Occupy Wall Street Protesters March For International Migrants Day

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — One day after Occupy Wall Street protesters marked the third month anniversary of their movement, they marched again through Lower Manhattan Sunday for International Migrants Day.

Benjamin Ferguson of Brooklyn held a union banner and told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon that he’s standing up for those who come to this country to work.

“They are part of the 99 percent like we are. They have not caused the economic crisis that is going on right now, just like the rest of the poor in this country haven’t, and yet, like the poor in other countries, we’re having to suffer the most,” he said.

“Out of the 99 percent, immigrants are probably in the bottom 15 percent, in terms of income inequality, in terms of all forms of exploitation, structural as well as psychological,” said Martin Cobian of Occupy Wall Street Latin America.

“No human being should be illegal in a globalized society,” said Carlos, a job-seeking immigrant.

With familiar labor and “Occupy” chants in English and Spanish, the crowd of a few hundred marched slowly in the cold to Zuccotti Park.

“I’m ashamed of it. I don’t want to be a part of a system right now where I’m privileged to the point where I have special rights in public that other people don’t. I’m very uncomfortable about that,” said protester Matthew from Harlem.

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  1. Dave says:

    Good check list…

    You might be a Wall Street occupier, if:

    1. You moved to a tent in Zucotti Park because you always wanted a nicer place to live.

    2. You quit your “job” to attend the protests, but your mother continues your allowance and now does the dishes herself.

    3. You are confused that you can’t find the Wal-Mart on Wall Street.

    4. You are enraged that the taxpayers had to bail out Wall Street even though you’ve
    never paid taxes or know anyone who has.

    5. You hate capitalism but expect a capitalist to provide you a good paying job with great

    6. You think Socialism has something to do with Facebook, and Capitalism has to do with Washington, DC.

    7. You demand a job, forgetting that you were fired for not doing the one you had.

    8. You despise the rich even though they pay your share of taxes.

    9. You’re a little behind in your rent because your drug dealer insisted on cash.

    10. You are very clear in your protest objectives:
    “Screw the USA”
    “Save the ______ (fill in the blanks – whales, spotted owls, sturgeon)”
    “Self-realization is the first step toward self-actualization”
    “Down with … uh… everything!”

    11. You think 99 weeks of unemployment is the least the government should give you for the
    3 months you put in at McDonalds.

    12. You drove a Toyota to the protest, you’re plugged in to a Sony Walkman, talk over a Samsung phone, and play a Yamaha keyboard in a punk band, but you are incensed over jobs being outsourced to other countries.

    13. You demand your rights, but can’t quite recall where they are enumerated.

    14. You believe you have a right to every penny earned, but the rich do not, and you base your claim on equality.

    15. You believe a man is greedy if he worked his way up to CEO on 16-hour days, runs a company employing thousands, and made $10 million last year, but is not greedy if he made $50 million last year for making two motion pictures or shooting a ball through a hoop.

    16. You are convinced the “system” is holding you back from gaining wealth, status, and position. Dropping out of high school, dulling your mind with crack and MJ, a few arrests on your record, and stealing from your employer had nothing to do with it.

    17. You left behind trash, feces, urine-soaked sod, discarded clothing, and used condoms after your “Save the Environment” protest.

    18. You know you’re not a Socialist because you stick pretty much to yourself at parties.

    19. You want to improve the environment and you have the tattoos and piercings to prove it.

    20. You don’t pay taxes, but somehow that’s more than your “fair share”.

    21. You hate the rich, but hope you win the lottery.

    22. You haven’t bathed in over a month, but demand to be taken seriously.

    23. You know your cause is just – because the President and Nancy Pelosi admire you.

  2. game says:

    class warfare. here. Big fish feeding off the little fish. Anyone who doesn’t want to reform the system in order to help migrant workers or help menial service job workers with healthcare issues therefore should never use the service’s these people provide. Put your money where your mouth is or your faith into action as I’m sure most people here were raised with the basic Judeo-Christian ethic of treating others the way you wish to be treated. I bet the landscapers at 90% of the Churches and Synagogues in this country don’t have health insurance.

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      Help is best provided in the form of buying their services that allow them to feed their families. The number of people that can clean hotel rooms and pick apples is significantly higher than the number of people who are willing to spend twelve years of intensive study and can perform brain surgery.

      Those employed in the service industry earning below a set income are eligible for Medicaid, or many state programs, unless they are here illegally, in which case they are not bewing held in the US against their will. They are free to return home, or make their way across the Northern border into Canada and take advantage of the social health care system in place. Of course, the Canadian healthcare system would collapse under the weight, as will ours, eventually, if the US follows your approach, based on your logic.

