Catholic Church Changes Translations To More Original Latin Text

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) – The Catholic Church initiated a new English translation of the Roman Missal on Sunday, bringing its ritual text used for celebrating Mass more closely in line with traditional Latin.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan says it’s one of the biggest changes in generations to the way English-speaking Catholics worship.

“It’s beautiful, it’s more poetic, more uplifting,” Dolan says. “It’s more to the definitive text, which is Latin.”

Many responses will have to be relearned, with the changes affecting the priest, more than the parishioners.

“When you tamper with the mass, you got problems, because everyone’s used to praying to it,” Dolan says.

The roots of the new translation go back to that epochal council held at the Vatican in the 1960s, which allowed Mass in languages other than Latin. An English-language missal was produced by 1973, but that was intended to be temporary while improvements were made.

In 2001, the Vatican office that oversees worship issued a directive requiring translation of the English missal that would be closer to the Latin rather than to more familiar vernacular speech. Numerous revisions and bishops’ meetings eventually produced agreement on the translation being used Sunday.

Parishes and dioceses around the country have spent months trying to prepare Catholics for the change. Descriptions of the new translation have been printed in weekly bulletins, seminars have been held and since Labor Day, many parishes have been gradually introducing the new translation piece by piece, starting with the parts of the liturgy that are sung.

Fr. James Martin describes the new translation as “a little more elevated.” For example, when the priest says, “the lord be with you,” instead of saying “and also with you,” the new response is “and with your spirit.”

The move has been somewhat controversial with some American bishops wanting to wait.

“They think the translation is not that good,” Grant Gallicho, of Commonweal Magazine, says. “They think it’s not speakable English.”

Meanwhile, some Catholics are unsure of the new text.

“I think they’re going back to something very conservative, and I find the language very stilted,” John Lee says.

Aside from clergy, the changes also will greatly affect music directors, who have had to compose all new settings to incorporate the new prayers.

What do you think of these changes for the Catholic Church? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. Jennifer says:

    Why isn’t Father addressing our spirit? We are only addressing his.

    1. J says:

      Is the Church doing an injustice to the people by not teaching the lost text?

  2. lieutenantdan says:

    I see the great possibility that the Catholic religion has been piked on lately by our liberal press and the liberal population that includes extremist feminists and gay rights activists. I believe perverse individuals exists in all religions but Catholics are on the liberal chopping block right now. Let us look into all religions for perverse individuals and child abusers and if we do we will find child abusers in all religions and both male and female.
    Good and evil exists in many ways and let us hope that good prevails.
    I think that it is a great idea that the Catholic mass is changing back toward traditions, someone has to keep society in check.
    In times of extreme stress let us remember the old saying –
    There are no atheists in foxholes.

  3. Will B. Dunne says:

    Jesus spoke HEBREW and GREEK, so there’s still a lot more translating to do!!

  4. David Blake says:

    What s the Latin translation for “child rape”, so everyone knows when it is ok to lie?

    1. ChurchRules says:

      Wrong!!! The nuns taught us in Catholic school that all Catholic priests were hand picked by God. Therefore, a Catholic priest–chosen by God before he was born–could never be a pedophile. A priest could never hurt anyone. If that were true (and it’s not, impossible), it could only mean the unthinkable: The religion is a farce and there is no God.

  5. Duffey's Tavern says:

    The former teenage Nazi Pope is trying really hard to make his mark felt.
    Anyway I am glad catholics think they are going to Heaven and also glad
    they came up with the approximate one billion dollars paid because of their
    pedophile priest’s abuse of kids .That is on the public record.

  6. Ed from Queens says:

    Folks, it is still the same Mass. This translation is more in line with the translations from the Latin that non-English speaking Catholics around the world have used for years. How do I know this? Granted, I don’t speak Latin but when you speak with Catholics who speak a language other than English they will agree the change makes sense.

    For the first time you are able to translate the mass from English into Polish and get a very accurate translation. Same if you go from English to French or English to Spanish.

    The new text may not be every day speak, it is language used for a Religious service. It will take some time to memorize the new text and as all good Catholics know, we can speak to God through his son Jesus Christ in any language we choose to. So let’s pray together, in Church, in the privacy of our homes or wherever we feel a need to pray. Let’s pray with contrite hearts.

