‘L’ Train Attack Caught On Video; Cops Looking For Suspects

Nervous Straphangers Say Crime Appears To Be Escalating Underground

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police in Queens are hunting for three suspects they say are wanted for an assault on a subway train that was captured on video.

The video was recorded just after 2 a.m. on Nov. 8. It shows an argument between two men on a Queens bound L train that police say quickly escalated into a beating.

WARNING: Graphic Content

In the video, the victim is seen pushing away one man when another jumps in and the two begin punching the victim. Soon, three men can be seen hitting and kicking the victim to the floor. The bloodied 25-year-old tries to crawl away, but the suspects are relentless.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin showed the shock video to city straphangers on Wednesday.

“They keep on bothering him for no apparent reason,” Chastity Reyes said. “It’s  more and more crime and it’s happening every day.”

“I’m scared. I take the L train evey day that makes me feel a little too scared,” added Stella Lowder of Queens.

“Guy looks like he’s not messing for anybody and they’re just looking for a victim. It happens,” said Robert Flores of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

There was no word on the extent of the victim’s injuries or what he was arguing about with the suspects.

If you have any information, call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.

How concerned are you about safety on the subway? Sound off in our comments section below…

  • DougMoll

    If this were 3 whites beating up a black man, it would be classified as a hate crime. But that is not the case when blacks beat up whites. Consider this


    Then try to believe that there truly is color blindness in the US. It is pathetic!

    • Scoot

      I agree the article is lacking in accuracy but I give credit to CBS for allowing all comments to be posted. I saw this story on Reuters and Huffpost and my comments and others were censored by the moderators for suggesting this was a hate crime.

    • Joe Padilla

      It says “shocking brutality”.

      I am not shocked is anyone else shocked?

    • Phil

      I remember when that happened. Made me sick to my stomach!

    • asfx

      I remember that also…

    • dpscll

      For your infomration, the hate crime laws only apply to whites. After all, it was yo white legislators who wrote the law and passed the legislation to protect Blacks and Hispanics. So if you want to get mad about it, contact yo white legislator fool.

      • Scoot

        I have to agree. I contacted all my legislators ( all white) when these laws were being considered and predicted this outcome and they all rebuffed my comments as racist.

      • Keefer Beefer

        You sound ignorant enough to actually believe what you wrote.

        Am I right or am I right?

        • Monkey Trainer

          Because IT’S a nnnnnnnnnne……………gro. Wait let me translate for the Monkey. “BECUZ IZ AH NIG………A. You feeling my brada.

        • Craig Brockman

          Former Mayor Koch put it best – “When a black person takes money from a white person, it’s a robbery, when a white person takes money from a black person, it’s called a hate crime.”

    • lib hater

      Black people are the “special” class. the race card removes all accountability and the AG will make sure their right to rape, murder and assault are protected.

    • Debbie Paesano

      I do agree, however regardless of race, the bottom line is that no one has the right to hit or put their hand on another person. The 2nd man that joined in was obviously with the original instigator, b/c I doubt a stranger would have became involved.It’s disgraceful that people just think it’s okay to start hitting someone b/c they may not like what that person may have said to them. The victim pushed him away b/c the suspect was in his face. They all need to spend some time in prison and not released until they have completed a course in Anger Management. I hope the victim is okay, & didn’t suffer any major injuries

      • Debbie Paesano

        I reread the article and realized that 2 men joined in , not 1. That poor young man.

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    Not enough law-abiding citizens packing heat.

    Deterrence deters.

    We must Goetz these thugs.

    • Ron

      I agree. An armed society is a polite society.

    • Kris

      I hope you meant Bernhard Goetz and not Leo Goetz! :-D

  • Silent Majority

    Can you imagine the outcry had this been 3 whites beating an “African American”. It would be on every news program, comments would be sought from Sharpton, Jesse, Holder, etc. The liberals who run the news media in NY will never run with this story for fear of exposing the truth of the behavior of too many afro-americans. Consider how many of these people are already in jail and we see this happening all over the country. White people are considered prey to these animals who wear no shirts on the subway. You beeter wake up white people……the Cosby show and Obama are not reality.

