

      Actually Heavy, you have no idea that is why that woman let her daughter wear that shirt, and yet you somehow make a claim that she probably did it to offend minorities just because you “feel” it? Pathetic!
      This girl should continue to wear her shirt proudly…indeed other students should join her, maybe even create an OCCUPY THE HIGH SCHOOL movement?

      1. Carl W. Roden says:

        Correction…Middle School, LOL! Still the same should apply.

  33. Clayton Mosby says:

    hey Mom, home school her and no trouble and she sure as heck will be smarter than her YANKEE classmates!!

  34. Sam says:

    …and how can you equate a turban or yarmulke to the Confederate flag?

    Dumb Southerners.

    *Disclaimer: I am neither Hindu or Jewish

    1. JMS says:

      The answer is you can’t. the turban/yarmulke represents devotion to your religious faith while the flag represents your tacit support for the ideals & principals of the southern states as they relate to slavery during the civil war. while i ultimately disagree w/the school on constitutional grounds i do agree this woman’s analogy was, as you put it ,,,,Dumb.

  35. Sam says:

    Why doesn’t she just wear a shirt of the Virginia state flag then. Everyone knows what the Confederate flag represents.

    1. Paul Jackson says:

      What does the Confederate flag represent? What makes you think so? Do you even have a clue what the “Confederate flag” is?
      The Confederate flag represents people who fought an army that invaded their country with no provocation. What is wrong with doing that?

    2. Valerie Protopapas says:

      No, everyone doesn’t “know” what it represented or continues to represent. That is obvious from many comments on this site. However, we do know what the present Marxist-revisionist politically correct academic hacks WANT you to BELIEVE it means. If you wish to be made a fool of and follow after lies and propaganda, by all means continue to think ill of Confederate symbols, heroes and heritage. But that does not change the truth – it merely makes it obvious that you believe the lies.

  36. JMS says:

    While i’m no fan of the confederate flag, EMPIREOVER gets it right when he says its a slippery slope when we start letting our government infringe on our freedom of expression. people’s views change over time. what offends today may be the prevailing sentiment tomorrow and while we all hope that the confederate flag and what it stands for will stay in our past we do our constitution, and those who fought and died for it a big disservice when we try to censor any form of self expression.

    1. Cari says:

      You realize saying “It’s a slippery slope” and then equating things that are quite different is a logical fallacy, right?

      1. JMS says:

        what did I equate that was different?

  37. Jen says:

    Free speech is protected, even hate speech, no matter how distasteful and people might not like it. However, being a reasonable and prudent person is another. She could wear the shirt to a bar where it might be a conversational piece. It does not belong in a school. A court could view this either way. It’s tough. She has the right to wear the shirt and express her speech. It is hate speech! What are the school’s rules and regulations involving hate speech? That is what a judge will want to know.

    1. Jason D says:

      Court has ruled on this. Kids wore american flag shirts to school on Cinco De Mayo day in a southern California school. They told to turn it inside out or get suspended. I forgot what they chose but hehy took it to court and lost. Student safety is paramount.

    2. Paul Jackson says:

      What makes St Andrew’s Cross hate speech? Tell me, have more racist acts been committed under the Confederate flag or the Stars & Stripes. You can bet they fly that racist symbol at that middle school.

  38. Surfin Bird says:

    This is a clear violation of this girls civil rights.

  39. Ginger says:

    WEARING a flag is not in keeping with flag etiquette, similar to using a flag in advertising and draping a flag over the hood of a car — not respectful.

  40. EMPIREOVER says:

    FREE SPEECH must be FREE. So there were students THREATENING VIOLENCE because of her T-Shirt. THEY are the ones who should be SUSPENDED.

    Is the school going to have T-Shirt police? I’m sure there are many kids wearing many things that “offend” many people.

    The whole idea you folks who are “offended” is that if we let AUTHORITY decide what you can say or wear the next step is TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN THINK.

    1. Jason D says:

      Go smoke more crack and bugout on some conspiracy theories.

  41. jerseyjoey says:

    just yet another dumb cuent with the mentality of a clam in the mud, i say move back to the hicknhole she came from and let her kid wear the shirt there, duh same thing would happen in that school also. Just what we need in America another homegrown anus.

  42. A Texan says:

    It’s certainly part of American history, but it’s not something to celebrate. It’s a symbol of a bunch of traitors that waged war on the United States of America. It’d be the same as wearing a shirt celebrating Benedict Arnold or Timothy McVeigh.

