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Cain Suspending Presidential Campaign But Says ‘I’m Not Going Away’

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain says he is suspending his presidential campaign.

With his wife standing behind him, Cain made the announcement Saturday to a group of several hundred supporters in Atlanta who had gathered for what was supposed to be the opening of his national campaign headquarters.

“As of today, with a lot prayer and soul-searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” Cain said.

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Cain’s poll numbers and fundraising have dropped amid a string of scandals capped by this week’s claim that he had a 13 year affair with Ginger White.

He abruptly canceled an important event with New York City’s media elite that was scheduled for Tuesday, the day before President Barack Obama was in town.

“I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family,” he said. “Now here’s why it hurts, because my wife, my family and I, we know that those false and unproved allegations are not true. So one of the first declarations that I want to make to you today is that I am at peace with my God. I am at peace with my wife. And she is at peace with me.”

But despite dropping out of the race, Cain said he’s not going away.

“I will not be silenced,” he said. “I will continue to be a voice for the people.”

Cain had returned to his home outside of Atlanta on Friday to speak with his wife and family about the scandals and his candidacy.

He said he will be making a presidential endorsement at a later date.

The former GOP candidate lost financial support after several allegations of sexual harassment. It all started October 30 when Cain was leading in the polls.

Reports surfaced that two unnamed women received settlements after filing sexual harassment claims against him while he was president of the National Restaurant Association.

Then on November 7, Sharon Bialek became the first accuser to go on camera, claiming that Cain inappropriately touched her.

On november 28, Ginger White of Georgia claimed she had a 13-year extramarital affair with Cain.

Cain denies it all. With his wife Gloria standing by him, he said she never asked him to quit.

“I saw the pain this mess was causing her and that’s why I made the decision,” he explained.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich praised him for bringing optimism and big ideas to the race.

“He had the courage to launch the 999 plan which, whether you liked it or disliked it, was a big idea and started to elevate the debate toward big solutions and not the usual nitpicking, consultant-driven negativity,” Gingrich said.

Cain is out of the race for now, but through suspending his campaign, he can still accept financing and receive matching federal funds.

Who do you think benefits most from Cain’s suspension? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. The Realist says:

    The Republican Party should just announce whom it has ALREADY chosen as its 2012 nominee.

    It’s bad enough that all of politics is scripted, choreographed, and rehearsed – just like professional wrestling or the Academy Awards. Now we have to sit through AND PAY FOR months of FAKE “campaigns” and FAKE “debates” and FAKE “caucuses” and a FAKE “nominating convention” before we get to find out what the Party has already decided.

  2. Stan Chaz says:

    The circus…. goes on and on and on. And more than ever, as I look at the sorry set of Republican “rivals” on the other side, I am THANKFUL to have Barack Obama as President, and as a viable candidate for re-election. Mr. Obama: your heart, your values, and your basic decency are all in the right place. BUT…your hands are tied. Unfortunately they were tied by us, the electorate…..when we failed to provide you with a Congress that you can work with. Instead, you are saddled with a don’t-tax-the-1%-do-nothing Congress that battles you at every turn, while the people suffer. God, they don’t EVEN let you pass your own appointments. It’s not Tea-publican gridlock -it’s Tea-publican sabotage. Heck, it’s Tea-publican treason….while the 99% BLEEDS. And then they try to pin the blame on Mr. Obama. These people have no shame…or else its been purchased by those who can afford to do so. In her last years, Grandma gets her meager Social Security check, and they DARE call it “socialism”. Give me a break! (and Grandma too!) Thankfully, with Occupy Wall Street, America has found its voice: a voice that reminds us that people -ordinary down-to-earth working people- really DO matter. Not “corporations are people -people” , but REAL people! Tea-publicans want even more tax-break-corporate-1%-loopholes….while these “job-creators” send our jobs overseas, and wish that we’d go away too…. as they buy every politician in sight. They talk about “welfare queens”, but hey, if these politicians don’t have ENOUGH mistresses, I can hook them up with a few gorgeous -and rich!- oil companies. It would be a perfect blind date, except for the fact that they’re ALREADY in bed with them :-). But instead of talking about LESS government, and LESS taxes on the 1%, and MORE corporate welfare, and MORE painful cuts to those who can LEAST afford it…, Occupy is a voice that demands a government that WORKS, a government that works FOR ALL OF US, not just for a favored few,…not just for the rich. It’s a voice that comes up from the grassroots, and lifts us up in turn: because it insists that this land IS our land…and that we WANT IT BACK! It’s a voice that will help us re-elect the President AND give him a more progressive Congress to work with. Mr. Obama: I wish you well. Because you STILL give us hope….

    1. pete says:

      Very well spoken!! Lets get the BUMS out of our Government because it is NOT OUR Government anymore. Obama is a decent and honest AMERICAN and just because of that, our BUMS in Congress hate him. He is everything what they are NOT. It is an insult to the American People what the Republicans present to us as their choice for President. In what garbage can did they find these people?

    2. benf says:

      Occupy Wall Street is a joke


    “Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program ”


    [audio src="" /]

  4. pete says:

    Where did Cain search for his soul, in his pants? Please Mr. Soul searcher, do us all a favor, get the f…k out of Dodge, and keep praying for the soul in your pants NOT to screw you up again!!

  5. Scott says:

    The United States of America could not be in worse shape when a man like Cain, regardless of ethnicity, could ever be considered for the White House or any public office.

    1. Babys momma says:

      Can’t get any worse than the con-man who’s in the white house right now!!!!

  6. Officer Joe Bolton says:

    0 0 0

  7. Gabriel Alves says:

    if you need a pizza he’s your man

  8. Shane T Cloutier says:

    Nothing shows how foolishly people will believe anything on the news then the comments here.

  9. george says:

    i for one am sorry to see this bozo go… he is more fun than anything else in the news… the other members ot the boston tea party are funny, but not like this one… you really have to love america… only here can a person like this can blame us for his problems, and have it taken seriously by other memebers of the boston tea party… love it… lots

  10. pete says:

    In what garbage can did they find this BUM? Are Republicans getting crazy or so very desperate to even touch somebody like Cain, and present him as a candidate for US President. A man with his distorted morals should be even disqualified for running as a dog catcher.

    1. Huh says:

      Are you talking about Cain or Bill Clinton?

  11. thomas mc says:

    Nobody could discredit the Family Values Party like Herman Cain, because nothing screams “sanctity of marriage” like a guy who won’t stop cheating on his wife!

    1. The Realist says:

      Speaking of Family Values, let’s talk about Newt Gingrich…

      – His current (third) wife was one of the “other women” during his second marriage.

      – His second wife was one of the “other women” during his first marriage.

      Since all Republicans think and act alike, it’s clear that the Republican Party’s ideology actually ENCOURAGES marital infidelity.

  12. The Realist says:

    I wish the Republican Party would just announce whom it has ALREADY chosen as its 2012 nominee.

    It’s bad enough that all of politics is scripted, choreographed, and rehearsed – just like professional wrestling or the Academy Awards.Now we have to sit through AND PAY FOR months of FAKE “campaigns” and FAKE “debates” and a FAKE “nominating convention” before we get to find out what the Party has already decided.

  13. Robert Feeley says:

    A gay actor claims he is legally married to Cain. This should end his candidacy for sure:

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