    • F. Nietzsche

      It’s not liberals who run the media, it’s jews and their useful idiots. The same jews who want open borders and multiculturalism for the US and Europe, but ethnonationalism, racist immigration and marriage laws for israel.

    • JoeSchmoe

      Let’s find out?!?!

    • Robert Brock

      I used to Live in Oakland, CA when I was 25, 6ft and 200 pounds.
      The “animals” that live there usually stayed clear of me because I was young and strong and dangerous to them. But I saw planty of this kind of crap on the bus and the streets, so I always stayed clear of Blacks and carried an equaliser in my pocket and had a 357 magnum at home…and I had to use it more than once!
      You wait for the cops and they clean up the mess they make of YOU!

    • reformer

      Savages… they only understand nooses and chains… hang em high for all to see…

    • CW

      Maybe we should just start beating them down…eff the publicity.

      It’s like terrorists-the only thing they understand is violence-let’s accomodate them.

    • blueenigma

      “Outcry”?!! A completely null concept once you realize that whites assaulting blacks=6 months community service while blacks assaulting white=20 years in prison. The great equalizer is the criminal justice system. Outcry means nothing when ultimately punitive measures are exponentially greater for blacks than whites, all things being equal. While transgressions against blacks might elicit public outcry, real and tangible justice is overwhelmingly reserved for whites.

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    What color are the perps?

    Who are their employers?

    What were their major fields of study?

    Last three years’ of tax returns, please…

    American sowed the wind (electing Obama) and now reaps the whirlwind (blacks moving from black on black to black on white hate crimes).

    • AK-47

      Carrying a concealed weapon would have solve this problem.

      • Paul

        correct answer! I carry a .40cal glock and I wouldn’t hesitate to unload 15 rounds into one of these animals.

      • D

        That is exactly what I was thinking. My 38 special would have put an end to that business asap

        • hicks on hicks

          You’re guaranteed a jail sentence in NYC if you carry a firearm, let alone use one.

          • Jeff Campbell

            You know, I know longer care if it’s illegal to carry or if I even go to Jail, It’s not going to stop me, because the way I look at it, it’s better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6.

            • Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey

              Or raped by King Kong and Mighty Joe Young

            • ma67

              Well said.

            • David

              I’m there myself. Goetz only got 6 months and is alive. Laws here arent as bad as NY but you can’t carry loaded.Oh well I’ll take my chances. I’d rather they be dead than me. I’m sick of seeing these videos and nothing being done about it. These idiots somehow feel more brazen with a black man in the whitehouse. If he is voted out its going to be Mayhem…

            • BOHICA

              Insist on a jury trial. Better yet, move the hell out of NY.

          • LMJ313

            But at least you’d be alive, and good luck convicting someone when their is video of them being victimized. Even the most effeminate of jurists would vote to acquit.

          • Lil Brick

            You appear to side with the perpetrators. Is that a fact?

    • bob

      Who are their employers? now that’s funny.

      • Boober

        We all know that the tax payers are the “employers” of these types, payed to do nothing but breed and destroy.

        • southernmarine25

          perfectly said…

    • dooki


  • Uh-huh

    Sure you will, internet tuff guy, sure you will.

    • Weasler

      Fcuk YOU.

      • Ginger Spice

        If this guy had a gun and used it in self defense, he would have had to spend some time.

        • Weasler

          It would have been WORTH it.

          I HATE these crime-filled ape-like humans.

        • stinkfoot

          then it would have been a hate crime. the “community” would join hands in how these fine young men were all honor students, the video never would have been posted. and a flock of people would have been ready to riot. all knowing that the loudest wheel gets the oil. which never fails to be true. and they win again.