    Frankly, I feel that anyone celebrating the symbol of the Confederates has no respect or love for our country. And before anyone accuses me of being a “Yankee”, my family’s lived in Texas since before the revolution.

    1. Charlie Hall says:

      Well said. Nobody who truly loves America would every wear a Confederate flag!

      1. Elizabeth Del Greco says:

        You gotta be kidding me, Charlie. We Confederates are far more American than you yankee mongrels. And hey, we fought AGAINST the slave traders! None of OUR ships brought slaves to this country. So we were FOR the Constitution and AGAINST the slave traders. Looks like you – and many of your ignorant brethren – have it all backwards.

        1. Carl W. Roden says:

          Very well said Elizabeth!

      2. Vablue Blood says:

        Charlie Hall, Our forefathers fought and died as Americans because the love of our country. My ancestors fought on the Southern side as so does theirs during the Revolution. One thing that sets us apart from you and us, we are not war mongers, (American Empire) but a loving Christian people. We were not the aggressors, but the defenders. We did not make war on civilian population nor killed any, likje the 50,000 of ours were. We did not go out to kill and rape women and children both black and white. We did not genocide entire nations as the Union Generals did to the Indians per every man, woman and child if possible. Our Generals has courage, principals, honor, and dignity, while yours had anything but. We are proud of our history,, our forefathers, who created this nation,, and those who fought in the Confederacy to preserve it. America today is everything out Founding Fathers said not to be, and not what we have become. I am sorry you have no understanding of that flag, its history of its meaning, including our present flag. I am sure if you did, you would have a change of attitude. If not, then you simply are devoid from right and wrong, By the way, I love everything my Confederate stands for, and my ancestors who fought under it. Unlike the Northern population, in the South many of us knows who our ancestors are, taught to honor and love them. And before you or anyone calls me ugly names, one of my ancestors was the Founding Father of this nation too. I have two heritages and I love both. The only thing is one has more honor than the other. I am grateful we are one nation, but I would have been just as grateful if not more had we won. You see it was not a civil war, we wanted nothing to do with you or the Northern Government. Simply, we just wanted to be left alone. In truth as all the other states crumble around us, and thus our country, the South may just rise again. One thing is fact, you Yankees sure can’t stop from moving down here to enjoy our war of life, our weather, our glass and steel cities. The only thing we ask, leave our traditions alone. If you don’t like them, stay where you are from and make that the place you want to be, otherwise why even bother to come down here. Personally I wish you would not, we love Dixie…

      3. Vablue Blood says:

        By the way,, I carried a rifle for the United, so go to Hell too.

    2. Confederat3 says:

      I guess your ancestors that “lived in Texas since before the revolution” saw the forefathers as traitors as well??? They started a war of seccession from UK long before the South tried it….
      Also, ask Native Americans how they feel about the US flag. Make you think yet??

    3. Hunter says:

      I question why the editors chose to celebrate such ignorance. Before Lincoln’s aggressive invasion, secession was certainly legal. The states entered the union voluntarily, and by the same token could leave the union. New England held a Secession Convention during the War of 1812. Monroe never sought to destroy them for doing so. Virtually every president up to and including Lincoln (before his election) had agreed on the legality of secession. The War of Northern Aggression did not endear love from citizens of those states the union troops destroyed, and in which they raped, stole, burned and left in a state of penury. Finally, the South did not wage war on the United States, rather the US waged war on the South. This individual may live in Texas, but without doubt his mind is that of a Yankee. Know the truth, Yankee, and it shall set you free.

      1. BiffMalibu says:

        Finally, someone who actually has a clue. How refreshing and thank you for your post.

    4. JOHN says:

      A Texan you are so right on the money I get a kick out of people you claim American pride with the bars and stars.The fools celebrate a group of people who turned away from America to start there own nation.

      1. Carl W. Roden says:

        Actually the shirt that girl is wearing does not have the “Stars and Bars” on it. That would be the 1st National Flag of the CSA, which resembled the US flag.
        The shirt she is wearing is the Southern Cross battle flag.
        Next time you might want to try reading books instead of advocating for people who would burn them!