  7. what a wonderful story... says:

    ….or maybe it’s just the great p.r. that we’ve all come to know from my good old catholic church.

  8. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. Danielson says:

      Mr Meyagi do you wax on or wax off

  9. JayR says:

    Why would a loving God spit and pee on other people’s faces? We must be compassionate and allow others to find God on their own. Wether you like it or not, God is found in different ways, not just in YOUR own way. Be assured of my prayers.

  10. magnolia says:

    Back in the 1970’s the Episcopal Church changed the wording of the Book of Common Prayer from “and also with thy spirit” to “and also with you.” It was supposed to be more “modern.” How many angels can dance on the head of a pint?

    1. Aunt Tootz Told Me So says:

      I think you mean, “…head of a pin?” No problem.

      1. GK says:

        I think there would be more danicng on the head of a pint…

        1. Aunt Tootz Told Me So says:

          MMMMMmmmmmmm… heh heh heh…. yeahhhhhh, I think you are correct, lolol. Thanks! 😉

  11. Jay Pee says:

    Know I know why martin Luther started a new religion

    1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

      Actually, he starte a new denomination called Lutheranism. A new religion would be non-Christian. I am a former very happy Lutheran.

      1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:


  12. Mayor Koch's Tomb Inc. says:

    All of this a great fairy tale,but whatever!
    Also it is true Latin was not spoken by the original writers
    that gave those who wrote the bible the subsequent stories
    centuries after the supposed events.
    The Church of Rome had a good thing making people
    have guilt and fear at birth,keeps most of them guilty and
    fearing as Humans for life.
    Be nice if Timmy Dolan could explain how he got 700 million dollars
    for ST.Vincent’s hospital and still rode it into poverty and closing.
    But who really investigates this “Holy” Church?

  13. DanTe says:

    So which from which Latin text did these charlatans translated “Bend Over Little Boy” from?

    1. Danielson says:

      The same translation that says your mama is a ho-bag

      1. DanTe says:

        And there speaks an angry pedophile who hates it when people questions his lord and savior (Jesux) who wears a dress, and the only women he “knows” was a ho (Mary Madeline). All the while surrounding himself with g a y little men (the Apostles). But what do one expect from dingbats who worships the misbegotten son of a sl ut (‘virgin’ Mary) who travels around with a boyfriend who won’t marry her (Joseph)/

        1. Danielson says:

          Will you marry me?

          1. Aunt Tootz Told Me So says:

            Good one!!! (Smiles)

  14. Will B. Dunne says:

    Considering that JESUS spoke Hebrew and Greek, there’s still a lot more translating to do!!

  15. Baba Looey says:

    Works for me!