    • zombierocket

      Some internet tough guys ARE tough guys. Don’t always assume they are not these days.

    • Steve

      The race wars are coming.

      • Paul

        yep. I’m ready.

      • Zoid

        doubt it. This video is clear and the individual(s) will be identifiable – as often are in these stupid public attacks. The perps, again, will be prosecuted with a positive id given by the victim and all will be well with the races.

        • John Smith

          Yeah, we all remember how horrified black people were when OJ got off. It’s taken them years to recover from their grief.

        • Weasler

          All will be well with the races????

          And what drugs are YOU taking?

        • mac

          And if practiced and ready this whole thing could have ended at 2:05am with all three perps id’d (while lying on the floor of the train)!

  • fed_up


    • ThankYouObama


  • theguy

    stupid moon crickets

  • Anon

    Notice the media refuses to call it for what it is. A hate crime.

    If things continue like this there won’t be a white race in 2050.

    • Weasler

      I agree. Whites need to shed their guilt, and return to
      the Jim Crow laws. There’s just no other way.

      • Robert Brock

        Totally agree. Southerners knew how to keep them in their place…because they had to! Look at what a mess the Libs made by turning them loss on our Society!
        For every Michel Jackson or George Foremen they produce…we get 50 like these animals.

        • Ducks Corallo

          Strangers that messed around inside Italian neighborhoods left in either ambulances or body bags.

    • Not This Guy

      your kidding right? Do you not know what happens when white people get angry and fight. This poor kid simply didn’t know how to defend himself. It’s fight or flight, not sit and take it. The three pukes that bet him were wide open for nut shots and eyes ears throat colar bone ect. FIGHT BACK !

  • bob

    I have yet to see an american actually fight well in any street fight. My disabled aunty could of taken these punks down but then again we’re britsh so we don’t have the back up of a gun just our fists and our brains.

    • bob

      Thanks for pointing that out, ameritard.

      • Weasler

        Unfortunately, you NEEDED to have that pointed
        out to you, IDIOT.

        No go back to your socialized medicine waiting line.

        • bob

          Born of felch, are we?

          • britplease

            Brits fight back? REally? Is that why you can’t opt out at heathrow from the porn scanners? Or is that why councils spy on your thrash every day? or is that why african refugees keep on raping the citizens and the court system they can’t be sent back because it would be violating their human rights? yea, brits fight back allright!

            • proudtexan

              A picture is worth a thousand words and this one tells you all you need to know about white Brits


              • Beats the blackies

                Well then the ONLY GOOD MONKEY IS A DEAD MONKEY. PERIOD!!

              • bob

                LOL your referencing the dailymail i might as well reference the Simpsons it rate america .

          • proudtexan

            bob, I deduce from your butthurt that you are the man in the picture. Since you don’t like the last one, here’s another picture of you being forced to take off your pants. This one doesn’t blur your face though.


            Now your humiliation is as legendary as the stupidity you display in this thread.

          • Massimo Deportado

            An inbred limey says what?

            Bob is probably in a dress wearing smeared lipstick.

            And that’s how I imagine EVERY brit in my minds eye: cross-dressed, sick, perverted and soon their country will be renamed Englandistan.

            Now tell us all how you limeys kick butt, eh Bobbie Knob?

          • ma67

            Bob, you have a big mouth. One day, you will be put in your place. P.S. F the Queen!

    • Lou Bator

      I wouldn’t be too sure about that, bloke breath. I spent 2 years in the UK with the USAF in the late 70’s, and your boys were quite tough if you outnumbered us Yanks. But, if there were 2 or more of us ready to fight, your bad-teeth boys went scurrying like little kittens. That said, the real issue here is nig’gers, the problems they pose, and the necessity of eliminating them. The nigers, that is. Kill ’em or send ’em back to their continent so they can kill each other, saving us our bullets.

      • Japes Macfarland

        Racism is evil, and besides, you’re completely wrong. Hate the Left. If you were told from the day you were born that you were a born victim , and that everyone around owes you, rather than you owing something to your country, you’d be messed up to. The Left has done this; they just won’t admit it.