        1. Akira Black says:

          America: many of our symbols are horrifying- even the cross is a sign of a tortuous death. Eradicating symbols and words is censorship and all that does is force racism and hate to get more secretive and subversive, instead of allowing it to be in the light. Think of the indegenous peoples whites wiped out in our early history. Wake up America- forcing others to believe exactly like you do or judging and condemning them because it is alarming or distasteful- to YOU. Obviously she doesn’t know the history of that flag-she said so in the report. Even if she is intending to “hurt” others, the truth is only the individual can be hurt if that is how they think and judge society. In other words, when can only hurt you if you believe them and have no healthy emotional, personal, spiritual, social and familial boundaries. If you are set off by symbols- you should rush right home and sit in your closet forever. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights allows us the right to free speech; to freely occupy space and offer one’s own individual grievances on society at large and our government. Wake up America, censorship is anti everything that we (already) fought for and still never got. End racism, sexism and hate by being respectful and kind to one another and truly understanding what it means to be a free American. We are a nation of heroes, remember? Now act like it and occupy.

    5. GJK says:

      It is certainly pat of American history, AND it is something to celebrate. It’s a symbol of a bunch of patriots who turned their back on a form of government which no longer represented their best interests. The United States of America waged war on them. It is the same as wearing a shirt of George Washington.
      Frankly, I feel that anyone celebrating the symbol of the Confederates has the greatest respect and love for their country.
      Strange how there are always two ways of looking at something!

    6. Jim Raymond says:

      I guess you seemto have forgotten which side Texas was on in the war. I seem to recall John Bell Hoods Texas cavalry as one of the most herioc units in the war. You sir are what was known as a Copperhead in those years.

    7. vincent says:

      Let me ask you something, do you remember back in the 1980’s when blacks were waking all over the place with their (Malcolm) “X” t-shirts on? Did you have anything to say about THAT symbol of hatred? And before you arch your eyebrows and act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll have you know that I’ve viewed several Malcolm X speech tapes. This guy talked about the white race like we were a collective pile of trash, calling us “CRACKERS” and “HONKEYS” and all kind of other disrespectful and racially charged names. My guess is that you sat there quietly while they wore THIS symbol and said NOTHING. And if you said nothing THEN, then don’t say anything NOW. I am not affiliated with ANY racial groups but I am a white American that is so sick and tired of this DOUBLE STANDARD where whites get jumped all over by people like YOU when the ‘race’ issue comes up, but when the blacks show their hatred, and you know DAMN WELL that they do, people like you sit there quietly with their tails tucked neatly between their legs. My name is Vincent Donelan and I live in Middlesex, N.J. and I really don’t care WHO doesn’t like what I’ve written here because it’s the TRUTH!!

    8. Charles Shoemaker says:

      I am a proud American, born in Jennings La.. Served in the USAF, flew for one of our intl. airlines, graduated Univ. Cal. Irvine, traveled the world, used my talents and have always respected the culture and history of the area I was in. It saddens me to hear Americans being dis-respectful and ignorant of the history of the USA. Maybe the reason this happens is that people are lazy and they let TV “talking heads” think??? for them. That is OK because this is America and we have the right to say what we feel, just engage the brain first.

    9. John Stones says:

      Traitors? I don’t care where you have lived, the Confederate soldier was no more a traitor than were the colonists that seceded from England and fought the Revolutionary War to gain America’s freedom. The Confederacy did not wage war on the US, it was the other way around, but you’ve got to learn history and have a desire for truth to find it out. Political Correctness is ruining this country!

    10. Vablue Blood says:

      Sad you don’t know your own history, and that flag’s. It has more to do with the Constitution. No slave ship flew that flag. The South was no more fighting for slavery than Lincoln was trying to emancipate it. Lee freed his slaves before the war, Grant did not till after the war. The Stars and Strips had slavery under if for close to 100 years. The North were slave states too. The North voted to expand slaves. The South went to war also due to the fact the North was taking upwards of 87 cents to ever dollar earned in Southern states for its factories being built for child labor. If a child was lamed they were put out in the streets. The slaves were taken care of cradle to grave. Lincoln said the war was to preserve the Union be it if the slaves were free or not. Grant said if the war was about freeing the slaves he would fight on the other side. Lincoln in 4 years killed 650,000 people, 50,000 of them civilians. The South also went to war to defend itself from a Northern Aggressor coming to invade their states. The Stars and Strips through Sheridan, Sherman, Grant, and Custer systematically went out to kill every woman, man, child of the Indian nations under the guise of Manifest Destiny. They coined the phrases, ‘final solution’, that Hitler used when exterminating the Jews. Yes, after the war America genocide the Indians. The Southern Armies had blacks, whites, Jews, Indians and Europeans fighting for its Independence. The States had a right to Succession.What I have learned through the years is a bunch of ignorant people, North and South who have desigrated (sp) a flag where men fought and died under with honor. My gg father was a Confederate General at Gettysburg, but also a Congressman after the way. I think this school and the rest of the North and the country should really learn what this flag stood for. Instead of being upset about this flag, America better should be upset that the Mexican flag can be worn in Schools in Ca. on the Cinco De Mayo which is not our holiday but a American flag cannot be worn, by court order. In all honesty, I have found the North to be more racist than not since it is easy to point fingers due to ignorance and the fact less blacks lives around them. They should learn about the war criminals called Lincoln, Sherman and Grant too. Sherman was raping and burning everything that was both black and white 60 miles wide and 1000 miles long. Also, Robert E. Lee. never wore a hood and did not belong to any hate group either. This school should take the opportunity to learn what this flag truly mean and that includes the Stars and Strips too. In other words, in the South we have two heritages and I am tired of the ignorant people form all areas hating mine. My heritage was close to what the founding fathers contemplated then what America is today, all a product of the North. II like to point out this last fact, that flag is American history and the men who fought and those who died under it are also Americans. They are also designated by the Supreme Court as American Veterans too. The Northern Armies and Vets would be dismayed at how the Southern Vets, and the Cross of St Anthony would be treated too. Yes, that flag is the cross of St. Anthony.

