Slashing At Manhattan Subway Station

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police announced that a man was slashed in the face at a subway station in lower-Manhattan.

The stabbing occurred at the Broadway and Bowling Green station for the 4 and 5 line.

The victim was alert while being transported to the hospital and his wound did not appear to be life threatening.

The suspect fled following the alleged attack, and has been described as male. No further information regarding the suspect was available. Police are continuing the investigation.

How can the NYPD protect New Yorkers along the city’s mass transit lines? Comment below…


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  1. Att. Hoar says:

    How about white people get their own tranportation like the hockey puck heads over in Williamsburg?

    1. mike says:

      i like it.

  2. Betsy Crenshaw says:

    Why can’t they do something nice, like slash prices?

    1. mike says:

      the suspect was described as male? really?! male………could be my neighbor…or co-worker, or uncle….the possibilities are ENDLESS.

  3. AD says:

    there were actually 5 suspects…in BRIGHT colors, and about 10 people video taped them leaving the subway station. how can they not be found?

  4. Color Matters says:

    male = bahLAKKKK no sense sugar coatung this

  5. ADAM says:

    to protect yourself self in a dangerous situation is to obtain a firearm licence.Thugs are everywhere when u least expect something to happen bam

  6. Morris Bergen says:

    This is part of why public transportation has NO PLACE in a great country like the United States.

    REAL Americans live in suburbs and drive everywhere. People who live in cities and ride trains are nothing but worthless America-hating traitors.

    1. Clark Allen says:

      Your comments are getting old, very old!

      1. Morris Bergen says:

        Eat my load.

    2. Lisa says:

      Wow. What’s your problem??????

      1. Morris Bergen says:

        The problem is CITIES and their inherent crime and their inherent lowlife nature and their inherent hellhole public transportation systems.

        That’s why, again, REAL Americans live in suburbs and drive everywhere. People who live in cities and ride trains are nothing but worthless America-hating traitors.

        1. meme meyagi says:

          take your meds and rub mommy’s feet

  7. blahblahblah says:

    The suspect is “has been described as male.” Everyone, be on the look out!!

  8. Mike says:

    When NYC merged the transit and housing police into the NYPD, they made commitments to maintain the levels of policing for the transit and housing subsections in order to keep federal funding. It appears the NYPD forgot the transit commitment.

    Ask any city bus driver the last time they saw a NYC cop riding their bus! You will likely get the response “zero” 100% of the time. This is a disgrace considering the millions of people transported on city buses each year. Fare evasion and assaults on city buses/bus drivers run rampant and NYPD could care less.

    1. The Realist says:

      Giuliani merged the transit police into NYPD on the theory that…

      (1) The mayor controls the police and the streets. Therefore, police belong on the streets.

      (2) The mayor doesn’t control crime or the subway system. Therefore, crime belongs in the subway system.

  9. EMPORER MIKE says:


    1. Michael H. says:

      Per capita. Important distinction there…

    2. Martin says:

      Yes. Compared to Third World countries!

  10. Cara says:

    Well I guess there aren’t enough cops that we can have one at every subway station, all the time. And it’s probably too expensive to install surveillance cameras in subway stations in hopes of catching people who stab, rob, or otherwise assault others. So I guess we should do like we do at courthouses & install metal detectors…anyone wanting to use the subway must first pass through the metal detector

    1. joey fom B'hurst says:

      There are only 468 subway stations. There are about 4,000 cops assigned to the Transit Division. You do the math and tell were the cops are.

  11. J says:

    You call this news? You’re joking right?? Poor reporting to the max.

  12. M says:

    MORE cameras and More police… People shouldn’t have to be afraid while in a train station. This needs to be fixed, and those animals need to be caught.

    1. Pyatt says:

      Bowling Green is lower Manhattan; Financial District; Wall Street. Prety safe to say that the suspect is on camera somewhere. Even many of the subway stations have them now from what I have seen.

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