    • zombierocket

      I dunno Bob…when I was in the service stationed in your country… some of our smallest guys never started a fight but always finished it by beating the locals, who attacked them, to a pulp. We thought it was interesting how no matter how physically large the locals were, they were, well, weaklings. Just sayin’. So it goes both ways. I have yet to see a non-American fight well anywhere, aside from martial arts experts.

    • Paladin

      Well, Bob, as someone else has already pointed out, given how effete the UK has become, I wouldn’t brag. Don’t misunderstand me, Western civilization in general is in big trouble. But the fact is that (and we’re getting there, too) you have a nanny state that oppresses you, and the Brits sit back and take it. You have people arrested for defending themselves. You have Muslims agitating for preferential treatment and the destruction of your native culture, and if citizens speak out against them, they can be charged with “hate speech” crimes. And then you have your young hooligans (I can’t remember at the moment what you call them), who intimidate most Brits.

      Anyway, as I said, all of our Western nations are in big trouble. So let’s save the patriotic chest-pounding for when there’s something to be patriotic about.

    • John Moses Browning

      You’d be speaking German right now if the Americans didn’t come over the Atlantic to save your arses from Hitler. And don’t talk about Americans reliance on the 2nd Amendment as if it’s an insult. You freedom loving Brits allowed your guns to be taken away and now you can’t even defend yourselves. Rioters destroy entire cities because people are unable to protect their private property. Fists and brains can take you only so far.

      • Jeff Campbell

        Actually I don’t think they would be speaking German, they would be speaking Russian and have Lenin statues all over, because to be honest, Russia would have run the Germans out of Europe and they would have a giant empire that would include the UK.

    • starvinMarvin

      yeah Your shariiah (sp?) law in gay ol England takes care of all this kind of trouble for you already now, right?

    • Paul Revere

      yeah, right, don’t come here then when your island is under islamic control within the next two generations. If that’s what you call “using your brains” I’d hate to see what you call stupid.

    • Upyours

      Yeah, you guys did a great job against Hitler. You’re welcome.

    • bob

      lol always an excuse for you yanks, o there where three of them oooo they where black ooo i forgot my gun. You lot need to stop complaining toughen up and stop being scared of someone just becuase of there colour , its pathetic !

      Although i do get why your so scared of getting hurt , i mean if i my country had the worst health care in the western world i might think twice lol

      Also what was that little bit of infomation US servicemen /and women are told when dealing with the british – don’t try and out drink them you’ll lose , don’t try and fight them you’ll lose ! and don’t gamble with them you’ll lose .

      • TheNword

        er…Bob…. You have it wrong! We were told to be nice to you when having tea, be cordial when punching out a brits lights and the best was bring a puke bucket if drinking with a brit. They always puke. True story here Bob. I served side by side with the troops from the UK, These blokes were cry babies, started fights and always lost, had to look for three brits when they had too much to drink. I found them in an alley all huddled together. Go figure huh Bob?

      • Blah

        Yeah, you Brits are so BAD@SS you couldn’t even handle a group of outlaws that stole a continent from you. It wasn’t like someone drank your pint at the bar, we stoled countless resource from you. How’s the $10 a gallon gas treating you.

        Weird, “worst health care in the wester world”? Please explain why people come here to be treated and to study.

        Go back to watching the Tele and enjoying your football or is it soccer. By the way, a good way to settle this is to have our best football team take on your best football team in a fight. Manchester United vs. Green Bay Packers. I’d pay to see that.

      • Jeff Campbell

        Bob, I’m not going to insult you because your a Brit and the truth is I like Brits and had many drinks with them when I was in the Military, but the truth is even if that kid really tried to fight back and he would have hurt those Black guys, he would be the one that goes to jail. I don’t know how it is in your country these days because I have not been there since 1991, but in NYC, you hit or do anything to defend yourself against a Black person or a Muslim, it will turned around and made the victim’s fault and he will go to prison over it, than after he gets out of prison, he will be sued for every dime he ever makes for the rest of his life to the families of these thugs.

