Fundraiser To Benefit Long Island Boy With Rare Disorder

FREEPORT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A fundraiser will be held this coming weekend for a Long Island boy, who was born with a rare disorder and gone through quite the ordeal.

Bobby Nawrath was born with no cheek bones, no ears and a recessed lower jaw due to a condition known as Treacher-Collins syndrome. His father, James, says Bobby has had more than 15 surgeries despite the fact that he just turned 6 years old.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Speaks With Bobby’s Dad

“He’s going to need many, many more surgeries. So this helps offset the cost of going into Manhattan and paying for… surgical deductibles and paying for your room and board when you have to go into the city,” James Nawrath told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon in reference to the fundraiser.

It’s an uphill battle for the 1st grader, but his dad says he is a trooper. Each surgery is a long and rather painful procedure and one of his recent procedures was a jaw distraction.

“They actually break his jaw and install rods and pins into his jaw and we twist the pins every day to give separation to make the jaw bigger and to bring the bottom jaw out further, which in turn opens up his trachea and esophagus from being blocked by the recessed jaw,” James Nawrath said.

The fundraiser for Bobby will be held at EB Elliots in Freeport on Sunday, December 4 from 1 to 5 p.m. There will be dinner, dancing and raffles. Tickets are $20 at the door.

Those with questions or wanting to make a donation can contact Bill Murphy at 516-546-2196. Checks can be made payable to Bobby Nawrath SNT c/o Bill Murphy 92 Hampton Place, Freeport, NY 11520.

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One Comment

  1. AP says:

    What is the matter with all you NEGATIVE people ?!?!
    The little boy needs help & the donations would help !!!
    Did your Momma not teach you all IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY IT AT ALL !!!!
    God Bless you Bobby !!

  2. CB says:

    How cruel can someone be? Dont you think his parents will read this? Bobby is a strong and brave little boy with a tough road ahead of him.

    1. AP says:

      Bless ya CB !!!!


    My guess is this little boy will be fine eventually. With all of the advances in plastic surgeries and all he will be fine….I can’t imagine all of the mean things and looks that he must go through…Kids can be mean sometimes but just the looks and starring can do a number on you…But to have a grown person like the Bryan above make such a comment is beyond me….Grown up Bryan!

    1. AP says:

      AGREE !!!

  4. doc in NJ says:

    If your education went beyond 7th grade, you would realize it is YOUR neurologic deficiencies which have a MUCH greater propensity of widespread propagation.

    I’ll do your vasectomy for free. It would be a public service.

    1. DanTe says:

      Here’s wishing you getting all the “sympathies” you inflict on everyone else. Your daughter or son would hopefully marry members of the families containing this defect. Love to see your grandchildren carrying on your stupid name with this gene.

      And YOU know it’s a stupid name. Because you’re too ashamed to use it in comments. And have to post as different people to make believe people actually agree with you for once.

      1. Marisa Gil says:

        animo campeon mi hija Zaira tiene lo mismo y esta quedando preciosa.Un monton de besossss

        1. DanTe says:

          English you dumb sp/c. And you can’t even write sp/clish properly. Thanks for proving the genetic reject statement.

  5. Debbie Itzkowitz says:

    Thank you 1010 Wins for getting this message out there for Bobby. This is why we call this country UNITED States of America we need to unite and help those that are in need right here at home too. Thank you EB Elliots for having this fundraiser for Bobby. Also Thank you to Murphy Construction, and friends for getting involved to make a difference in this little boys life.

  6. Bryan says:

    you suck. go away. as if being in 1st grade isnt tough enough without this condition or creeps like you talking trash about it on the internet

  7. Joe Schmo says:


    Feel SO sorry for him.

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