NYC Robbery Spree Suspects Caught On Camera

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for two men they say are responsible for robbing at least 14 stores throughout Manhattan since October 24.

1010 WINS Reporter Carol D’Auria has the story…

The NYPD released surveillance footage of the suspects, showing one acting as a lookout while the other jumped a counter.

Police say the pair struck at all times of the day in prominently high traffic areas, including Chelsea, Midtown and the West Village. Among their targets so far are convenience stores, Duane Reade, Payless, and even on the subway.

The suspects are said to be violent, often punching their victims to get access to the registers.

Convenience store owner Omar Mozeb recounted his encounter with the pair to CBS 2’s Kristine Thorne.

“He go overhead. He take the money. I move here like that. After that he go away. I don’t know how much he take,” he said. “Yeah I scared.”

“He pushed me in my face,” Mozeb added.

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  1. Meme Meyagi says:

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  2. Uzumagutu says:

    Hey R Raj El… RACIST? or perhaps try REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You don’t see Asians doing this.
    Yeah and when was the last time a gay guy hit a convenience store? How about an American Indian or perhaps a Orthodox Jew?
    Is it NOT 98% of the Blacks doing this or are their Filipino Flash mobs?????
    Everyone is so afraid of telling the truth. Watch the news!
    Don’t get me wrong- I love all races. African Americans included.
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    Not all Blacks are criminals….but most of your criminals are black!
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  3. bullett says:

    Maybe if we’re all lucky, the next store they attempt to rob, the owner(s) may have permits for CCW.

  4. stevin speilbert says:

    I agree With Tom Hankes

  5. Tom Hanks says:

    I agree with Tom Brady. This reminded me of saving private ryan i was good in that film.

  6. Tom Brady says:

    i agree with yoyomama

  7. yoyomama says:

    this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!

  8. yoyoma says:


  9. R Raj eL says:

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