      • Jim Harrington Sr

        bob- Actually, my recollection of history found the British man complaining the GI is “over paid, over sexed and over here”. Once us yanks were around, all you could do was sit in the corner and watch us boinking your sisters, girlfriends and mothers!
        However, when it comes to bad teeth, buddy you win hands down!

    • anti-bob

      Hey bob! Take care of your muslim problem, then we can talk.

    • Charlie

      Funny, as we Americans kicked your asses in 2 separate wars, then saved your asses in 2 other wars, all involving street to street, house to house, and hand to hand fighting!

    • Frank

      And you might have a full set of teeth between the both of you.

    • Little Bill

      Hey everybody, it’s English Bob! We all know what happened when he spouted that crap in Big Whiskey.

  • John F

    Judge a man not by the color of his skin……but by the width of his nose!!! JFK

  • Limey

    As they say in the UK….f*ckin spades

  • McGruff

    Release the Subway Vigilante !

    Bernhard Goetz had the right idea.

    They all deserve a bullet.

    • Aurelio

      BG should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • sean patriot

    Hey LIBERALS, see what happens when you show your weakness to these animals. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. YOU WERE WARNED

    • luckydog

      Correct. These savage beasts are the liberal spawn.

  • Shawtay Shawtell Jones

    We teachin da cracker how we roll yaall lllllllll

    • Gremlin

      If those apes tried that with me they’d all be lying on the ground holding their guts in while I calmly exited the train!

    • JByrd42

      That’s why it takes three spooks to beat one man. Real tough guys. And did you see the other people on the train just walk away? Maybe next time, it will be them. When is the media going to call this for what it is? Where’s Sharpton and Jackson? Maybe Obama can have another beer summit?

    • Killchimps

      What language is that, asshole?

      • Weasler

        Dat be black talk.

    • Upyours

      Always ganging up on one person. No class, no sense of fairness and no balls. Not one of you.

    • Diesel

      Do your rolling in a dojo or boxing gym with people your own size, sex and skill.

  • Clint Eastwood

    I am native of Queens and received the same government school and media everyone else did when I was there. Now in thankfully Florida and other red states we can carry handguns to defend ourselves. Maybe if you Democrat New Yorkers would get your heads out of your butts this violence would stop.

  • dbomb12

    WOW i am sooo glad I moved out of N.Y 15 years ago that state is in for big trouble.

  • sean patriot

    Time to start shooting these animals when they chimp out like this.

    • Jamal

      This is just TNB as displayed by the savage apes that walk upright among HUMANS! You liberals created this mess so you have it coming! Ship the savages back to the jungle and we will all be happier! Blacks will never be domesticated or civilized to the point of living along side HUMANS! Just a failed ape sub-species.

  • Joe Rodriguez

    Queens bound L train? Really when does the L train travel through Queens? This video was on worldstarhiphop.com last week, CBS local is a week behind the internet.

    • Traveler

      L travels in the Southern part of Queens.

  • Ronald

    These monkeys gone wild videos are so common place that the real interesting thing about the video is the questionable marketing.
    The Westinghouse Christmas commercial is nice and does put one in the mood for shopping this season ( Provided they aren’t riding the NYC subways to get to the stores )

    However, I think Winchester, Ruger and Smith & Wesson should start marketing their products on these daily monkeys gone wild videos.
    ( Either that or travel agencies specializing in permanent vacations to Liberia………… )


  • Lincoln Stern

    When you project weakness, you invite aggression. When you put youself in a potentially dangerous situation, you better be ready to deter an attack, or get your ass kicked (or worse)

    Get a clue Rizzolo. Use your head or risk the consequences.

