NYC Teacher Resigns After Making Columbine Gun Remarks

NEW YORK (AP / CBSNewYork) – A teacher accused of making comments about bringing a gun to school to settle scores has resigned.

The New York Post, citing Department of Education documents, says Sabrina Milo has admitted using “inappropriate language that caused a disruption” at Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn.

The 34-year-old was arrested in April but a grand jury refused to indict her.

Prosecutors had alleged she made remarks about Columbine, the 1999 high school shooting in Colorado.

She allegedly told co-workers that she would bring a gun to school to “settle some scores” and “do what needs doing.”

Court papers quoted Milo as saying she “wanted to bring a machine gun under a trench coat to school, and it would be Columbine all over again.”

Several teens said at the time that Milo was eccentric, but well liked, and any comments about a gun were jokes.

Milo also got into trouble at the school a year before this incident for striking a student’s hand with a ruler. She was reprimanded, but returned for following school year.

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One Comment

  1. pied piper says:

    At least the Grand Jury has common sense.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  3. mj says:

    political correctness once again rears its ugly head

  4. bps says:

    Better safe than sorry I’m glad she’s gone

  5. Surfin Bird says:

    Hopefully the teacher will sue the NYPD and the school for false arrest all because students who got carried away with this trachers comment.

    Teacher do have freedom of speech.

    This is a violation of her civil rights.

    1. Ziggy says:

      Once again, people totally misunderstand what Feedom of Speech means.
      Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you are free to say anything that comes into your head and in the passion of the moment. And, what you say do have consequences.

      1. Pied Piper says:

        So. . . next time you’re thrown a surprise party and look and around and say “You guys!. . .I’m gunna kill ya”. . . they should take you to heart and have you arrested?

        I know, I know. . .that’s different, right? Think about what you say before you post them in the comic strip Ziggy.

  6. Ron says:

    This shows how the world AND the media take things totally out of context! Sad thing is that the people that actually follow through are rarely caught beforehand.

  7. DanTe says:

    a Teacher is just a baby sitter…..

    1. Faker says:

      I’m guessing this is the fake Dante again. Too low in IQ or logic. Got to be that dumb dumb again.

  8. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Bridget says:

      So is posting the same statement on more than one story.

    2. Ziggy says:

      With all due respect – you need to think for yourself and stop just repeating Michael Savage.

  9. Reality check says:

    She got in trouble for striking a child’s hand with a ruler… Hmm, I’ve heard of nuns doing much worse than that in Catholic schools of old. I’m not Catholic, so don’t know first hand, but have heard stories.

    1. John says:

      My father said that when he was in grade school in the 1950’s, the nuns would literally beat the a-s-s of any student who didn’t attend church the previous Sunday.

      1. bps says:

        I often wonder where the nuns got the notion that hitting a child was within their right. The nuns were really very angry back then I just could never figure out why

  10. Dreadnowt says:

    A perfect example of the kind of stresses and abuse that teachers are subject to these days. It is true that her wisecracks were inappropriate, but that shouldn’t be grounds for a grand jury hearing. I am sure that if she were working in a less hostile environment, nothing like this would have occurred.

  11. bullett says:

    Being unemployed as a teacher, I’ll bet Ms. Milo is sorry about her comments.

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