Rain Keeps Many Away From Occupy Darien

DARIEN, CT (WCBS 880) – Wet weather made for a poor turnout at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Darien, Conn. on Wednesday.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story

There were plenty of Darien police officers on standby but few protestors at Occupy Darien. Organizer Margaret Rague has been eager to welcome anyone who might be part of the movement.

One of those who stopped by is known as Weston, a young man who spends of a lot of his time at Occupy demonstrations. He’s been to three different ones in Philadelphia and four in Boston.

Organizers are hoping improved weather forecast for Thursday will bring in a bigger crowd.

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One Comment


    Weston sounds like a total loser. He spends his time going to different occupy demonstrations instead of looking for work. LOSER.

  2. HoffmanSelma says:

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  3. Darien Wife says:

    The working people from Darien went to work this moning. They were standing on the train platform while it was pouring. Rain does’t stop the 1%!!

  4. Darien Resident says:

    It wasn’t bad weather that caused poor turnout. It was bad organizing and apathy.

    Darien taxpayers get hit with $10,000 overtime bill for Police… for what???

  5. Mark says:

    collectively what a bunch of losers. I could say more but why give them the recognition they so crave

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