Keidel: Jet Loss Is Giant Gain

By Jason Keidel
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To many, this week represents a restoration to the status quo, a microcosm of the last 30 years, with the first playoff week full of sound and fury over the Jets’ latest inexplicable and inexcusable gag in a guaranteed Super Bowl run.

And you could almost hear the quiet chorus of the Giants and their fans chuckling while they taped ankles or made pre-game plans with friends, as Jets fans arranged their various voodoo dolls, chanting and cursing coaches and players who were sainted just six months ago.

Greg McElroy finished what LaDainian Tomlinson started: a screeching testimonial on Gang Green’s gangrenous locker room. Jets fans ran from the young QB’s novice assessment as the blather of a ‘Bama player who never truly heard the rhythms of an NFL team. But they couldn’t hide from a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer’s sketch of a wretched, me-first mantra that became the 2011 New York Jets.

I wrote two pieces on the Jets this week, because that’s all anyone wanted to talk about. And we had to put a proper postmortem on the evaporating dream Rex Ryan sold us so hard. I got a few stern emails from Jets Nation, assuring me this story was dead. They never told me why, but I suspect they just wanted it so and any more rigorous analysis would reinforce their already sagging self-esteem.

Only now may we focus on the Giants – the only Tri-State team still in the tournament – as they prepare to play the Atlanta Falcons. At least someone got us a game at MetLife. More than enough people and pundits will tell give you the X and O breakdown about safety placement and guard-pulling. My assessment is far less scientific.

I pick the Giants, if for no other reason than the reasoning from one of Mike Francesa’s callers yesterday, who essentially coined the Mannings the ultimate American family. The remark was spawned by a debate about Peyton, who has been plopped onto the rumor treadmill for the first time in his career. Now that the Polians have been pulled from Indianapolis, many speculate that perhaps the best quarterback of this generation will play somewhere else next year, what with his age and aches and Andrew Luck beaming from the Colts’ draft board.

All of this obscures what has been over a decade of fantastic football, started by Peyton and extended by Eli. Yes, Big Bro is better than his Big Blue kin, but Eli has his ring, and the call of colder air seems to imbue Little Bro with big-game qualities. Matt Ryan is a fine player in his own right, and the Falcons have the bruising running game and precision passing game that could give the Giants’ woeful secondary fits.

But I believe in the lingering karma from one of the few families we have that still gets it, that understands the talking is done on the field, that never acquired a posse, entourage, or some other phalanx of sycophants.

It will take more physical than metaphysical splendor to beat the Saints or Packers. But in a toss-up contest, on the frozen swamp, Eli Manning should be enough to defeat the Falcons, who, like the Jets, have been waiting an eternity for eternity, that trophy that stamps you once and forever as a winner. Broadway Joe was long ago. Just ask the Giants, if they were talking.

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Will the Giants do their talking on the field Sunday — or will a Big Blue dud drop at MetLife? Be heard in the comments below…


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  1. Kurt Spitzner says:


  2. frank says:

    hey hank i think your confused the giants players and fans don’t talk. We’re happy were our team is. Not like you Jets fans who listen to your loud mouth fat overweight coach who promise you they would win the Superbowl. i guess he was wrong enjoy watching the playoffs…..

  3. Hank says:

    I love how the Giants fans can’t seem to want to talk about anything about the Jets. Hello, you have a playoff game this week.

    Obviously, a massive inferiority complex.

    Too sad.

    1. Danny says:

      Did you read the headline of the above article???

    2. JK says:

      If you’re referring to me, Hank, I’ve been a Steelers fan since 1976.

  4. Robert Richardson says:

    It’s all about the ‘walk’ not the ‘talk’. G-Men ‘walked’ into the playoffs, J-E-T-S ‘talked’ their way out. ENOUGH SAID!

  5. JMS says:

    on a certain level, i think its been helpful for the giants to be flying under gang green’s radar (or blimp) for the last couple of years. they’ve often been the ones getting negative december headlines during most of coughlin’s reign and its prolly a releif to have rex and cree releive them of that burden.

    after all the injuries they’ve had this year they’re playing w/house money as far as i’m concerned and whatever their end , it’s already guaranteed to be a hell of allot better than their meadowlands co-tenant’s. furthermore, i think w/a good draft or free agent signing of a linebacker and a fully recovered secondary the future only looks brighter for this team.

    1. JK says:

      Thank you for reading and responding, counselor. Do you think the Giants need to win at least one playoff game for the season to be a success? Beating Atlanta really would shut the doubters down. Then it’s all house money from there.

  6. Hank says:

    Giants will absolutely win this game, their playoffs started 2 weeks ago and they have come up big, they will continue to roll.
    The Jets keep talking, but now it’s all excuses. The Jets just ain’t that good, especially Sanchez.
    Keidel is right it’s fitting that after all Rex’s talk, the Giants are team to host the first playoff team at MetLife.

  7. Jonas Altman-Kurosaki says:

    Great article, Jason. I feel like even Jets fans couldn’t have felt 100% sorry for Rex Ryan when the season ended the way it did. The topic certainly isn’t dead yet, but I’m sure it will be on the backburner after this Sunday’s game, no matter the outcome. For now, though, there’s still plenty of time to reflect and vent about the seemingly endless string of interceptions that ended the Jets’ season rather convincingly over the final few weeks. For the Jets and their fans, there’s really no other way to put this behind them than to bring in a few new faces on the sidelines come next season. A Giants loss really won’t do much to heal anything, because deep down, even Jets fans know that it was the Jets’ own darn fault that Big Blue trashed them on Christmas Eve.

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