Funeral Held For Staten Island Teen Who Jumped In Front Of Bus

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Family and friends gathered at St. Ann’s Church on Staten Island to pay respects  to 15-year-old Amanda Diane Cummings who took her own life by stepping in front of a city bus on Dec. 27.

Her ashes will be buried at Moravian Cemetery in New Dorp.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

Relatives said Amanda’s death was in part due to bullying at school and online and want the tormentors held responsible.

“Whoever it was has a lot coming to them,” one mourner told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg. “I hope they’re all really upset because look at what they’ve caused, how much pain they’ve caused to everybody.”

Amanda’s uncle said the teen was tormented by bullies at school who mocked his niece and took her phone, shoes and jacket.

“She had to be picked up from school because she was worried about being beat up,” Keith Cummings told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

New Dorp High School School junior Maris Ryan told CBS 2’s John Slattery Amanda was picked on.

“People calling her names, stuff on Facebook about her, people really nasty to her for no reason,” Ryan said.

Loved ones said Amanda took everything to heart but suffered in silence.

“She always had a smile on her face,” one mourner said. “She led people to believe nothing was wrong.”

When Amanda’s body was recovered, she was found with a suicide note that indicated she was suicidal following an ugly break-up with her boyfriend.

Her uncle said even after Amanda was struck by a bus nasty notes were being left on Facebook. They have since been deleted.

NYPD detectives, who continue to investigate whether or not bullying was a factor in her suicide, also attended the funeral.

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  1. Diana Brest says:

    i hope the school gets sued, and all those responsible hunted down and kicked out of school and everything taken away from them, this has got to stop, this was a beautiful girl, who looked like a model/star. I hope her spirit haunts them all. file a lawsuit.

  2. Ann Mason says:

    If anyone is aware of a bullying situation right now, you are obligated to show concern and use good judgment. There should be guidelines available to everyone, including strangers, on how to respond to these situations. If you witnessed an abduction, would you feel comfortable ignoring it? What happens to the victims of bullying can be every bit as fatal.

  3. A Mom says:

    Sorry that the world had to loose such a beautiful person. It is unfortunate that we must still be here with the ugly individuals that drove this wonderful person to do such a thing.

  4. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    Rest in peace, young lady. What a terrible tragedy.

    If I were the parents, I’d be pressing for legal action against the school . . . and I’d quietly hunt down the bullies and “take care” of them.

    To the kids who bullied this young lady, I pray that you “trip on the 3rd rail.”

    1. vIK says:

      You took the words out of a million mouths. RIP Amanda — may your passing not be in vain.

  5. vIK says:

    I say whoever these p.o.s. bullies from school are: post their names here and on every new website out there along with some choice names for them. Make them feel as much pain and humiliation that they caused that poor girl. You all should rot for what you did. And the principal and teachers and fellow students — yes, all three — should be ashamed of themselves for knowing they witnessed the bullying but doing NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That rotten school should be condemned!

  6. CT Native says:

    The school knew about the bullying. What did TZHEY do?

  7. MPower says:

    I think some of it may be because now, with the Internet, bullying can get into your house, your phone, just about anywhere you go. The parents must have felt pretty helpless. A lot of them wind up either home-schooling if they can, or sending their child to another school entirely which may not even be an option. I don’t envy parents at all these days.

  8. NYC GAL says:

    If the parents knew about the bullying why didnt they step up?

    1. Jessica S, Naples FL says:

      “Amanda’s uncle said the teen was tormented by bullies at school who mocked his niece and took her phone, shoes and jacket.”

      Did he or her parents retrieve Amanda’s cell phone, shoes, and jacket?

      “Young girls shouldn’t go out with older boys.”
      Is this the best “support” the uncle could come up with to help this depressed girl through her heartbreak?

      WHERE WAS THIS CHILD’S SUPPORT SYSTEM? Where was her mother? Her father? Where was the STRONG ADULT family member to provide emotional support and security for this child? It seems the families and loved ones of such victims of bullying are often passive victims themselves and teach their children to be the same.

      Some boy broke this depressed young girl’s heart … why did her family watch the scene as if it was a movie for their entertainment? She was being harassed on FACEBOOK … why wasn’t there a family “party” where they all got together one evening to think up and post some original messages of their own directed at her tormenters?

      Why isn’t it more difficult to live through the death of one’s own child than it is to confront the bullies and those who are in a position to stop the abuse? Time after time we see news of another death due to bullying. The parents and/or loved ones ALWAYS speak willingly to the media and the police. WHY DON’T THEY SPEAK UP BEFORE THE VICTIM DIES?

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