By Tony Paige
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Okay, so all the Christmas decorations should be put away by now and 2012 is in full swing .  I hope it’s not too late for a few sports wishes for the New Year.

They used to be called New Year’s resolutions, but come on, we never kept them anyway. Lose ten pounds this month? Please!

My wish list is simple, but that doesn’t mean any of this will happen.

For Jets fans … a way to find some club to fall in love with Santonio Holmes. Also, if Marty Schottenheimer gets the Tampa Bay Bucs head coaching job, I assume you Jets fans want him to take his son Brian along to be offensive coordinator. I’m just saying. Well, if the Bucs do get Marty, it’s a lock that they make the playoff in his first year … and get bounced in the first playoff game … especially if it’s at home.

For Yankees fans … A-Rod puts up a 30-100 season …in one calendar year. Oh yeah … A.J. Burnett retires … from pie throwing.  Had you going, didn’t I?

All sports broadcasting teams, who have more than two in the booth, do the math and subtract one. Two gasbags are quite enough.

For college football … a playoff for the national championship. Oh yeah, to be bowl eligible, a team must be at least 7-5 so if they lose they still have a winning record. No more UCLA’s in a bowl with a 6-7 record or all those teams celebrating a trip to a bowl with a 6-6 record.

For Nike/Michael Jordan … no more $180 sneakers unless they come with a rebate for $160. It’s only fair.

No more active players on the cover of Madden 2000 whatever.

For the Mets … new owners or at least .500 ball in 2013. Yes, 2013.

Since Floyd Mayweather has a get out of jail pass until June, I wish that he and Manny Pacquiao finally get it on. If I was doing this column last year, I would be wishing that they would fight twice in 2012.  Alas, they probably won’t fight at all this year. Mayweather will fight somebody 20-pounds lighter than him. Pac-Man will fight Juan Manuel Marquez a fourth time, lose, and then fight him for a fifth time in the fall. Pacquiao-Mayweather will never happen.

All levels of sports, especially youth sports, take injuries more seriously. The number one concern for coaches and parents should be concussion management.

For all athletes … more common sense … and fewer tattoos.  Half the time when I look at an athlete’s tat, I can’t tell if it’s a piece of art or a rash.

Whats on your list?

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