5-Year-Old LI Boy Dies Of Injuries Suffered In Suspected DWAI Crash

SHIRLEY, NY (CBSNewYork) — A 5-year-old boy who was injured in a Saturday morning motor vehicle accident on Sunrise Highway died from his injuries on Sunday afternoon.

Suffolk County police arrested Steven Kinalis, 30, of Ronkonkoma and said he was involved in the accident that left the boy in critical condition on Saturday morning. Police say he was driving while was impaired by drugs (DWAI).

“Kinalis was driving a 2007 Toyota Scion eastbound on Sunrise Highway when his vehicle rear-ended a 2004 Dodge pickup truck, driven by Kevin Gaffney, 36, of West Islip, at 9:43 a.m. on Saturday while traveling just east of William Floyd Parkway in Shirley,” according to the Suffolk County Police Department. “The truck then left the road and struck a tree.” Eastbound Sunrise Highway was closed at the parkway, exit 58, for several hours and reopened at 2:20 p.m., according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

Also in the car with Gaffney was wife and their 7-year-old daughter and their 2-year-old son. The entire family was taken to Stony Brook University Medical Center where the couple’s 5-year-old son died. The other family members who were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Stony Brook.

At his arraignment on Sunday before the child’s death, Kinalis was ordered held on $150,000 cash bail. Further information on any additional or pending charges was not immediately available from the Suffolk County Police Department. Kinalis is due back in court on Wednesday.

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  1. jay says:

    Hey here we go. I KNOW the driver that hit the pickup truck, he grew up around the block from me.

    Here’s my take on this… it never should have happened, plain and simple.

    IF Steven is convicted and found guilty in court then my opinion is this…..

    You wanna play with fire and get burned don’t cry about it, that’s the price of doing business so man up and take responsibility for your actions.

    If some other information comes up, like the driver of the pickup, Kevin was on some sort of weird drug then I say to him…. WITH YOUR KIDS IN THAT CAR!? Need I really say more concerning that one?

    The bottom line is this people. We all go on what we read in the paper or see in the news. rarely do WE research to make our own opinions.

    This will all come out in the courts. Until then I think WE ALL need to relax and mind our own business. We should all be lucky this wasn’t our son driving OR our child that paid with their life on this day, be thankful we come home to our family and friends, and show a little restraint in pointing fingers. The truth will come out and the proper punishment will be handed down. Till then we all should zip it and not throw stones in glass houses.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. George Spotas says:

    I heard from an inside source at the DA’s office that the charges against Steve Kinalis will not be upgraded because the evidence has shown that the accident was caused by the driver of the pickup. Kevin Gaffney supposedly tested positive for trace amounts of lysergic acid diethylamide which caused a hallucination of a dragon that allegedly jumped out in front of the car. When he slammed on his breaks, he was rear-ended.

    I think I will wait for all the facts to come out at a trial before coming to any conclusions. I suggest the rest of you all do the same.

    1. Stevek says:

      Then he was driving too close still his fault. You should be far enough behind the car in front to avoid colision should he slam on the breaks to avoid a dragon elf or tooth fairy

  4. Cathy says:

    People make me sick. Always looking to blame someone other than the person responsible. This guy took drugs, got behind the wheel and killed a 5 year old boy and wrecked a family forever. People need to own their choices and be held accountable for them. Enough with misplaced blame…own it people.

  5. Christopher Delaney says:

    To “And justice for all” Your, statements hold no credibility because “YOU” obviously are bias. I would bet that you personally know the person charged and you probably never chime in on these types of stories until now. You contradicted yourself several times. Firstly, by signing in as an Alias: “And justice for all” . Really? So if Mr. Kinalis is convicted through the courts and gets maximum sentence you will be fine with that. I doubt it. Then you say people were ignorant for “jumping the gun” and yet you state: “I doubt john was in a car seat”. Thirdly is when you “insinuated” that john would have survived if he was in fact in a car seat like his two year old brother. You are the ignorant one who hides behind a sign in name that is the opposite of what you believe! Unlike you I have not formed an opinion one way or the other and have the courage to sign my name.

