Police: S.I. Parents Left Toddler Alone In Car To Go Christmas Eve Shopping

NEW YORK (AP) – Police say a New York City couple left their 14-month-old son alone in a car while they shopped on Christmas Eve.

The Staten Island Advance reports that a woman noticed the toddler sitting alone in the back seat of a locked car in the parking lot of a Staten Island shopping center on Saturday.

The temperature outside the car was about 40 degrees at the time.

Police arrived after the woman called a child abuse hotline.

Emergency services officers unlocked the car and removed the boy. He was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

When the parents returned, police arrested them.

Mother Nataliyk Pimyuk and father Orest Babchuk each face a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.

Pimyuk did not return a call seeking comment.

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One Comment

  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

  2. oldwolf49 says:

    Good for them…………now hang them.

  3. Very conservative says:

    If I can’t write it horizontally, then I must do so vertically. Takes up unnecessary space here.

  4. Excessive law says:

    While I would not do such a thing, it is excessive to arrest the parents and take the baby to the hospital. Hands off unless there was clearly harm. It is rather safe to leave your kid in a car if they assessed and deem environment to be fine. It is the parents call and not some snotty tattle tale and law enforcement

    1. Carter says:

      Go ahead – stand up and say it. My name is ________ and I’m an idiot.

      1. Christina F says:

        When did it become OK to leave your child unattended and in a car?

        Taking the child to the hospital is appropriate to be sure there is no present or past abuse.

        I applaud the person that reported this and I would do the same. Neglect = abuse.

        1. NYC GAL says:

          Well said Christina.

    2. Mike says:

      Tattle tale? Are you 5?

      Right, we should do away with laws such as “Endangering the Welfare of a Child.” Leave it up to the parents… parents always make sound judgements with regard to their children. Wow.

      1. El Gato says:

        If the kid was pre partem, they would have the right to kill him. What has changed?

    3. PaPa Joe says:

      There’s no doubt in my mind that you are joking. Your statement is unimagineably stupid to be real. But, it is a poor joke.

    4. Scott says:

      My parents had 12 kids and my mother use to leave us in a locked car for hours on constant basis when growing up. There was no way she could keep her eye’s on however many kids were with her at any given time. She thought it was safer ( e.g., someone stealing one of us) if we waited for her in the car. And she was right. I am glad life was different back then. We would have hated to see our mother go tot jail. Love you mom, miss you very much.

      1. Boomer says:

        Sorry Scott, but your mom was irresponsible.

      2. CSI says:

        Yes times are different. Now these days’ people take children. This is one child. If you cannot take care of one child then you shouldn’t have one. Leave the child in a cold car in the middle of November. Give me a break. How is this responsible? Have you heard of the many stories of cares being stolen with a child in the back? Unfortunately there is no safe place in this world anymore. Even in the middle of nowhere.

    5. valerie j roberts zykan says:

      hey tattle tale you must be on drugs iffin you think is ok to leave a child in car at any givin time ….what is wrong with you ???? hello carjacking ,towtruck anything could happen to that car with that child in it ….you must be dense or crazy

    6. Knuckleheads!! says:

      He excessive, I guess you figure that if the 14 month old needed help she/he would have just blown the horn for assistance. I agree also that it is the parents to do whatever they want when they want without concern for anyone but themselves like in this situation. But then again, we are in a civilized nation that has laws that we actually enforce. We have to take care of our children here and if we don’t we will be arrested and possibly jailed, our children will be taken away from those (these imbeciles) that might do them harm either intentionally or accidentally in serious cases. Why didn’t one parent stay home with rthe child and one go shopping? Because they are self centered idiots, thats why.

    7. Steven says:

      “Hands off unless there was clearly harm”. OK, play by your rules: clearly harm based on the temperature outside. Clearly harm if the car was stolen, which happens alot at that mall. Clearly harm if someone else saw the child and kidnapped him. So, you feel that only if harm came to this child, is it OK to arrest the irresponsible parents?

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