U.S. Marshals: Arthur Morgan III, Father Of Slain NJ Toddler, Captured In San Diego

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The New Jersey father accused of murdering his 2-year-old daughter has been caught in San Diego, Calif., according to the U.S. Marshals.

Authorities said Arthur Morgan III was caught around 7:10 p.m Tuesday.  U.S. Marshals said they got a tip he was spotted on the 800 block of Euclid Avenue.  They did surveillance throughout the day Tuesday and authorities moved in to capture Morgan when he came out to the porch.

The Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office said that authorities will seek to have Morgan transferred to New Jersey to face his murder charge.  That is in addition to the Ocean County charges filed on Nov. 22 for second-degree endangering the welfare of a child and third-degree interference with custody.

arthur morgan ii captured U.S. Marshals: Arthur Morgan III, Father Of Slain NJ Toddler, Captured In San Diego

Arthur Morgan III captured in San Diego, California. (credit: U.S. Marshals)

Morgan had been on the run ever since little Tierra Morgan- Glover was found face-down, strapped in her car seat and partially submerged in a stream last week near Shark River Park in Wall Township. Three teenagers stumbled upon the girl’s body while they were walking home from school.

Earlier Tuesday, the FBI had issued a crime alert for Morgan’s arrest.  The FBI also had suspicions that Morgan may have fled the state and had ties to Texas and California, where he was eventually caught.

The cause of death was determined to be homicidal violence, including submersion in water. The FBI believes the girl and car seat were thrown from an overpass.

The toddler was buried on Monday.


One Comment

  1. john law says:

    Hey remember the Casey Anthony trial,some of yall turds already got this man convicted

  2. Doreen Palmer says:

    Let him serve his the rest of his natural life in general population….I am quite sure the inmates know how to make his days a living hell….how could you kill your own child?

  3. Stannley Whellington says:

    Unfortunately, there is no justice for this little girl because, nothing we are allowed to do will ballance the book for this evil deed. Executing him will be doing him a favor. I say let him live a long life in prison, and face the other inmates, that will treat him like the low life terd that he is. Prison inmates can be very mean, and unforgiving for this kind of criminal, and he will end up crying like a little bitch for his life, every day.

  4. thor's hammer says:

    congrats san diego pd. thank you for letting a little girl made an angel well before her time know that there is justice in the world. hey murderer, tick, tick, tick. like sands in the hourglass, so too are the days of your life. may misery and pain increase each day for the rest of your days. there should be a death penalty for the likes of you. pray that your taxpayer paid for lawyer gets you “protective custody.”

  5. DMC says:

    People like this sicken me. He deserves the death penallty. RIP little angel.

  6. yknipp says:

    Another good reason to reinstate the death penalty.

  7. Laflaca Chula says:

    i cant believe he will do such a thing to kill his own daughter somebody needs to send him to hell n catch that guy thats so wrong rest in peace little angel

  8. PG says:

    It’s incomprehensible how someone can be driven to do such a diabolical act against a child.

  9. brooklyn4ever says:

    Hopefully, he took the coward’s way out and did us all a favor and put a bullet between his eyes. Rest in peace little angel, you will have justice.

  10. Jojo says:

    This guy is just pure evil. He should be put down like a rabbid dog.

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