    1. RICHARD H CLEARY says:

      IT IS ABOUT TIME THE CATHILIC CHURCH REYRUNS TI IT’S LATIN ROOTS. WITH LOOKING INTO THIS YEAR TO CME WE HOPE AND PRY THAT THE FALIURE OF THE 1962 VATICAN CONCIOUL ‘vatican 11 will its end and the church will regain sme good decent young straight men who hear a calling to to like for God And His Mother and we may begin a jerney back not to the past but two gaint leaps back and ne foward kicking vatican 11 like a can in the stree were it belongs sence it began agter the death of venaerable and most blessed POPE PIUS X11 THE GREAT SAINT OF THE 20TH ND 21ST VENTURIES. A TRUE MAN OF THE PEOPLE AND THE SAVIER OF 800,000 JEWS DURING THE WORLD WAR. THE END HAS BEGU A LONG TIME AGO FOR ROME AS IT IS AND A TIME FOR A CATHOLIA NEW SPRING IS HERE THE MORE THEY RETURN TO THE TRIDENTANT MASS OF THE CENTURY’S 2000 YEARS OF LATIN MASS AND THE RUBICS AND TRADITIONS ARE THE ONLY WAY ROME CAN SAVE ITSELF AS THE PEOPLE REJECT REJEVTED VATICAN 11 BY 78% AND THE NUNS,PRIEST AND BROTHERS AS WELL AS THE PEOPLE ALL EVEN I WALKED OUT.I WISH CARDINAL LAfABE WITH THE STILL GROWING SOCIETY OF PIOUS X WILL TAKE OVER THE VATICAN AND ARTCH BISHOP LA fee will be installed as the new elected Pope after the the darkness of this present post natxi and anti catholic chich Pope is no more. Good bless the strenth of man for with out us nothing could change, bring on the latin. who will teach the priest they do not know a word of it as the late John Paul soon to excomunacated for his anti-catholic views and changes to the church 500 years ago they would bern him at the stake , he said there has been no true catholic education tought even in catholic schools sence the early sixties again there vatican 11 distriyed the church the people will hold it up out way this time with changes we demand the traditional high Holy latin mass and the catholic life style that goes with it or what good is any of it,take the cross off your sleve and show place and remember there is highier being then christ himself who is but a foot stool for the glory and the power of GOD OUR FATHER AND OUR Lady who has held him up as high as she can. Take it alll back but be not the fool a little latin does not make a service a mass, many so called priest must be forced to resign in light of the sexual scandals sence second vaticion councial gathered in 1962 with the election of the devil and anti church Pope John 23rd he two will gace excomunacation even if JOHN PAUL PUT HIM IN PLASTIC AND DROVE HIM AROUND ROME IS IS STILL THE BIGEST BUB TO EVER BE ELECTED. a hopeful catholic not fooled buy a little latin, give it all back we died for it we lived buy it and we still fight for it. FATHER, FATHER WHY HAVE THOUGH ABANDONED ME SID JESUS AS HE HUNG ON THE CROSS NOW WE KNOW WHY HE RECEIVED NO RPLY. JOHN CHAPTER23 SAID WHY DO YOU ASK THIS OF ME AS I LEAVE YOU TO GO TO A BETTER PLACE THEN THIS AND A BETTER PERSON THEN”myself” qoute jesus the christ .rh cleary New York

      1. ClearyTheIdiot says:

        Take your meds. And learn how to spell.

      2. No Guilt Here says:

        Not only is your spelling atrocious but the grammar useage stinks to high heaven, but your theology is from the dark ages. Catch-uptime,father Abraham!
        Also, your computer is in need of a repair, as the caps lock is stuck and makes you sound like you are screaming!
        For the benefit of the rest of us… comment no more. Thank you!

  16. so sad says:

    I feel sorry for you who have nothing better to do than speak negatively about God.After all He loves each and everyone of you.You are just too foolish and hateful to realize it.

    1. OneMoreTime says:

      Basically we are addressing the idiocy of those who speak for God and have the nerve to ditort God’s message, or just aren’t listening and making up the rules as they go along. THAT… is not God’s fault!

  17. dr-ef says:

    Hi Everybody Come on Alloy wheels Scad.

  18. Celtaur says:

    I think it’s fascinatingly strange that the translation should be changed. Doesn’t that somewhat prove that the church authorities have likely adapted and changed teachings, including translations, according to their desires over the centuries? Doesn’t it also reveal that the church is actually a Roman construct? Why are the translations not referring to Hebrew instead? What does this have to tell us about how the churches teaches are far from their origins in the first place? And why do followers never seem to ask these types of questions, instead they follow along with the adaptations willingly without question?

    1. jayne says:

      To answer your question, we must look to the new testament where the faithful are often referred to (I suspect tongue in cheek by the pranksters who wrote it) as sheep.

    2. OneMoreTime says:

      Part of the answer is that people are simply too lazy to do the footwork of researching what they believe in. The other part is that it is much easier to let other people do their thinking for them. Now THAT’S the epitome of LAZY!

  19. jayne says:

    I could care less about the recitals of fools. I just wish Dolan and his ilk would stay out of the lives of people who actually think.

  20. OneMoreTime says:

    Colossal fool?? They’ve owned that corner of the religious world for ages. I think God has left the bathroom, not that God really needed one!

  21. Vernon Hell says:

    It takes a colossal fool to think that God is up there eagerly waiting to be spammed with robotic recitals of canned prayers. Those wishing their prayers to be heard should talk directly to God with original, sincere heartfelt requests.

    So play your antics with semantics games, vapid Vatican liturgical louts. God pees in your spiritual faces and will send you all to burn in eternal Hell.

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