B&C Morning Show: NFL Week 13 Picks-Picks-Picks

This week, when Boomer & Craig delivered their award winning NFL Picks-Picks-Picks for Week 13 of the NFL season, the Dynamic Radio did so while they both were receiving facials (pictured).

No need to fret though, as their picks segment went off with out a hitch (aside from Craig’s Steelers pick – Who Dey), they are as follows…

Week 13:

Game 1: Bengals (+7) @ Steelers – (Boomer: Bengals – Craig: Steelers)

Game 2: Lions (+9) @ Saints – (Boomer: Lions – Craig: Lions)

Game 3: Colts (+20) @ Patriots – (Boomer: Pats – Craig: Pats)

Game 4: Packers (-6.5) @ Giants – (Boomer: Packers – Craig: Giants)

Game 5: Jets (-3) @ Redskins – (Boomer: Redskins – Craig: Jets)

exfoliating craig B&C Morning Show: NFL Week 13 Picks Picks Picks

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

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