Report: Pedestrian Traffic On The Rise In NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City sidewalks are becoming more crowded.

According to The New York Times, the city started gauging foot traffic at 50 busy intersections five years ago.

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The “pedestrian volume index” has climbed steadily. The exception is from 2008 to 2009, possibly because of the recession.

One study found 350,000 pedestrians a day in Times Square. There were 97,000 on Main Street in Flushing, Queens, and 80,000 on East Fordham Road in the Bronx.

The Department of Transportation has been widening sidewalks where possible and expanding pedestrian malls.

Says Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan: “You don’t live here unless you like people.”

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  1. Frustrated says:

    pedestrian is one of the key issue causing traffic jam, the dot should have pedestrian safety instructor at each busy intersection. to instruct them not to stand outside the sidewalk because vechical need the space to make the turn. I found most of the pedestrian is looking at the traffic light for the cars instead of the pedistrian signal light, please tell them when flashing red hand signal means to stop walking.they have their opportunity to cross, cars need the opportunity to make the turn as well. police shoul also enforce the J-walking law to prevent pedestrian jump out in the middle of the street. lifr and death is only in a matter of second.

  2. ihatefanboys says:

    yea Flushing pedestrians are horrible…too many, they just walk in front of your car, they dont care if youre trying to make a turn, just keep walking. Honestly they should have walkways that go up and over the streets so cars dont have to be hindered and neither do the pedestrians.

    1. blyncyhblack says:

      in the city of new york *pedestrians* have the right of way. not cars. too many damned cars in the city.

  3. truth says:

    the city needs to do more to decrease the human traffic in midtown!!! it’s ridiculous! reduce the number of vehicles and expand the pedestrian walking area! get rid of street parking closest to and within times sq area! times sq pedestrian mall was once an idea… the sidewalks were already crowded… opening up that “mall” was a great idea hoping it would relieve human traffic… wrong! now it’s jam packed! just shutdown the entire road and allow pedestrians full rights to the area. are you listening, mayor? how about making times sq livelier??? get broadway to do surprise short numbers or dances in the middle of times sq! no announcements… except the city knows it’s going to happen. this will boost our economy! and it will allow people to work!

  4. None Of Your Business says:

    The only means of transportation the over-taxed, over-charged, priced-out-of-existence middle-class American citizen (if we have any middle-class citizens left) can afford is travel by foot. And when the shoes are worn out, I guess we’ll have to walk barefoot, because can anyone except the 1% afford shoes any more?

  5. Esmerelda says:

    Maybe because the metrocard is too expensive.
    The new buses are stupid and uncomfortable.
    Buying a ticket for the select bus is a hassle and meant to
    be rider unfriendly.
    NYC became unfriendly towards cars and parking is too expensive.
    The average person is being squeezed out.

    1. blyncyhblack says:

      it’s also faster sometimes to get around by foot. particularly in midtown. now… if they could just put up separate *tourist* lanes, we’d really be able to move.

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