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Courtney Love Faces Eviction From Luxury West Village Townhouse

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It looks as if Courtney Love is going to have to find another place to stay.

The bad girl rocker and actress is facing eviction from her four-story landmark West Village townhouse for damaging the property, altering the home’s designer interior and failing to pay rent, according to the owners.

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“This is an extraordinary and meticulously designed home, and the lease very clearly protected it from alteration by the tenant,” said Astor Street Partners.

The owner claims Love wallpapered and repainted “significant portions” of the property which had been “expertly applied by highly skilled craftsmen at enormous cost.”

In June, curtains and bed linens in the fourth-floor bedroom were burned in a small fire. Love injured her hand hand trying to put out the flames, FDNY officials said.

“The damage demonstrates enormous disregard for the lease agreement and the design vision that makes the home so unique. The property does not now remotely resemble the residence she moved into,” the owners said.

Astor Street Partners estimate repairs will cost over $100,000 and claim Love owes $54,000 in back rent.

Love, the lead singer of the rock band Hole, was once married to late Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain. They have a daughter Frances.

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  • m revere

    she s low life what taste does she have to decorate a beautiful apt and why did they let the rent slide so long rent is due on the first they should have never let her move in shes no star just a drugged no talent stinkho

  • gary


  • wc

    And the management expected that she wouldn’t treat the place like a double-wide? Screen your tenants. Total train-wrecks like that usually rent out places to build meth labs.

  • Richard Hertz

    The last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it….

  • Nerve Vahnnah

    Curt should have shot her instead.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • young and refined

    its weird how a civilized society needs to take a few people like this and make “stars” out of them. Courtney has always had the Port Authority strung out skank look while Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyone etc etc all would most likely be emplyed as strippers if it weren’t for their “success”.

  • Sniffma Butt

    Are those human lips or two pieces of raw liver?

  • susan

    well..once a bad girl rocker always a bad girl rocker..

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