    • Weasler

      What is your point? That this guy DESERVED it? I’ll remember
      your words the next time a group of whites decide to attack
      a loan nigger.

      • Huh

        What does this have to do with black bankers?

        • Weasler

          Excuse me – LONE nigger.

          Sorry for the error.

  • Alan Kay

    Mixing monkeys with humans is ALWAYS dangerous.

  • Jon

    Bringing these savages here from Africa was a really stupid idea.

    • sean patriot

      well blame the British,t hey were the ones that did it

  • porchhound

    Since Obama came into power I have seen more and more statements that are racially charged. It ISN’T the commenters who are to blame for their observations, it is the welfare system and the judicial system. These people have developed a multi-generational attitude they have a RIGHT to be treated preferentially and the government had BETTER send them their checks…the judicial system is more worried about the rights of criminals than the victims they prey upon….TIME FOR CHANGE before it gets really bloody!

  • Frank Pattison

    Again, where are all the racism mongers at? Jessie, Al where you is? ABC, NBC, CBS? Not good enough? If these were three white guys on a black guy it would be all over the news.

    • Gremlin

      You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey!

    • Callitlikeitis

      My thoughts also. Where are they jumping in to bring these thugs to justice.
      Reverse racist they are

  • arnoldripkin

    Headed to NYC next month. Don’t have a permit but will be packin’.

    • Smitty77

      No wonder Americans have to carry guns!

    • chech

      exactly, I don’t care what the law is, when I’m in chicago I pack heat, bottom line

  • Magorright

    Minnesota is a Right to Carry State we don’t have that problem here . Maybe you New Yorkers should vote yourself some gun rights.

  • RacerX

    Bernard Goetz… Are you watching this?

  • jb

    It’s hard to tell if the victim is white, hispanic,or Asian… but the bushy brown hair seems to eliminate the 3rd. Why should anybody be shocked by this? They IS who they IS!! Who BE their daddy?

  • Lincoln Stern

    Notwithstanding the savage beating at the hands of this human trash, WTF was the victime doing on the subway at 2:00 a.m. by himself and all alone? This guy was a victim because he practically bedded for it by having zero common sense and awareness for hjs own safety. Just sayin. . . . .

    • Rizzan

      You are an absolute idiot. Why can’t this person ride a train alone at 2am? Are you even from NYC? 2am here is nothing. Maybe he was just getting off work from a restaurant after a dinner shift. Get a clue about what you’re talking about before you speak.

      • Autumn Chaser

        Right on! My thoughts too

    • Stormzeye

      Maybe he was coming home from work you idiot. All whites are potential victims when confronted by more than one African male.

    • Malaria99

      Blacks are just evil. A plague on our country.

      • Gremlin

        Blacks are cowards who are only brave in gangs!

        • Upyours


        • Laughin out Loud

          Gremlin I’m Black… & a Woman,living in Los Angeles,Ca, & working in public transportation. You have been misinformed..There is nothing cowardly about Blacks,( you saw the video all could have been avoided had the victim not put his hand in that guys face especially since he’s out-numbered) I’m not saying the thugs are right…But neither is your comment..

          • U Ghetto Monkey

            Says the Monkey smoke weed

      • Laughin out Loud

        Are you sure about that comment??? Your name sounds like a plague,or serious V.D. Anyway, I could say the same about other races,Lately, alot of white children are missing, or killed by their white parents,I’m reading reports of child rape at affluent colleges,by white coaches……Today i’m just going to address the “race” who feels superior than any other…Shall I keep talking about who or what race is the “Plague” or are you starting to smell yourself????

        • U Ghetto U Sux

          Alot of Mexican, Ecuadorians, asians, etc are always jumped by Blacks in New York. Because Blacks are more racist than anyone. Black tribes sold other black tribe members to the Europians for slaves. READ A BOOK instead of smoking it.