    1. And Justice For All says:

      Wrong hater!

      Yes, if the courts convicts him with maximum, Then the evidence was there to prove it. We are not a jury, we are not presented with all the facts! As far as the car seat is concerned it’s a point of how “accusations” can make an impact. The follow up news report shows the car seat on the front porch which means it was not in the truck. So get your finger pointing out of my face!

      1. Stevek says:

        We are the court of public opinion. In this court there is no due process. When a drug dealer kills a kid he is guilty till proven innocent. Once lawyers get involved he may be found not guilty. But that is not innocent. He will never be found innocent in the court of public opinion. If that upsets you since he is your friend then choose better friends. If you don’t think he was a drug dealer then wake up. You are clueless. He was. And you are thinking how does he know, it doesn’t matter. In this court he will need to prove he was not a drug dealer not us prove he was. If you think that’s not fair too bad he still got the better end of the stick then the 5 year old.

        1. And Justice For All says:

          I find it amazing how everyone reads what they want to read. Facts don’t matter… now I get it! I see how the game is played… you just make your own conclusions without the complete facts, kinda like throwing slop on the wall and seeing what sticks! Sounds like a great game!! Thanks for clearning that up for me!! I’ll try to be a better player next time!

          So let me get this straight, because I need you clarify to me exactly what It is that I said…

          I’m not foaming at the mouth like an animal, therefore he must be a friend of mine?

          I said “let’s not jump the gun”, therefore I believe he’s innocent and they’re guilty??

          I’m not entitled to look at the whole picture logically, just put the blinders on and agree to what everyone else is saying??

          Because I point out a possibility, therefore I’m trying to deflect what seems obvious???

          Thank you for twisitng everything said, it’s made you sound oh so intelligent, self-serving, …. what a neanderthal!

  6. And Justice For All says:

    My heart, love and prayers go out to the Gaffney family & friends. A parent should NEVER have to bury a child. It’s unfathomable!

    However, Steven Kinalis was arrested with the SUSPICION of being high on drugs! All are innocent until proven GUILTY!

    I know tensions and pain are high and the hurt and anger needs to be placed somewhere! Let’s not get ignorant and jump the gun! Let’s see what the blood work says before convicting a man of murder! Taking out ones life doesn’t being another’s back!

    This country is so consumed by anger, we can’t get out of our own way! I also wonder if John was in a car seat like the two year old was. Somehow I doubt it. I don’t see how you can fit two carseats and a 7 yr old in that pickup. But unlike all of you that are so above the law to convict a man of murder, I’ll let the judge and jury decide!!

  7. life is a mistake says:

    Whatever happened to Jesus? Not many out there seem to love Him anymore. None of you seem to.

  8. Matt H says:

    It’s truly amazing that those who have commented above were able to absolutely and completely determine motives, drug abuse history, morality, and sentencing recommendations from a 5 paragraph article. This is why courts exist… because average people can read 5 paragraphs and be convinced of anything.

  9. Kimmy says:

    John Gaffney is our beloved cousin, and for his shell-shocked parents, inconsolable grandparents, and grieving family, I pray that somehow they can forgive Mr. Kinalis for his bad judgement and destructive actions. I truly would hate to see more damage done to all of these innocent families through anger and unforgiveness. But there will be no probation here, and I perversely appreciate that prisons have their own set of morals. His jailtime will be no picnic, and we will be there on Wednesday to support the family and the court in imposing the hardest criminal charges allowed by law. Why is it that some of the worst DUI accidents come out of LI? Just wondering. Thank you for your support and prayers for the Gaffney & Murphy families.

