Police Search For Man Who Set Brooklyn Woman On Fire

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police released surveillance photos of a man they say doused a woman and set her on fire in an elevator in Brooklyn Saturday.

The tragedy happened at 203 Underhill Avenue in Prospect Heights.

Residents told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin they first heard screaming, then saw the smoke, and finally realized a woman was on fire inside.

“Myself and someone from the sixth floor went down knocking to get people out. Knocking on doors telling people ‘There’s a fire, get out, get out,” said resident John.

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Along with his neighbors, John made it the first floor just as firefighters were pushing their way in to the charred elevator and the body of the woman burned alive.

Neighbor Carmen Martinez says the victim’s name is Delores. She’s believed to be in her 60’s and lived in the fifth floor apartment since the early 1980s.

“Buena she was real nice. She knew her for 30 years, used to give toys and gifts to kids all the time,” Martinez said.

The victim, a single mother, lives with one of her two adult sons. Police say she was returning from a shopping trip when the elevator doors opened and the man doused her with the flammable liquid, using a lighter to set her on fire.

The building’s super showed investigators the building’s many cameras, one in the elevator and two that cover the doors.

“They haven’t told me anything. I’m just waiting for an answer when should I get in,” neighbor Daniel Vedrine told Carlin.

He and other residents left waiting in the cold were directed to a heated city bus and told to be patient for a process that could take many hours.

Investigators tell CBS 2 it will be early morning before the body is removed from this building and tenants are allowed back in their homes.

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One Comment

  1. Manny Festo says:

    That is one UGLY MUTHER FoCKA

  2. Roger Vanhouwe says:

    Mailing from Belgium, and after what happened here last week, the horror of someone putting fire to another human being makes me shiver and swaet, and there is once again, the headache, too familiar now. Will this ever end?

  3. Eli Barak says:

    The dear Lady was trying to help an unfortunate person. He was fired by her after she accused him of theft from her apartment. He posted a list of financial demands on her door and then burned her to death.

    Nevertheless we must not lose our compassion for the poor and we cannot become so pessimistic that we refuse to help others. We must be more wary when we opens our homes to those we don’t really know.

    The Lady is with God and with the Righteous People who have preceded her and who will follow her. I send my compassion and my love to her family.

    1. P.F. Undit says:

      Perhaps we shouldn’t lose our compassion for the poor, but we also cannot lose our compassion for the murdered; neither can we annul our civic duty to discover the truth of this atrocity and properly punish the murderer.

  4. fuwaa says:

    can’t just believe this…..

  5. JJ says:

    america, lol

    1. KMW says:

      Yeah, because stuff like this NEVER happens in other countries.

  6. petes says:

    Wait, the neighbor says (through a translator) that she knew her for 30 YEARS yet after being here all these years she still doesn’t speak English? I go to Italy for 10 days and I’m brushing up on the language ahead of time. 30 years and not being conversant yet is beyond bizarre.

    1. Willis Forster says:

      He looks like illegal african alien like obama’s uncle.

  7. TRIBECA says:

    Thankfully, he turned himself in overnight. He needs mental help.

    1. thor's hammer says:

      I for one, will no contribute 2 cents to his getting “help.” Bad enough the good people of new york will have to foot the bill for his incarceration and public defender. Enough is enough. There was no help for his victim. Justice for the victim only.

  8. Lisa says:

    Ghetto mentality, not Negro mentality. This is the result of poor, uneducated, usually fatherless people who have no strong faith or family unit to support them and literally learn everything they know from TV, movies and the street. It’s disgusting and he can go to prison where he’ll fit right in. It’s not only Blacks that commit crimes like this, but it is prevalent in poor, minority neighborhoods for the above reasons.

    1. me says:

      So you are going to explain this away because he’s poor? I did not see how wealthy she was. Where is the news accusing obama and the left for causing this with all their class warfare comments?

  9. GL says:

    Looks like she was targeted.

  10. Turkey Baster says:

    I hope they catch that animal and cremate him alive. My prayers go out to her soul and family. Imagine the pain she must have suffered. r.i.p. Ms Lady.

  11. Klaus says:

    Why has Mayor Bloomberg twiddled his thumbs and not banned elevators in NYC yet? Had he banned elevators like salt, this tragedy would have never occurred. Shame on Mayor Bloomberg for not banning things that kill people, like elevators.

