Iconic Wall Street Bull Sculpture Gets Brief Taste Of Freedom

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Free at last…sort of.

After three months behind barricades the bronze sculpture of the charging bull that’s been a Wall Street fixture was liberated to celebrate its birthday.

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

The bull was welcomed back Monday during a special ceremony hosted by the Italian American Museum to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the sculpture which was designed by Italian artists Arturo DiModica.

The iconic sculpture has been off limits to tourists since the first day of the Occupy Wall Street protest on Sept. 17.

Law enforcement officials were worried vandals might try to damage the stock market mascot and placed it behind barricades for its own protection.

Arthur Piccolo, chairman of the Bowling Green Association, organized the belated birthday celebration for the statue which has been on Broadway since Dec. 20, 1989 and said the barricades should be removed permanently.

“We do not barricade Rockefeller Center, we do not barricade the Statue of Liberty, we do not barricade the other great attractions in the city because we don’t need to, it is not the message we want to send out,” Piccolo said.

“We’re from Arizona and not protesters and want to enjoy the city as it was 10 years ago when I was here,” one woman told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman hears from Arthur Piccolo

Once the ceremony was over, the metal fences came back up.

Do you think the barricades need to stay? Let us know below…


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  1. tp says:

    the original occupy platform http://www.RightsOfMan.org

  2. Flipider.com says:

    What the Occupy Movement mean to me. Henry Stone of Tedeschi Food shops 14 Howard Street, Rockland (781) 610-2230 fired me after 27 years of perfect work and reasoning for which was me showing up on time to do the work in the 228 Columbia Rd. Hanover, MA, 02339 store on time. He couldn’t at that time Henry Stone fire me for all the corporate stores I changed the the time I started doing the work by which it would be safer for me to move the work out of February to March. My mistrust in Home Office in Rockland, MA. I started testing them to see what they would grab on. I tricked them. I expanded that I got no complaints when a Tedeschi Family was doing quality control at 1638 Falmouth Rd. Centerville, MA, 02632. Henry Stone then lied that I was argumentative with a Tedeschi Family member. I got into a bike accident and decided to call the 105 Trowbridge Rd. Borne, MA, 02532 there was no way I could physically do the work and Henry Stone fire me for all the corporate stores saying I was demanding to do the work. I though it was funny. Not like I could fake an injury. I snapped the crankshaft on my bike. The money I earned went into the fixing of my Mom’s house to pay for her health problems and who starved to death from her Alzheimer because of lacking in money to pay for a stomach feeding tube.

  3. Short says:

    Why not a BEAR sculpture?

    DOW 5000 — COMING SOON!

  4. Vernon Hell says:

    The barricades are silly. Anyone who so desires could take out the bull with a homemade drone.

  5. railien7 says:

    Designervoodoo is correct except it was left in front of the NYSE. Think you could do that now. The City government STILL hasn’t recognized it as a city landmark, tourist or otherwise that draws thousands of visitors groping its private parts and horns – for shame!!!

  6. Ray says:

    Nothing better to do with our tax money.

  7. designervoodoo says:

    The bull was left there as street art and the city allowed it to stay. The artist still owns the piece. It’s not associated to owned by or sponsored by any financial organization.

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