Brian Billick has joined the program on a weekly basis throughout the NFL season. And when he does so, he breaks it down with Boomer & Craig.

With Craig out today, Billick didn’t miss a beat and actually seemed to embrace the news that he would be able to talk some football with Boomer one-on-one, beginning with the health concerns of Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith, after the 52-year-old experienced chest pains.

From there Boomer & Billick talked about the greatness of Eli Manning, as the Giants prepare to battle the Redskins this Sunday at MetLife Stadium.  The guys are both very impressed by Eli’s ability to hold-up under pressure, the latest example coming last Sunday night in Dallas.

Billick will be calling the Lions-Raiders game in Oakland this Sunday on Fox and it’s tough to bring up the Lions these days without mentioning the name Ndamukong Suh.  Suh has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately and despite saying he does not consider him a dirty player, Billick said Suh is bordering on James Harrison territory, which made a perfect segue for discussing the unfortunate Colt McCoy-James Harrison situation.

Then it was on to the Jets-Eagles, the job-security (or lack thereof ) for NFL coaches and of course the hottest topic in the NFL, Tim Tebow.

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