Al Dukes was trying to think of a way to further amp up the Giants-Jets game this Saturday, so he reached out to a couple of recognizable fans from each team and invited them in for a visit.

Around 8:30 a.m., famed fans Fireman Ed (Jets) and ‘License Plate Guy’ (Giants) made their way into the Allstate Studio with Boomer & Craig. They talked passionately — and predictably picked their respective teams to win the game.

The visit didn’t go without incident though as things did get a little heated between the two.  Eventually ‘License Plate Guy’ (who needs to come-up with a better nickname by the way) tried to get a wager going with Fireman Ed, but had no luck.

Both Fireman Ed & ‘License Plate Guy’ will be in attendance at MetLife Stadium come Saturday…

LISTEN: Fireman Ed & ‘License Plate Guy’ Go At It In The Allstate Studio (12/23)

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