    11. Vablue Blood says:

      The feature comment is rather lame and there simply because someone opposes it saying they are form Texas. How about taking the opportunity in what the flag really stands for. God how the true history has been rewritten by the winners.

      I am sorry this child has to go to school in a state where there is already so much ignorance. If I were her parents, I would find away to bring her back home where she can get a real education considering how bad N.J. is per their lack of.

    12. Country_girl says:

      Just because I celebrate the confederate flag doesn’t mean I do not love or respect our country. There is different connotation of the symbol. To a southerner, it is a symbol of heritage and southern pride..It represents the hard work of us. We (“confederate flag people”) don’t all support slavery, nor do most of us think it’s right.

    13. Chris Conder says:

      Were the Texans who fought for their independance from Mexico traitors? No, they were patriots. Were the Texans who CHOSE to JOIN the U.S. traitors for subjecting our nation’s citizens to the authority of another nation (the USA)? No again.

      Get a clue buddy. Texas has contributed way more to the Union than we have gotten in exchange for the bargain. God wanted us in the Union or the Shouth would have won, but don’t think that there aren’t a lot of people who wish Texas had never joined the USA. I sure as heck am one Texan who believes this and that does not make me a traitor. It makes me a realist and a loyal Texan.

    14. Paul Jackson says:

      Who waged war on whom? You seem to forget that it was Mr Lincoln who did the invading in that war.

    15. Paul Jackson says:

      This Texan clearly does not know his US history. It was the Union that attacked the Confederacy, not the other way around. Mr Lincoln promised he would not inaugurate war, and then he went and invaded several Southern states. He not only made war on the Confederate army, but against civilians. Today, if a leader did what Mr Lincoln did he would be called a terrorist.

    16. Bill Kaye says:

      You ARE absolutely ridiculous.The confederate flag wasn’t created out of hatred.Are you offended by country music,southern rock music and the Dukes of Hazard “General Lee” car as well?..You’re not Texan..You’re a wanna be.

    17. whatever41 says:

      Well said Mr. T

    18. Thee OtherSide says:

      Traitors? You obviously don’t know your history – of Texas or the United States. That’s like saying the Americans were actually British traitors because they wanted independence.

      If you read the Declarations of Causes of Secession and the Ordinances of Secession that were issued by the first seven states of the Confederacy, there were several reasons these states wanted to be independent and that most of the reasons had nothing to do with slavery.

      The South’s long-standing opposition to the federal tariff was a major factor that led to secession. The tariff was inefficient and redistributed wealth from farmers and planters of the South to manufacturers and laborers in the North AND overall made the country poorer.

      Another major point of contention between the North and the South was the issue of the size and power of the federal government as defined by the Constitution. From the earliest days of the Republic, Southern and Northern leaders battled over this issue.

      The South actually had a love and respect of this country as the Founding Fathers envisioned it – that’s a far cry from being traitors.

      Learn your history, “Texan”.

    19. Gabriel Bell says:

      I ve lived in texas before the war is hardly a credible line. I grew up in Texas and I can tell you this Texas has gone as a whole state yankee period. I spent the last few years listening to Texas people talking about how theres a right way to do things they sound worse than yale liberals.

      I may return one day to Texas , but not until it’s people pull thier heads out of ….