  10. anon says:

    I know Steve…unlike all of you who are being uber judgemental.. He’s not an addict or a junkie….but the choice that he made…doing drugs and also getting behind the wheel is unforgivable,reckless and stupid!!!!!! My prayers go out to the Gaffney family.What a horrible loss for the family of the 5 year old!! Steve should pay the price for what he did…

    1. None says:

      Yes he was and he sold a lot of pills to many people helping them ruin their own lives. A likable personality but the facts are facts

      1. Anon 2 says:

        You knew Steve? Well. so did I. I saw him do all kinds of drugs, as well as sell all kinds of drugs. In addition, I saw him lie, cheat, and steal from practically everyone that he encountered. He was/is a con artist in every sense. Yes, he does have a likable personality, which is the main reason he was such a successful con artist. There is not a single person he didn’t borrow money from to get high and I am sure he still owes plenty of people $. He was always full of lies and B.S. and you were never sure if you were getting the truth when he would reassure you of things. I was not in the least surprised when I read his name in the article for the first time. It is monumentally tragic that an innocent 5 year old and his family had/have to suffer due to the reckless and selfish acts of this piece of garbage. I hope that Suffolk County goes after him in the same manner that Nassau County went after Martin Heidgen. This was the case where Martin was drunk and killed a Limo driver (Stanley Rabinowitz) and a beautiful 7 year old girl (Katie Flynn) on their way home from a wedding, in which Katie had been the flower girl. Martin drove the wrong way on the Meadowbrook Parkway for a couple of miles before slamming into their Limo head on at a high rate of speed. He was charged with murder (depraved indifference) and it was the first conviction of its kind. Mr. Kinalis clearly displayed depraved indifference for human life when he chose to get high at 9:45 in the morning and to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, nothing will bring back this 5 year old boy and the family will always have that void in their life. This is a tragic event and hopefully he is held accountable for his actions with no leniency.

  11. Mary gusso says:

    People with morals don’t do drugs. People with morals don’t drive under the influence of drugs. When you do drugs and drive it is not an accident it is an on purpose. Your dirtbag friend is a child murderer and i hope they charge him with murder, convict him of murder , send him to rikers and when he’s there i hope they torture him everyday of his miserable life. Truth is he should get the death penalty. that poor little boy will never celebrate another birthday or holiday , why should he. If you feel so sorry for him why don’t you go to hell with him

  12. J Deutsch says:

    My 5 year old son has lost his “kindergarten” buddy today. Today there is an empty seat in Mrs. Howards classroom and the kids want to know why.
    This little boy has been taken from his family and loved ones way to early. He had a full life ahead of him. Now it has been taken by a DRUG ADDICT’s disgusting poor decision making. LOOK AT THIS MANS PICTURE>>> HE IS A DRUG ADDICT>
    He took the life of a little boy! He has destroyed a family for life. This family now has to bury a child! This family will never hold their son again. This family will never be the same.
    Our laws need to change. NOW!
    My heart, My condolences and My prayers go out to his family. Rest in Peace…protect your family now. Fly lil angel…until you all meet again.

  13. Susan says:

    This guy made a choice to do drugs. He made a choice to get behind the wheel, KNOWING he could kill someone. To me, that’s murder. If the LAWS were better maybe fewer people would get behind the wheel when they’re in no condition to drive safely! He killed an innocent child. What part of that do you fools not understand! Who cares if he was a “nice guy” – he just killed someone.

  14. Johnny Utah says:

    This is a horrible tragedy but the driver is Innocent until proven guilty. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. As far as I can see, the driver did not fail any drug test so until all the facts are out don’t judge him.

  15. steve says:

    EVERYBODY in this case will suffer…the driver ‘Steve’ will probably get off on the major charge if has anything to do with prescribed medication by a physician,if the impaired they are referring to is’ pot’ chances are he will serve time. This story is just another reason why we all should pay attention while driving….even if your not at fault always try to be in that defensive mode, I myself was hit by a disable driver ON medication…not only did i have the Jesus scared out of me as SHE rear ended me at 30mph but my car was totaled……I did remember the skid marks getting closer to me and i did hold onto that wheel as if my life depended on it…which it did. What I’m trying to say….no matter what medication your on if the drug says on the bottle ‘May Cause drowsiness or don’t operate heavy machinery ‘which means a car”…don’t risk it.