          • Laughin out Loud

            SMOKE ON THAT…LOL

          • Laughin out Loud

            Blacks have a right to be racist,After being sold ,beat, raped, & degraded, By every race on the planet,”JEALOUS of our BEAUTIFUL skin color”, Our guards should come down, because those same people,says their sorry (which you are) “you can trust us”…LOL I know my history, “leper boy “and I also know yours; I know that the majority of you tried to kill us off then an you want to now. Not gonna happen and we let it be known by continuing to whip that ass of whoever and whenever we feel necessary.F uck what you think!!!! LOL…

    • JByrd42

      Are you kidding me? You shouldn’t ride the subway at 2am because the subhumans are out and about. Here’s an idea. Let’s all ride the subway at 2am and pack a little heat. The cops will not protect you, so it’s time to protect ourselves. I have no problem taking these wastes of space out. It will save us all a ton of money.

    • mac

      Here is a hint. If there are any brave NY’s who have the stomach for some giveback, then get some buddies together (but spread out), get on the train at 2am or so and wait for thems to begin the trouble. Then about 20 of you surround them pos’s, pull out your weapons and let them all have it. Then calmly turn and walk out at the next station. What afantasy.

    • Idiota

      Moron… go back to whatever midwestern suburb you live in. You are surprised that a man is on the subway alone at 2am… LOL! Let me guess, you go to bed at 9:30pm every night falling asleep to a taped copy of last night’s Jay Leno?

    • BOHICA

      JUST SAYIN … This man has a right to travel and move about secure from assault. He also has a right to defend himself. You New Yorkers removeded his right to defend himself. That means he lost the right to be secure from assault. Those who still live in New York or California or DC deserve the conditions they live under. After all, they let it happen. So, if you live there, you gotta ask yourself ‘hows all those gun control laws workin out for ya?’

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato —- http://911essentials.com

    • jslab129

      Plato never rode the subway!

  • randalusa

    Another instance of violent racist blacks on the attack for the liars at ABC, NBC and CBS (national network) to ignore while spending their days looking for dirt on Republican candidates.

  • h44

    Of course NO WHERE in the story does it mention that 2 Black guys are beating a white guy.

    The reporter doesn’t even mention race as if it’s somehow irrelevant. I can’t wait for the shoe to be on the other foot.

    • snankticaoo

      It doesn’t have to. The headline says it all. Why waste ink/pixrels on redundant information?

  • you been busted

    They will be easy to find because person doing video is with them so once they track her down on you tube case closed jail time.

  • snankticaoo

    It’s time we had a Bernie Goetz moment. The state is failing in its duty to protect.
    The public will overwhelmingly support anyone who defends themselves.
    The public will overwhelmingly reject anyone who defends the criminals.
    Now is the time. These predators are a danger. Fell free to open fire. It’s okay. We will support you.

    • mac

      Unfortunately “the public” is comprised of a high number of thems and according to this link thems pretty much always vote along ‘color’ lines not reasonableness or logic or truth!
      So even that will probably be a loosing battle!

  • duane

    We used to hear, “Two on one is n****r’s fun” so maybe we were right after all.

  • Jack

    Why do people not fight back? It amazes me to see grown men huddles up! None of these monkeys were throwing solid shots. My 14 yo hits harder than any of these hood rats.

    • Matt

      Amen Jack. I’m a normal sized guy, but between my time in the military and an uncle that taught me how to throw a punch, I can hold my own. I was jumped by two hood rats in a parking lot 5 years back. The one I popped in the throat dropped like a sack of crap and his buddy ran off after he got a bloody lip. He did get me a bit though. Couple of nasty tooth marks on my knuckles. I don’t understand how people assume huddling up is a good option. You’re just making it easy for them

    • sean patriot

      Some people do fight back, but Holder and his gang of racist assclowns make sure they go off to jail somewhere

  • Crosscut

    Twenty percent of black Americans are hard working family people who live in abject fear of the other eighty percent. Blacks, like Muslims and the Democrat Party, are on a path to self destruction. In the meantime stay alert and support conceal carry.

