Liguori: Right On About Tim Tebow!

By Ann Liguori
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In April 2010, I wrote the following column on Tim Tebow:           

Tebow Will Give Denver Mile High Effort

I can’t wait for Tim Tebow to show the skeptics what he can do in the NFL. All Denver has to do is give him a chance. “They’re going to get my heart and soul and everything that comes with me,” said Tebow, after the Broncos picked him 25th overall. And that is exactly the kind of franchise player any team should hope for!

It may take some time before he gets the opportunity to show his stuff.  Denver already has Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn on the roster. But if the team is willing to let Tebow develop, as most  rookie quarterbacks get that opportunity, and if he gets a chance to play, I think Tebow will prove that he is a talented, smart quarterback, who knows how to lead and how to win. He proved that at University of Florida, having won two national championships and the Heisman Trophy.

Add character and work ethic into that mix, and you have a gem. And guess what? The Broncos aren’t going to have to worry about Tebow assaulting women or getting in bar room brawls. When he is not practicing with the team, he will be leading prayer meetings in the community and endearing himself to Bronco fans. And the Broncos marketing staff has to be thrilled. How many No. 15 jerseys have already been sold?

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is a smart and creative guy. He’ll know what to do with Tebow. And Tebow will make McDaniels and the entire franchise look great for what many people in the NFL deem ‘risky.’

Have you heard of athleticism? Instincts? Making the right decision with less than a second to think? Great athletes are unique. Their styles are different. They think differently. It’s the ‘intangibles,’ often the skills and talents an over-achiever possesses, qualities that traditional thinkers can’t figure out, put their finger on. Tim Tebow will bring these ‘intangibles’ to the NFL. And what about mental toughness? Tebow will be on a mission to prove that the Broncos did not make a mistake.

Tebow is already working to change his throwing style, to compensate for his longer, slower throwing motion.  Everybody says he has to make his delivery quicker and shorter.  He will work his tail off showing his team and the rest of the NFL that despite the skeptics and the criticism over his throwing style, that he can be a huge success in Denver.

If Denver gives him a shot, Tebow will make Jacksonville wish they had drafted the hometown star. Even though the Jaguars wanted to boost their defense, drafting Tebow would have been a smarter move. For a franchise that is struggling to put fans in their seats, Tebow could have saved the franchise.  Instead he’ll take his positive attitude, work ethic and leadership skills to the Broncos and should pleasantly surprise the Mile High City!

It’s satisfying to see that my observations of Tebow have been ‘right on’ so far. It has always bugged me that so many so-called experts in football did not think he would ever make it in professional football – from scouts to columnists to NFL coaches, personnel and fans.

It’s also annoying to hear so many people continue to take shots at him because of his unorthodox style and/or religious beliefs. Whether he leads Denver to the ultimate Promised Land or not, Tebow has shown that he cannot only play in the NFL, he can shine!

With his ‘will to win,’ athleticism, leadership ability, incredible instincts and the many ‘intangibles’ that contribute to greatness, Tebow will continue to get the job done, his way!

Be honest, what did you think of Tebow before he took the reins in Denver? Let Ann know in the comments below!


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  1. Tommy C says:

    Kudos to the kid . I’ll take 11 Tebows over most of these SO-CALLED superstars. Just win baby…….Keep it goin Tim.

  2. Keith Matthews says:

    It doesnt really matter what i thoought about Tim Tebow before he took over at Denver. What matters is now. What hes doing for the team, which is winning. But be aware, soon he will get hit as to where his magic may not work so well. Hes not really playing the position of QB. Hes relying totally on his athleticism, and that can only take you so far. You cant throw, you wont be a QB much longer in the NFL. Praying aint gonna help either. Throw the ball Tim!

  3. Larry says:

    Live in Denver, not a Bronco fan (Go BLue) but this season is far from over. Tim takes 5-6 shots by a good defensive team (see the Broncos remaining games) and his season of miracle finishes is over. Elway is still not convinced he is the “guy”. They are priming him to fail, so far he has not. You can “Tebow” all you want after a game, but by week 14, he may not be able to get up.

  4. m.b. katz says:

    Ann–Give it up. You obviously don’t know any more about football than you do about golf or tennis. This is nonsense.

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