  16. Stevie rox says:

    I knew Steve. I know what you all are thinking he is a killer. And yes he killed an innocent child nobody should have to lose their child and what he did was very idiotic and dumb …Steve is a very good person with morals I guess drugs do make people stupid I’m sure he is very, very sad and hurt that he could have done such a thing. He will never be the same. Please don’t judge him for what he did not mean to do. That is why it is called an accident. Now hear me out what I’m saying is not justifying what he did was right in any shape or form and we cannot go back in the past and bring that poor child back, but just learn from this never to drink or drive especially on drugs.

    1. Bob Rox says:

      Steve Kinalis is NOT a good person with morals. A good person makes the correct decision not to take drugs in the first place. Its not an accident genius. He may not be a killer carrying a loaded gun, but he’s still a killer. A dead baby, say it again, a dead BABY. A sweet child is killed by this loser. It was not some accident. A BABY killed by Steve Kinalis should be the headline of this article. I hope he gets the maximum term in life and if I am the parents, I pursued this guy for the rest of my life to make sure he suffers.

    2. Haha says:

      Putting a stink bomb in the teachers desk is idiotic and dumb. This is the criminal actions of a killer. If you don’t want bad things written about your druggie friends tell them to kill themselves not others. Good news for him jail will remind him of Greece.

  17. Kinalis says:

    Steven Kinalis is a loser. Steven Kinalis is a coward. Steven Kinalis is a screw up. Steven Kinalis failed life. Steven Kinalis has nobody but to blame but himself. Steven Kinalis is a moron. Steven Kinalis is a failure and an idiot.

  18. Brian says:

    How in the world does a SCION rearend a PICKUP TRUCK and the mofo scion driver lives while a 5 year old dies?

    1. Debbie Paesano says:

      B/c the truck hit a tree after being rear ended. so depending where the child was sitting in the truck may have something to do with why he was fatatlly injured.

  19. tara says:

    My prayers go out to the family. I am so sorry they have lost their 5-year old son. This poor child was an innocent victim and didn’t get the chance to live his life. How very sad.

  20. Chad says:

    How many of you know people who are addicted to prescription pills? This is a problem that is hitting us hard, we need to go after the companies and underground manufacturers of these drugs. It’s heroin in a pill form, I’m not saying he’s a vicim he should pay and pay dearly, if it were my kid oh boy I would post the bail myself and personally Arrain him in my version of a court room. Prescription pills are no joke…my dearest apologies to the family their lives will forever be different…..

  21. papaporce says:

    that sob should be given life in solitatry with no parole and be forced to look at the photox of the child for the rest of his life.

  22. thor's hammer says:

    let’s get the upgraded charges right for pete’s sake. it should be murder, not voluntary/involuntary “manslaughter”. he killed a 5 yr old boy. spare me the aclu, sad sack garbage about how it was the drugs/drink that did it, he had a hard life, yadda, yadda, yadda. hope the voice in your head whispers “murderer.” a tragic loss for the youngster’s family. let justice prevail for the gaffney family, although that will never heal their hearts.

    1. Frank from Glendale says:

      To Ham: Sorry, but murder is an intentional, not a reckless, action. No evidence was showen to show INTENT to kill (like shhoting a gun at the child). This guy should get the max for his exceptionally reckless disregard for the safety and care of the 5 year old child in his custody. Throw the book at him, but use the book. That’s why we have laws. (Throw the book HARD!!!)

      1. DCLaw-1 says:

        An individual can be tried for murder if a grossly reckelessa ct caused the death of another. It is called reckless disregard. For example, a parent that fails to get medical treatment for a sick child, resulting in death; or, somebody firing a gun in the air during a celebration causing a fatal injury to a person hit by the falling bullet. It is not a stretch to say that getting behind the wheel under the influence is grossly negligent.

  23. Ms. Sunshine says:

    That drug driver should be executed immediately.
    He robbed that family of their child and that child of
    his whole future life.
    The family is grieving and ruined because this idiot wanted to
    take drugs.
    If he was going to kill anyone, he should have started with himself first.
    This should be a capital punishment case.

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