Save NYC Food Trucks Campaign Fighting Anti-Truck Legislation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s no secret that food trucks have become a beloved staple of New York City culture, but with a recent court ruling making daily operations a battle for many street vendors, the industry may be seeing its demise.

But they’re not going down without a fight.

A court ruling in February said it was illegal to sell food from a food truck at a metered parking spot in the five boroughs.

Save NYC Food Trucks is an initiative to educate consumers about some of the regulatory challenges food trucks are facing and to give New York City food truck-goers an opportunity to voice support for the meals on wheels.

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“What has been so challenging for food trucks is that in the enforcement of this rule, the city isn’t merely issuing fines, but threatening to tow trucks,” said David Weber, president of the New York City Food Truck Association. “Food truck owners cannot afford to be towed because if they are towed all their perishable inventory on board will be lost and they won’t be able to operate their business until they can recover their truck.”

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The grassroots campaign has garnered a significant amount of support on Twitter and Facebook – with a quarter million fans between the social media networks – but those behind the operation are also taking their cause to the streets.

“We are starting to collect petitions from our patrons in person,” said Weber. “We are asking the Mayor’s office to help us find a way to incorporate food trucks legally back into the streetscape.”

The group argues that food trucks not only provide jobs, but stimulate culinary innovations, draw tourists and contribute revenue to the city.

“As we move toward winter, many trucks are considering closing permanently or moving to cities with more favorable regulatory environments,” said Weber.


One Comment

  1. Rugbyball says:

    Besides the parking spot, what’s the difference to these guys and corner vendors like hot dog carts and felafel carts?
    Regulate them as you would the Hot Dog or fresh fruit carts.
    Commercial plate vehicles already pay a much higher vehicle registration to state and city for the plates and if you must ,make them feed the meter as well.
    As far as taking up a valuable parking spot, the vast majority walk in NYC, I am bothered by the city taking up city sidewalks with 100’s of trees and food carts. Why not push them into the street and free up the over crowded sidewalks,

  2. Vernon Hell says:

    The anti-truck campaign is driven by price-gouging restaurants with their filthy kitchens. On the rare occasions I visit NYC I always brown bag it. Why give people you do not know the opportunity to poison you?

    1. bullett says:

      I concur, after all, have you ever seen a rest and/or wash room close by a street vendor?
      I too have joined the ranks of brown bagging it.

      1. ttrue nyc says:

        Food trucks park in prime location all over NYC. They dont pay a cent in rent but the Restaurants do. Large amounts of money. so how is this these fair?Also the food trucks dont have all the regulation that Restaurants do. The food trucks should be allowed to conducted business. But they should not be allowed to park a truck on front of a Restaurant that sales the same type of food that they are selling.

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