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Giants’ Antrel Rolle: I Wasn’t Calling Out Justin Tuck

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Giants safety Antrel Rolle didn’t lash out at TV commentators after his team’s letdown against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Instead he seemed to point the finger directly at certain teammates — without naming names — for their recent inactivity at practice.

“It starts in practice, man. This s— starts in practice,” Rolle said after the 23-10 loss. “And you know what? We need to have everyone on the field. If you’re injured, so be it, you’re injured. We understand that. But nicks and bruises? Everyone needs to be on the field because we’re not getting better like this.”

Rolle clarified his comments Monday during his weekly interview with WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts.

“First of all, my comments weren’t directed to anyone in particular. And I know the media — as always — are trying to pinpoint one of our guys, which is Justin Tuck,” Rolle told Benigno and Roberts. “At the end of the day, legitimate injuries are legitimate injuries. I’m not saying be Superman. But I’m just saying if you can give us a little bit more, give us a little bit more.”

Listen: Rolle with Joe & Evan

Tuck and Ahmad Bradshaw sat out practice Wednesday and Thursday before returning to a limited role Friday. Kenny Phillips was also limited in practice last week.

Rolle admitted that he played his part in the loss with a couple key missed tackles.

“I’m better than that,” he said. “And I will play better and I will do better.”

The Giants found themselves in a hole almost from the outset Sunday. Though Redskins quarterback Rex Grossman threw two interceptions early, Washington dominated time of possession and went into halftime with a 17-3 lead.

Rolle declared after a loss to Grossman & Co. in Week 1 that New York would beat Washington nearly 100 times out of 100. Turns out all he did was give the Redskins motivation to go out and make it two in a row.

“Words mean nothing,” said Rolle. “Actions definitely speak louder than words — and they were the better team for 2011. And that’s what it is.”

The teetering Jets are up next, barely hanging on to that final AFC wild card spot after losing to the Eagles on Sunday. Rolle likes his team’s chances, but decided not to go there when asked how many games out of 100 would go to the Giants.

“I really think I’m done answering that question,” he said. “Washington made me put my foot in my mouth on that question. I think I still have it in there.”

Will Rolle and the Giants ruin Christmas for the Jets? Sound off in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. flea says:

    “TALK TALK”…….The Music Machine..1966

  2. I3itching Defence says:

    maybe he should want to have HIS own BODY show up on the game and not miss tackles and play tag football. He’s been horrible, specially in these past two games. All you hear is him being defensive about he knows what he is doing and people who don’t play football have no idea what goes on there, well Antrel, take it like a man, don’t sissy up as you do on the field. This is a retarted defence, and Antrel is the biggest of them all, maybe for the effort you use in you mouth, try using your physical presence in the game for once.

    Only one players shows up week in and week out, Pier Paul.

  3. John121234 says:

    They Need to clean house this all starts at the top. GET RID OF COUGHLIN ! to many missed tackles and dumb penalties. The guy can’t develop defensive talent. The defense is the same answer as the last two last years . They are a bunch of Matadors . Look at all the wasted 1st and 2nd round draft picks on the defense . How about a Linebacker? In the last 4 yrs they have drafted 7 Linebacker’s and 7 DB’s twice what you should need. Don’t forget a crappy punter.

  4. Gab says:

    totally disgusted with the teams performance, Eli needs a wide out to catch the damn ball and help him. Think of how different the game would have been if Nicks catches the balls that were in his hands… The defense was even worse. Except for JPP the rest of the team needs to go back to basics…they played like a bunch of chumps…can anyone cover receivers? Can anyone tackles?? can we stop anyone from 3rd and long?? It was a disgrace.

  5. Shawn Laverty says:

    Rolle should shut and play better, he stinks! I agree with the sentiment but he is not an appropriate messenger.

  6. Mase says:

    Is it possible to cut somebody DURING A game? That’s what I’d do with Rolle. Ever see hiom really “hit” somebody.

    I’d settle for seeing him get NEAR a reciever. He’s taking missed tackles to an art form, and should find a new team: Indianpolis Colts?

  7. Marty says:

    Every time I looked the man Rolle was covering man was making a play. And his missed trackle on 3rd in long really hurt. I wouldn’t say a word after his poor performance.

  8. Jay S. says:

    At the end of the day Rolle is calling out the wrong people, its the defense in general that is abismal, this defense is such crap. Perry won’t have a job and rightfully so he came in firing on all cylinders his first year as Defensive Co-ordinater and blew his load already. FOR GOD SAKES CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE CATCH A DAMN BALL!!!

  9. JGM says:

    Rolle needs to SHUT UP and practice tackling! He is embarrassing! As is that entire team!

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