Violet Of ‘Hawk Cam’ In Danger Of Losing Her Leg

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The mother of a red-tailed hawk family featured on a popular New York City bird cam is suffering from a very serious injury.

The New York Times’ “Hawk Cam” has been capturing the life of the hawk family on a window ledge on the NYU campus since April.

But now the mother bird, named Violet, is in danger of losing her right leg. A wildlife specialist, Dr. Elizabeth Bunting, fears the hawk may not survive.

Violet was seen hobbling around her nest in May, shortly after her hatchling, Pip, emerged. But she had leg problems even before the hawk cam began rolling.

Violet had severe leg swelling, which was apparently caused by a metal wildlife band that was attached months earlier.

New video shows Violet’s right leg dangling uselessly. Her foot is gray and scaly from lack of blood flow.

Watch YouTube video taken of Violet in Washington Square Park below:

There also appears to be a broken bone protruding above the metal wildlife band on her shin.

No word if environmental officials plan to step in to help.

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  1. neener says:

    There have been 2 injuries to her leg- the band did not cause this! I have seen other videos and in them it looks like a splinter impaled her leg. If her leg was broken, it would just dangle- useless. She has been trying to use it when feeding (to shred her food), but it isn’t of help in it’s condition. As far as we know, she has still been able to catch prey(witnessed this weekend) and her mate,Bobby, has been caching ‘food’ around that she can get. A lot of people love this family, myself included. A certified, liscenced rehabber is working on getting permits to try and catch her and help, but it will be hard enough in WSP without more attention and more people being drawn there from media coverage of the situation. It might be that they will not be able to help her even if, by chance, she is caught. The foot as it is, is almost worthless, and a raptor needs their talons to catch and shred the prey. We were looking forward to 3 eggs this year, but, I fear that she will be unable to feed any that might be born. Vi in her already iffy health(possible infection), might not even survive the stress of being caught.
    The anti-banders, the rehabbers, and the experienced falconers and experts are all at odds again over this.
    I really wish that CBS will provide an IMPARTIAL story of this- if aired.

  2. BeDigit says:

    they should leave well enough alone- NOW they need to correct the problem they caused!

  3. Jimmy says:

    get her to a rehabilitation location – now.

    1. Carlene Meeker says:

      Violet needs immediate intervention. I live in NY and I’m not getting the feeling the raptor agencies are responding. Can’t they just cast a loose net over her, and capture her and get her to a vet asap. Why are they doing nothing? I’ve seen plenty of birds lose a leg or part of a leg, and they do just fine. She may have to live in a sanctuary, but I have been to those places also, and they’re wonderful. I’m stunned there is no plan yet published. By the time they make up their minds, Violet will be dead. VIOLET NEEDS HELP NOW. Monday December 03, 2011. SAVE VIOLET.

  4. SFede says:

    Agreed! Poor animals always suffer at the hand of man!

  5. Bert says:

    “environmental officials” should be forced to help. They are the morons who put the metal band on in the first place.

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