Judge Upholds Suspensions Of Nine Suspended Wayne Hills Football Players

NEWARK, NJ (CBSNewYork/AP) –  A judge has upheld the suspensions of nine New Jersey high school football players who are seeking to play in a state championship game Saturday.

Attorneys for the players from Wayne Hills High School and the Wayne school district argued the case before Administrative Law Judge Ellen Bass in Newark Thursday. Bass upheld the suspensions and will forward her finding to the state’s education commissioner for a final decision.

It will be in the hands of the Commissioner to decide whether or not to allow the players to play in Saturday’s State Championship game. A decision was not  handed down by the Commissioner on Thursday.

A superior court judge had previously denied a motion to stay the suspensions.

The players were suspended based on accusations that they beat up two students from rival high school Wayne Valley following an October house party.

The football players, eight juveniles and one adult, are facing assault charges stemming from the fight.

Lawyers for the nine players say they are innocent until proven guilty and that barring them from this Saturday’s game will do irreparable harm.

“If these kids don’t play, everyone is going to know who they are and five months from now, a lot of these cases are going to be dismissed,” said attorney Ronald Ricci.

Attorneys for the players are demanding that the suspensions be lifted until after the charges are addressed.

Should the Wayne Hills players be allowed to play on Saturday? Let us know in our comments section…


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  1. nrichard says:

    Wayne Valley is NOT a rival school – it is a sister school within the same district.
    These players are thugs as trained by the thug of a coach. Beating someone inclusive of kicking the victims in the head while they were all ready down and unconscious, because the victims asked these thugs to leave the party on behalf of the homeowners, is sick – they are thugs that will offer nothing to society as long as they have parents who support and condone this behavior. Any responsible parent would have taken their kid off the team and punished them for acting in such a manner – but not these idiots, no, they run to the board, run to the courts, and whine – useless sacks the lot of them.
    Oh, and no, I am not from Wayne –

  2. Surfin Bird says:

    These students once again should not be allowed to play.

  3. electronica says:

    Maybe if the parents raised them with the right morals, they wouldn’t be having to deal with this issue. The fact that they run and whine to the courts instead of using this as a learning tool for their ethically challenged kids is the root of the problem.

  4. Love NYC says:

    As I suggested before, since these guys like to fight — send them to Rikers Island and let them play a good game with the inmates. Parents can watch a heck of a game. Irreparable harm? And how did the guys they beat up make out?

    1. Aunt Tootz Told Me So says:

      Thank you!

  5. Aunt Tootz Told Me says:

    Interesting… all the other 30+ comments have been removed. Are the touchy parents of the “9” getting testy? It reallywasn’t going in their favor.

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