Coleman: The Mets Turn 50

By Ed Coleman
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The Mets unveiled their plans for their 50th Anniversary season on Wednesday at CitiField, reaching back into their storied past while their present still very much remains a work in progress.

The team presented – a commemorative 50th Anniversary logo which will be affixed to the left sleeve of players’ jerseys as well as onto the back of blue game caps – redesigned uniforms modeled by David Wright, Ike Davis and Lucas Duda – an announcement that the sorely missed Banner Day will make a triumphant return – and the launching of, a web site that will serve as a hub for all Mets 50th anniversary news and notes.

Wright, as usual, said all the right things and put the event in its proper perspective.

He’s been spending most of his off-season time in his native Virginia, but he’s obviously heard the rumors concerning his possible eventual departure from the Mets, and said it doesn’t affect him.

Wright totally understands the Mets exploring the market to gauge his worth and what he might bring them in return.

And Wright has also had plenty of time to assess how he feels about the possibility of Jose Reyes not being to his left this season.

First baseman Davis also chimed in on Reyes possibly being elsewhere.

Last year, after a great start, Davis had his season cut way too short with a foot injury that just never seemed to heal. But he avoided surgery, went through rehab, and couldn’t have been more positive about his condition.

The fences are coming in and down at CitiField – work has already begun on that project – and Ike was one Met who really never had a problem solving the old dimensions. But he’s all in favor of shortening the distances.

Lefty hitters had problems hitting the seats in left and left-center, and Davis feels the distance being reduced in left-center in particular is really the key.

And bringing the fences down to a uniform 8 feet all around might be the biggest difference to all hitters.

Duda is another guy with tremendous power, but not strictly a pull hitter, he moved the ball around to all fields. So how does he feel about the fences being closer?

More importantly, pitchers will be making adjustments on Duda this coming season so – is he up to it?

During the presentation, Mets Vice-President David Howard mentioned that no Met will wear the # 50 (sorry Sid Fernandez and Benny Agbayani) during the 50th Anniversary season. Maybe the more pertinent question is will any Met be wearing the # 7 in 2012.

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Eddie C.


One Comment

  1. julian E. says:

    Bernie fine…hope you guys trash this dirtbag in the morning! …unbelievable. Now I wonder how many other universities are or have done these sick acts…

  2. flea says:

    Exactly what the Mets need. Another uniform……What a circus.

  3. CATMAN says:

    Eddie C.- you gotta be kidding: “Banner Day”sorely missed//triumphant return by whom,10 year olds? What we Mets fans sorely miss is a WINNING team!.Who wants to carry a banner for a last place team-“LET’S GO METS”!(bring back Casey Stengel too!). GIMMICKS &PROMOTIONS,THE SIGN OF A TEAM TRYING TO COVER UP ITS GLARING WEAKNESSES.It’s so sad to see the Mets become a “Moneyball Mess”–operating like a small market team,even though they’re in the BIG market! DAMN Omar Minaya and the Wilpons!! Also,it’s time to “cut bait”with Bobby Parnell. I am sick of hearing about his ” potential “and his need for maturing and mentoring whether it be from Izzy,or Joe Nathan,or Brad Lidge,or whomever.This IS NOT some 1st year rookie! The guy does not have what it takes to succeed in NYC–100mph fastball or not .He needs a change of scenery;let him “find himself”some place else! Same holds true for Big(what a misnomer)Mike Pelfrey.Good riddance! Let him take his sorry,forlorn act out-of -town…and save $5 million. We need “FRESH FACES”–not the same cast of underachievers.Trade him! Oh,would it be that some team would be willing to accept Jason Bay in atrade,if the Mets were willing to pick up a portion of his salary.The will never redeem himself witth Mets’ fans;new location may serve him well. AND, Eddie,if you were right about the Mets possibly being willing to go up to 5 years(4+1) with a max.of between 8o-90 million $ for Reyes,then at least that would be a fair and reasonable offer for him and his agrent to ponder;hopefully,this is not just B.S.,AND THEY WOULD TENDER HIM SUCH A DEAL. Give us hope! – CATMAN.

    1. flea says:

      I love Ed, but i think covering these loser Met teams lately are making him balmy. Besides, you can’t have Banner Day without a doubleheader….LOL

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