    1. Gerard Lincoln says:

      Google “necklacing.” This is common to the blacks, especially in Africa.

    2. Lisa says:

      Klaus…..you are truly an idiot. People kill people not elavators. But I forgive you. I guess you can’t help it as you were at the back of the line when god gave out brains. Prays to the family for their loss.

      1. Mel says:

        Lisa, you’re the idiot. Don’t you recognize irony when you see it??

        This was clearly a comment about Bloomberg’s anti-gun stance.

    3. Arlene says:

      Klaus, Mayor Mike should ban gasoline. Then this never would have happened.

      Or Mayor Mike can still push for banning guns based on this incident. That makes as much as much sense as his previous anti-gun tirades.

      The real solution is to ship the ghetto gutter apes back to Apefrica where they can burn, maim and kill each other and we in New York won’t hear about their savagery.

  12. randy says:

    Sick b——

  13. Barre Flynn says:

    One more thing. It is not only the quantity of crimes that measures how bad we have become, but also the quality of the crimes. This murder stains our community as if it were 1000 murders and the little boy in Boro Park adds another 20,000 to the list. The lack of a basic regard for life and humanity is very disturbing.

  14. Barre Flynn says:

    This is a horrific commentary on the society we have produced.

  15. Jim says:

    Shocking………Why ? This makes no sense at all……….. Especially since it takes planning and specialized equipment……..Very strange and horrific….When they get this perp, he should be rushed through the system then executed asap……

    1. Mr Turkey says:

      Well, he won’t be executed AT ALL. He will continue to live off our tax dollars. Welfare before capture. And prison after (providing he doesn’t get the original OJ jury).

  16. Dirk says:

    why do these imbecile webdesigner clear the text of a lengthy message when there is an error in the form.

  17. Saskia Huben says:

    I just couldn’t believe a person is capable of doing something this horrifying to another human being. My heart just goes out to this poor innocent woman and her family.

    1. Taylor Zoelyarnsen says:

      They are not all bad. But most of the one’s who aren’t still defend the ones that are. Wonder what MLK would say if he was still alive. And if things would be different. Maybe the bad ones would listen to him. They don’t listen to anyone else. But are nourished by political protection pretty much like you said.

    2. bolero says:

      hey holly,

      the fact that you are a raging, racist imbecile is self-evident, and requires no further commentary even if you tell yourself that the reference to kipling (thus establishing the fact that you read books) proves. i take it for granted, and take solace from the fact that your atrophied mind is too weak to be of any consequence one way or the other, except on forums like this in which you can air out your idiotic notions. I can’t imagine normal people wasting their time listening to you (the beer swigging, sweaty, pink, toothless hicks who make up your social circle don’t count as normal).

      1. Pyatt says:

        Oh, like wasting away your tax dollars? Oh, ok. You must have plenty to spare.

    3. Error1355 says:

      Do you REALLY believe what you just said Holly? LOL

  18. Professional Troll says:

    When will the elevator be back in service? Same goes for the one at 285 Madison Avenue.

  19. Monica P says:

    What are you tring to say? All races do this.

    1. Very conservative says:

      What are you tr(Y)ing to say? That liberalism is a mental disorder?

      Yes, we know.

  20. URanIDIOT says:

    Im almost positive it was a white dude

  21. Klarence Dayle Guerra says:

    can someone kill this man??

  22. Nancyr says:

    What in God’s name is going thru this guys head as we see him here?

    1. Pyatt says:

      Maybe he thought she stole his chicken nugget and EBT card.

  23. Koetje Boe says:

    OMG! What a sick F***!!!!

  24. Can you detect sarcasm? says:

    “Manhunt”? Yeah I’m very sure that it will be of the same caliber of the one that took place almost a week ago when that cop got shot dead although they already had the shooter in custody. SURE.

  25. Tonia Mcintosh says:

    Damn!!! May God bless her soul!!!! Why are people so hateful? You mean to tell me their lives are so miserable that they must take an innocent womans life? Does life mean so little to these people!!!! I say an eye for an eye, Im going back to the old testament. Because that was just plain EVIL!!! May her family find some kind of comfort. I know its gonna be a long hard road ahead for them and im sending my prayers out to them.

  26. Carl S says:

    This man should be caught and publicly executed.

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