Gov. Chris Christie Shakes Up Senior Staff

TRENTON, NJ (AP) – Halfway into his term, Gov. Chris Christie is shuffling his top staff.

Administration officials tell The Associated Press that chief of staff Richard Bagger is leaving to take a job in the private sector on Jan. 31. Deputy Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd will move to take Bagger’s place.

Homeland Security director Charles McKenna will move over to become Christie’s chief counsel. He’ll replace Jeff Chiesa, whom Christie is nominating for Attorney General.

O’Dowd and McKenna used to work for Christie at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. O’Dowd was chief of the securities and health care fraud unit. McKenna led the criminal division, working on high profile cases that included the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the case of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

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One Comment

  1. Ken says:

    Do as I say, NOT as I do ! This guy just turns my stomach. Don’t fall for all his tough guy, bully act, believe me he is all smoke and mirrows.

    1. Schmellma Arss says:

      You tell em’ Ken, make him smell your ass.

  2. Ed Norton says:

    Hey Harvey, get a load of fatso there!

  3. Scott says:

    What are the holiday’s without a little Nepotism !

    1. Howard Sprague says:

      And lot’s of fried dough … Word has it that Christie is getting a new ‘Fry-Daddy’ for Christmas from his loving staff. It turns out that this the only ‘great tradition’ that has emerged from Christie’s years of ‘government service’ … the annual replacement of his industrial model ‘Fry Daddy’ that the enormous one has worn out over the last year.

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