Babysitter Arrested After Going Missing With Manhattan Baby

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Following hours of tension for a little girl’s parents, a Manhattan babysitter was arrested and hit with multiple charges on Wednesday night.

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Police said that 46-year-old babysitter Beatrice Rios, of Queens, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child,  unlawful imprisonment and failure to exercise control of a minor after she allegedly disappeared with the 17-month-old on Wednesday morning.

The parents of young Annabelle Ceria had been desperately searching for her before she and Rios came home around 5:40 p.m  “in good condition,” according to police.

Melissa and Arthur Ceria are now breathing a sigh of relief with their daughter back in their arms.

“We want to thank the Police Department and we’d also like to thank the media for helping us spread the good news,” Melissa Ceria said.

Earlier, the couple described Rios as a “fantastic woman” who was “very loving, very caring” and said she was “very dedicated to our family.”

CBS 2 cameras were on the scene as Rios was led away by police for questioning.  Rios was taken away in police custody while covering her face and refusing to answer questions from reporters.

Rios and the little Annabelle were reported missing after having been last seen by the child’s parents at their Upper East Side residence, located at 105 E. 101 St., on Wednesday at around 9:30 a.m.

Melissa and Arthur Ceria said the two were headed for their weekly play date at 10 a.m., before the little girl’s parents got an alarming notification.

“I got a text message at 10:47 [a.m.] that they had not yet reached their play date, which was just 10 blocks south from here,” Melissa Ceria said.

“We just called each other and we gathered back and we tried to find as much information as possible,” Arthur Ceria added.

Family driver Barry Cintron was in the room when the toddler came home and said Rios acted as though nothing had happened.

“She was totally incoherent,” Cintron said.

Cintron said Rios claimed to be in Central Park on Wednesday.

“A guy and a man got next to her, took her jacket, the stroller, her purse and walked away,” he said, describing Rios’ alleged claims.

Investigators aren’t buying the story. Wednesday night, as Rios was being questioned, the girl in her care was taken by medics to the hospital to be checked out then returned home a short time later.

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One Comment

  1. m revere says:

    the sitter acted iressponsible i think she went to meet someone i dont buy her robbery story or lost on the train act i do hope the parents fire her for her actions and negligence she put them through hell

  2. baby says:

    i tell you what i think about this … she stupid woman she should take a cell phone from somone in the street and call to the child mom but she didnt do it … oh well that what hapend when the get spanish babysister there is alots of good babysister looking for work and this happend

  3. Indangerof says:

    She was doing her job which was to have the baby in her care. It was 540 not 10 or midnight when this lady came back.Just because she didnt make a playdate she’s arrested? Dont get me wrong the parents should have been notified if she was planning on going some place else but to be arrested and have your face all over television as a kidnapper. CMONSON!!! Also the hooplah is because they are white and because they have money! Thanks for the ranting time!!!

    1. violette says:

      I could not agree with you more Indangerof! I think communication could have been better between the nanny and the parents and there is “confusion/misunderstanding” about what really happened at this point. However, the baby is safe, thank goodness. The nanny had worked with this family for four years, She misses a playdate time, comes back with the baby (although later than expected) and is therefore arrested? What?!? I am not condoning her behavior, but arrested? If the child was non-white and/or from a poor family all of this action and coverage would not have happened. The attention is because the family is wealthy and white. Why don’t we start looking out for ALL children, no matter what color or class with this amount of energy!

  4. Letty says:

    She never was missing, the baby was in very good condition and how long is she working with the baby don’t be desesperatly.

  5. y says:

    If this was not a white baby with wealthy Parents it would never have made the news.

  6. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  7. Suzanne DeTurris says:

    People it’s the” incoherent” behavior of the nanny and the parents not being able to communicate with her for 7 hours that’s the issue. This is a 17month old baby and the parents have a right to be alarmed. WHat happened to this child for 7 hours? That is the question.

  8. Trish says:

    I don’t get it. She was away with the for 7 hours, back by 5:40pm, probably around the time the parents would have come home from work. She definitely needs to be fired, but did she really need to be arrested, is that really kidnapping? What makes this news?

  9. mike says:

    She probably started drinkn’ or smokn’ drugs or met up w her bf . . Who knows ..she was gone for 7 hours..

    1. Lili says:

      Please babysitters sometimes spent 12 hours or more not seven without report and they are not missing we have to see the responsibility

  10. j says:

    look nothing happen yes may be she should not go with the some where without telling the parent but they say she is good let it rest the baby is safe home both of them

    1. justice system says:

      completely agree


      I can’t believe how foolish you are. She could have been used at a satanic ritual or exposed to great harm. Let it rest? You’re nuts.

  11. Huh says:

    So what happened? Why did she go missing?

    1. Michael J. Toro says:

      There’s something about this story that just doesn’t add up.

  12. Roger says:

    Another Zany the Nanny?

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