    • Americanmix

      Agree. It is a shame for the black folk who are trying to rise above the rest–the ones holding down jobs and trying to raise quality families. The only hope the black community has is to become extremely vocal and visible regarding this violence. We are not seeing it.

      Where is Obama, our great healer? Where are the good outspoken blacks? We don’t hear you or see you!

  • tired170

    Black guys. What a surprise.

    Welcome to Obama’s America

    • Michael H.

      Crime on the subway has been going on for a lot longer than the last three years.

  • J Alan

    Hmmm…what is “common” about all these vicious beatings of helpless People? hmmm?

  • Mike

    Obama!, Obama!, Obama!,

  • matt

    another ‘prank’.
    somebody call eric ‘my people’ holder.

  • Randy

    I’m waiting for the Concealed weapon reciprical law to be pass, then I’ll ride the trains, hoping some monkey makes a move, It’ll be like bernie Getz,

    • DMC

      Right on!

    • snankticaoo

      Why wait? The state has failed in its duty to protect you, so I say screw it, open fire.

      The public will support you.

    • Diane Ryan

      I hear you Randy but the cities are long lost. Give these thugs the cities. America still exists. Move to the Mountain States and watch the cities destroy themselves. These dimwit thugs will be stealing TVs while the grid goes down and the last loaf of bread is taken off the shelves.

  • AbeLincoln Shouldabeenshot

    Knee grows and TNB…Diversityiscrap dot com

  • Scoot

    Another hate crime committed against a white person by a group of black thugs. When are we going to see some honest reporting by the media.

    • Weasler

      NEVER, my friend! Don’t EVER expect the LIEberals to be fair.
      You are wasting your time if you do.

  • anon

    Stupid naggers.

  • Robert

    That what you get for being white in New York City. All them Jews are cheering for the blacks.

    • kj

      what jews? Good luck trying to find jews supporting this type of action…also, I think the victim looks mexican..all of you “realists” still so vocal?

      • caligula

        You say: “i ‘think’ the victim looks mexican (sic).” Then you have the gall to smugly call others “realists” when you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Shows your IQ. Keep it up nitwit.

  • That Guy Bob

    You must still be partying from last night, yo, cause’ I knows you ain’t up at 8am by your own right. They have computers in prison, now that explains it…

  • Noper

    Queens bound L Train? The L Train goes from Canarsie Brooklyn to 14th Street, Manhattan. L Train does not go to Queens.

    • Ed

      Beat me to it. Technically, part of one of the platforms at the Halsey station is in Queens, but um. CBS Local must not be that local.

      • Weasler

        Gee, how significant.

        I guess that means niggers are not violent after all, huh?

        • Laughin out Loud

          Weasle, you are worse than these thugs,who committed there crimes,these guys actually done their stupid deeds on camera,in person,You… on the other hand are sitting behind keyboards,in seclusion, trying to “stroke” up a race war! Stop it! find something constructive and not destructive to do…..

  • Laughin out Loud

    Kids” today”,It’s so sad to see! What happened to his shirt? Is this a new trend? must your clothes,start to come off ,when in an argument? Anyway, I hope the guy is ok. and the “Bare-naked Thugs”,held accountable…



    • Kalik K Crick

      I love your comment….These savages should be put away.

      • My38Party

        Amen brother! (not brutha) A few Bernie Goetz style responses to these pack attacks and the bunnies will think twice. Assuming they think at all. Either way, less bunnies.

    • Marcus Jackson

      Right on… Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six

    • Vicky Bevis

      Hubby, age 68, just got his CCW permit last yr. & as the instructor told him, “If you don’t carry it at all times, what’s the point of getting a CCW?” Many States have reciprocity if you get one in a State that allows it. We WILL be “carrying” next month when we go to our son’s in S.C. And our other son’s in Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving.

      Anarchy is coming, faster each day. Our country is doomed unless we can get our serious problems sorted out & soon!

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