    20. Valerie Protopapas says:

      You are welcome to your opinion sir, but the Yankees whom you love don’t want that same liberty to apply to others who feel differently. My whole family come from New England and New York and I have studied the matter sufficiently to overcome the “winner’s version of history” that we now must endure.

      The Confederacy fought for the principles that founded this nation; the Union fought for collectivism, statism and the socialist/communist tyranny originating in Europe at that time. Unfortunately, the Republic lost and the Empire won. If you believe that this latter creation of Lincoln and his radical Republican myrmidons constitute something to love and respect, that is your right, but obviously you believe that you have the right to censor the liberties of others. Sounds pretty “Yankee” to me.

  43. Charlie Hall says:

    If she really valued her Virginia heritage, she’d be wearing a sweatshirt with the actual flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Or maybe with the state’s official motto, “Sic semper tyrannis”, which is even older than either flag. Wearing a Confederate flag shirt is a statement of support for racism and rebellion.

    I say this as someone whose first English-speaking ancestor arrived in Virginia 400 years ago, and who has direct ancestors who fought on both sides of the American Civil War. The losing side was the wrong side.

  44. Jason D says:

    The mom will loose in court, the kids who wore a simple american flag tshirt on cinco de mayo day at a high school in California just lost their lawsuit. Student Safety is PARAMOUNT.

    1. Paul Jackson says:

      So if a kid gets threatened for wearing the Stars & Strips this school will ban it too?
      Student safety is paramount.

  45. Jason D says:

    Guess she also tells her daughter to call blacks “negroes” “cuz thats how muh and pah done did it it Virginiannyee.”

    1. JMS says:

      i think that would be too progressive. they’re prolly still calling them “coloreds”

    2. Paul Jackson says:

      No one was ever called a negro or colored under the Stars & Stripes?

  46. J. Hunter says:

    Darn…… sure strange how that free speech and freedom of expression in the US Constitution sure has almost disappeared for some folks in this country.

    1. Charlie Hall says:

      The Confederate flag is NOT a symbol of support for the US Constitution but a symbol of rebellion against it!

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Yet, it is still ostensibly protected by the constitution in the same way leftist talk of revolution is.

      2. Paul Jackson says:

        Actually, the Confederate flags (all of them, not just the battle flag) represent people who were tired of the Constitution being ignored. They had no rebellion against the Constitution, but against the politicians who were just making up their rules as they went along.

  47. Jason D says:

    it represents slavery. Nothing else. The mom should be stripped of parental rights for being an ignorant racist.

    1. 31337 says:

      Actually it represents the Confederate States of America and its fight to save and secure States Rights, something that we are fighting right now in the form of Obamacare.

      1. Jason D says:

        like I said, slavery. Its just as bad as a swastika or an X symbol worn by blacks.

    2. Paul Jackson says:

      How does it represent slavery? Which flag flew over slavery? St Andrew’s Cross sure did not. Go back and study some American history Jason.

  48. Money Money Money says:

    It is all part of dismantling the US Middle class. as in soviet russia

    and you know HEW is behind it.

    Hint , it has to do with money, or more specifically, the hordind and worship of money and the power of the FEW whom have it .

    1. jerseyjoey says:

      nothing new here, tell us something we all dont know

    2. JMS says:

      my what a clever antisemite you are. is it time for your clan meeting yet or do you have time to spray paint some swastikas ?

      1. eternally bellyaching says:

        it seems that anyone who thinks too much is what you call an anti semite, and also it is quite qbvious that you burnt your own cars and painted them up to cry for sympathy, albiet, the cars were all insyred. on another note , nobody said anything antisemitic. the only anti semite ihere is you, for you are the belligeerent belly acher, and again nothing new here, and thats new spelled NEW

        1. JMS says:

          drunk & stupid is no way to go through life son. hopefully you’ve been sterilized by now (either through alcohol abuse or surgery). lord knows we have enough illiterate new yorkers running around procreating. on some level i admit its a comfort to know that at least one of you ethnocentric bigots has the i.q of a poundcake. it will help me sleep better tonight.

  49. Robert Richardson says:

    I don’t know why we just can’t superimpose the stars and bars somewhere on the American flag? Why not? Its a part of “the American Way” … its a part of heritage.

  50. CN says:

    Let the kid wear the stupid shirt. People are too sensitive these days.

    1. 31337 says:

      Finally an intelligent comment!!! I agree +1 Let the kid wear the shirt and get over it.

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