    2. DCLaw-1 says:

      Also, please open a history book and inform us of a single civilization, nation, or society in which “class warfare” bettered the lives of its citizens. Perhaps in your studies you will see how many many millions have been systematically brutalized, and murdered ijn the name of class warfare from Eastern Europe to the China Sea.

  3. DCLaw-1 says:

    Does “pretestor Matthew from Harlem” realize he does no have special rights and privileges, only those associated with his birth-right citizenship? What part of soverignty do these protestors not understand. The US, and every other nations, has the right to know who is in the country, and decide whether foreign nationals havce a right to work here. It is a security issue, and an economic resource isse. There are only so many hosptital beds, classroom seats, and money to pay for those things. No country on Earth has an open and unmonitored border policy. In fact, the US has some of the most liberal immigration policies in the West, if not the world.

  4. jerseyjoey says:

    Let me The Wonderful Jerseyjoey set this pile of liberal filth i see posting here straight, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL period no exceptions, who gives a rats if they pay anything into anything they do not belong here. Second, now the rabble of OWS losers are showing their true Communistic colors, nothing but a bunch of snot nose jobless loser kids to lazy to work but have lots of energy to cause trouble. PS: ows losers guess what, when the liberal media stops giving you exposure time as they are now, your worthless cause is lost in the white noise of life. BYE BYE Losers HAHA

  5. DCLaw-1 says:

    The migrant workers could not be present for this protest, as the migrants, unlike the OWS crowd, have to work and support their families.

  6. steve says:

    Actually they do pay taxes. Most immigrants, even “illegal” immigrant do pay taxes. Most, even “illegal” immigrants are on the books, with a social security number (real or not) and paying into social security and medicare (that in all likelihood they will not use). So in reality they are a net supporting of the system. Alas this fact has been ignored by most.

    1. Andrew Nutra says:

      Illegal immigrants may or may not be paying taxes while using city services, but think about how Americans are benefitting from their cheap labor. They work cheap from being landscapers, nannies, barbacks, waiters, construction etc. etc. Do you know how much a salad would cost without migrant labor?

    2. DCLaw-1 says:

      You have to be lawfullly present in the US, in an immigrant or non-immigrant status, in order to legally obtain a Social Security number. Further, you have to lawfully present with employment authorization in order to have a “work authorized” social security number. Absent a work authorized SSN, you cannot pay taxes. The only way for an illegal to pay taxes is to request a taxpayer identification number. How many illegals do you beleive request a taxpayer identification number from the IRS. Most illegals cannot, and do not pay taxes.

      1. frustrated says:

        this isn’t true, people illegally obtain social security numbers and use them to work, therefore they pay taxes because they have that ssn…also income tax is not the only tax out there, there are sales, gas, cigarette, and many other taxes that everyone has to pay when purchasing a product, regardless of their income; these taxes put an unfair burden on lower income people (they are paying a larger share of their income because these taxes are not based on income, but based on the product), maybe some people avoid income taxes, but everyone pays taxes

  7. monique says:

    Thank you JB N.

  8. JB N says:

    I pay taxes and they don’t. They in no way deserve anything that they don’t pay for. Who raised these morons who think otherwise. Pay your fair share and obey the law and all’s cool. Otherwise, you’re a parasite and a criminal.

  9. Andrew Nutra says:

    OWS supporting migrants doing menial jobs they won’t do no matter how bad things get. They keep saying there are no jobs out there while at the same time thousands of migrants from all over the world are leaving their families and literally dying to get smuggled here for jobs. This is the generation that no matter how bad things get will not move, work with their hands, nor take minimum wage. Leave that to the migrants.

    1. Kai says:

      I think that’s a very ignorant opinion. you look at what’s happening and assume that things are how you believe them to be. But consider if you were part of this young generation, and you go to college because that’s what people (I’m assuming) your age tell us we should do because that’s how you get a career and etc. So you go to college, get 50-100k or more in debt, and then when you come out there isn’t a job for you. You COULD get a a menial job, but that wouldn’t pay for your loans. So you get a second, or even a third job in order to pay off your loans and be able to scrape by.That’s why young people won’t take those jobs, because they NEED more. They need the job they went to school for, because that’s what they were charged for.

      Try asking “why” before passing ignorant judgment on people

      1. JB N says:

        You think that there are guarantees in life? You either didn’t learn much in college or you went to a lousy one. Maybe both.

      2. JB N says:

        Oh, man. You “were charged”? No, you went to school and paid tuition. The school is not, repeat, NOT responsible for getting you a job. Define “need”, you entitled little cretin. Sounds like you should have gone to welding school.

