N.J. Cop Neal Auricchio Said He Doesn't Remember Much, But Wants Justice

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Rangers fan who suffered a terrible beating after a hockey game in Philadelphia on Monday spoke publicly Friday about the fight that left him badly injured.

The vicious attack was caught on tape.

The victim is a police officer from New Jersey who travelled with a friend to the “City of Brotherly Love” for the NHL’s Winter Classic at Citizens Banks Park.

But what was supposed to be a special day, ended in a brutal assault that has the officer calling for justice, reports CBS 2’s Dana Tyler.

“I don’t remember everything,” said 30-year-old Neal Auricchio of Westfield.

Auricchio is seen on the video being savagely beaten along with his friend by three men in Flyers jerseys at outside Geno’s Steaks on Monday night.

Someone posted the video on YouTube. Police and Auricchio hope someone watching can identify the men.

“I would just like to see them step forward and pay criminally for what they did,” Auricchio said.

Auricchio, who did not want to show his bruised eye and stitched face, said he and his friend went to Monday’s outdoor game between the Rangers and Flyers without incident.

“The game, everything prior, was great,” Auricchio said, referring in part to his Blue Shirts’ 3-2 victory.

But when they got to Geno’s police said the Flyers fans apparently paid a man washing car windows to spray Auricchio and his friend. Then the fight began. Auricchio, a cop in Woodbridge Township, and his friend gave statements to Philadelphia detectives on Thursday.

“I am very pleased with the Philadelphia Police Department,” Auricchio said.

But the lifelong Rangers fan, whop said he’s been to plenty of games in Philadelphia, told CBS 2’s sister station, KYW, he’s unlikely to be headed back to take in a game there anytime soon.

“Probably be a while,” Auricchio said.

In addition to serving as a police officer in New Jersey, Auricchio is a Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq.

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