      3. OWS Kids Are Spoil says:

        Do you want the people to bail the deadbeat college students? You’re protesting about bailouts, government spendings, the rich, and your hidden agenda, yourself. I went to college and graduated not too long ago where the unemployment specific to my industry was in the crap. I graduated with low debts b/c I worked my butts off during summers and breaks at minimum paying jobs you college deadbeats refuse to take on. Here I am 6 years later after college enjoying the life of house ownership, 6 digits saving account, and kids. I planned my life during college and took on a low pay position after college to get my foot in the door.

      4. Andrew Nutra says:

        First of all, when you take out a loan, you need to remember this is a land of opportunity and not guarantees. A degree will not guarantee you anything in the end. It’s supposed to be just proof that you have studied and passed in that school. It’s like buying real estate. No respectable realtor will tell you that whatever you’re buying will guarantee to increase in value in the future. Second, you need to be smart in what subject you’re taking up in school. Liberal arts is tough in a down economy. IT and Healthcare are the way to go. Thus borrowing $200K to master in poetry is not a good idea.

        No one put guns to people’s heads to borrow money. They CHOSE to take out the loan themselves. They alone should be responsible for paying it back. They knew the risks.

      5. Shhh says:

        So, it’s ok for the migrants to have 2-3 jobs to scrape by but not a poor college educated kid like you?? Ohhh right, you’re too good for that!!!
        Let the migrants, and only the migrants, do the s*%t work….right??
        Grow up Kai….

    2. DCLaw-1 says:

      It is possible that a large proportion of the OWS crowd was raised by ex-hippies that are now social workers in psychologists, maybe academics. This menas that were raised with the idea that they are special and unique flowers, entitled to anything they want because they are so special and “intelligent.” If they are not coddled in the real world, and recognized for being as special as their parent led them to believe are they feel compelled to wrong the injustice.

      1. Kai says:

        wow you are ALL so dead set in your opinions you aren’t willing to listen to a point of view with more information.

        I gave u something to consider. I didn’t say I was unemployed, or didn’t find a job out of college. I’m talented as hell, I came out alright compared to other people. Problem is, at one point a lot of companies in my industry closed down and lots of people, many of whom had been working for years (not graduates), were left without a job. Now there’s less jobs for everyone.

        And say all the in-debt college students got 2-3 jobs to scrape by. Do you think there is enough of those kinds of jobs to go around for everyone?

        And is it your American dream to work 2-3 jobs to scrape by and support your family? Is it your dream to work at a fast food restaurant when you’re 70? Because I’ve seen it! And it’s despicable… If you worked hard for 50 years you should be able to take a load off… if you’re working 2-3 jobs, 80+ hours a week, you should be making good money.

        By talking to people well older than me I know that people used to be able to make a living in this country. If your American Dream is to work yourself to death to scrape by and work a menial job when you’re 70 or 80, then by all means do so… but that is a pretty crappy dream…

        try to consider the world from other people’s eyes
        and grow up…

        1. DCLaw-1 says:

          The problem with your reasoning stems from the fact that nowadays people see college as an investment, instead of a gamble. When taking loans to pay for your education, you must do so with the assumption that you willl not find employment in your chosen fileld, and that pays enough to cover your loan payments. This is especially true for those who study liberal and fine arts as opposed to the hard sciences. (I would be interested to know if the OWS crowd is over ninety-five percent liberal and fine arts majors.) Anyway, if you graduate and your bet does not pay off, it is not the Governments place to fix your problems. The only solution is for the losing bettor to find a solution that may require working at Wal-Mart for a while, rather than laying in the street with painted signs kicking their feet.

          1. Kai says:

            Where is this crazy idea coming from that everyone in OWS is a liberal arts major? Maybe you should try talking to some people, reading up, and educating yourself. Here are some good starting points…

            An article about the beginnings of OWS, the Arab Spring, and the revolutions going on around the world

            more on Bradley Manning

            Succinct video about corporate personhood and corruption in our government

            But really at the end of the day you’re not trying to understand the movement or empathize with it’s people, you’re just trying to attack it. Until you try to see us as equals and hear us out, you’re not going to hear anything except what you want to hear

            I’ve met many people in the movement. Some extremely intelligent, some dumb as rocks. Liberals, conservatives, Christians, Atheists. Law students, journalism students, art students, people going for their PH.D and people who just got their Bachelor’s. We all realize we’re being equally screwed, and it’s only a matter of time before we are all impoverished

            All I ask is that you people try to educate yourselves
            Because I would hate to see you on our side once everything has fallen apart around you like it has for so many others… We don’t want that for anybody.

  10. Brooklyn Bob says:

    Why is nobody allowed to distinguish between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigrants?

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