Health Department Group Seeking Proposals To Limit Alcohol Sales In NYC

Bar Owners, Patrons Wonder Aloud If Bloomberg's Lost It Once And For All

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — He doesn’t like the salt on the margarita glass and has fought against the fat in the Kahlua and cream. But was Mayor Michael Bloomberg really thinking of trying to shut the tap on the bar business as the New York Post reported?

The mayor wasn’t talking Wednesday, but New Yorkers sure were, reports CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“You can’t stop a New Yorker from having a martini or a drink,” said Michael Giameta of the Upper West Side.

“It’s just absolutely crazy,” added Paul Hurley.

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Hurley, the president of the United Restaurant and Tavern Owners, was upset after learning of the Health Department document that listed goals, including: “reduce alcohol retail outlet density” and “reduce the exposure to alcohol products and bar advertising and promotion.”

It sure looked like a city effort to reduce where booze is sold and where it’s advertised.

The reaction was largely negative.

“I think it’s sort of overstepping for him to get into that kind of area where they’re editing what’s going on at the street level,” said Tulsi Reynolds of the Upper West Side.

Pub owner Hurley agreed, saying New York’s hospitality industry would suffer.

“Fifty million people come to New York City last year. It’s a great achievement, great city, people want to hang out,” Hurley said.

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But city health officials said it is a sobering fact that alcohol is a factor in many crimes, health problems and quality-of-life issues.

Former U.S. Health Secretary Joe Califano said the mayor is right – the city should be able to limit bars and liquor stores in high-crime and high-addiction neighborhoods.

“Moderation in drinking, moderation in distribution of liquor stores and bars, that’s what we need here. It’s very important because access is so key as the element of why people drink and when people abuse alcohol,” Califano said.

The Health Department said it is still committed to efforts to reduce excessive drinking, and the problems it causes.

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One Comment

  1. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Let’s remember how our CAPITALIST leaders enacted Prohibition and how many American pleasure seekers took cruises on the Morro Castle to Cuba so they could go drink LEGALLY. So in that case, where did freedom exist at that time Cuba or America? I say it was Cuba where the government didn’t play God and tell you to not drink.

    1. DRLJR says:

      You are blind – It was Progressives like Woodrow Wilson who created Prohibition. Open your eyes and learn some real history.

  2. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I’m a HAPPY SOCIALIST because this capitalist corruption filled dictatorship of an alleged democracy we have is all catered to the rich bourgeois ruling class because almost every member of congress is wealthy. Do you think these people actually represent you unless you’re wealthy yourself? The Occupy movement was born out of disgust for a system of inequity where the less fortunate in our society get the crap end of the stick.

  3. Deborah Jeffries says:

    How many people across the globe have died because of American military action throughout recent history? Because of our need to dominate the world. Hugo Chavez’s donation of oil to poor Americans despite disrespect from our ignorant leaders makes him ok in my book. Who are we to judge him or his government when our own government has killed so many in military conflicts the public doesn’t support. Remember Vietnam? A colossal failure that killed so many and that is only one example of our imperialist military domination. THE HAPPY SOCIALIST.

  4. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I’m not a Stalinist nor Maoist. I’m a pro Bolshevik doctrine revolutionary. Incidentally about your Hugo Chavez comment, at least it was Mr. Chavez and the country of Venezuela that came to the rescue and donated home heating oil to millions of inpoverished Americans, most senior citizens in the northern part of my state of Connecticut, who otherwise may have frozen to death because our Federal Government regime cut off the assistance. At least Hugo Chavez had more compassion for the elderly American citizens than our dictatorship in Washington does. THE HAPPY SOCIALIST.

    1. DRLJR says:

      You really are blind. Stalin was a Bolshevik (i.e. Red). The Mensheviks (i.e. White) were their opposition. And all Chavez was doing was playing politics. He has destroyed the economy of his country and impoverished the people. Now there are only the poor and the rich. And the Rich who oppose him are slowly becoming poor as well while his supporters become rich – normal Socialist result.

      If the Progressives/Marxists, Socialist and pseudo-environmentalist didn’t prevent the development of our own resources in this country the folks up in the Northeast could have afforded to take care of themselves and would not have needed handouts. But Socialism and its variants always makes people dependent on the Government or others.

      Let’s see how long you remain “THE HAPPY SOCIALIST” when your own self-interest kicks in. Socialism always fails for two reasons – 1) it run out of other people’s money, i.e. Europe; and 2) people will only give up their own self-interest to their detriment for so long, i.e. Greece. As good Socialist I expect you are giving away your money and goods to everyone else and not keeping any for yourself.

  5. DRLJR says:

    And the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by Progressive/Marxist.

  6. DRLJR says:

    Then those of you have no concept of what Communism, Progressivism, and Socialism are about. They are about the idea the State can improve people by controlling their lives. They always create dictatorships and disasters. Just look at Venezuela and the disaster Hugo Chavez has imposed on his country.

    These philosophies have resulted in deaths of over 150 million people since they have been imposed on societies. Mao murdered 70 plus million, Stalin and Lenin murdered close to 60 million Russian, Ukrainians and Georgian. And look at what Socialism has wrought in Greece.

  7. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Communists and Socialists are much more concerned with social issues like income equality, hunger, homelessness, unemployment and the treatment of the elderly and disabled as the ruling class continues to exploit the less fortunate. We have no concern for who smokes, drinks or eats fat back. Our concern is for social issues that are relevant to those who have been victimized by our two party (Democrat and Republican) capitalist regime that we call a democracy. THE HAPPY SOCIALIST.

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    The message of the Communist Manifesto is that there should be a classless society and a worker’s state where the bourgeois ruling class has no dominion over the proletariat working class. Progressives are not Marxists nor are Liberals or Democrats or President Obama as some have said. You’ve been listening to Glenn Beck too much. Read The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels 1848 completely, then make a judgment it’s about a utopian society without social class separations.

  9. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Why are some posters blaming the attack on alcohol on communism? Excuse me but Prohibition in America was enforced by Democratic and Republican lawmakers (not communists) as they went to moonshine serving establishments when the business day was over. Hypocrisy. Also conservative religious groups were to blame. A MESSAGE FROM THE HAPPY SOCIALIST.

    1. DRLJR says:

      The people who imposed Prohibition were Progressive/Marxists. The believe in the idea that the government can improve people by controlling their every aspect of their lives. Both of the major Parties are infected with Progressive/Marxists who espouse the ideas from the Communist Manifesto and the ideas from the French Revolution- that is the State is supreme.

  10. NJJoe says:

    Has Bloomy considered where the losses in tax revenue would come from? Alcohol is already HEAVILY taxed; like ciggerattees… states make a LOT of money off their sales!

  11. mj says:

    i’ve always said ts only going to be a matter o time until they start to target the drinkers as they do the smokers

  12. Pee on Bloomberg says:

    someone should spray paint stencils of bloombeerg’s face in all the bar urinals in NYC

  13. THOUGHT POLICE says:

    Next, an electro encephlograph (EEG) will be installed on each street corner, and if bloomy does not like what you are thinking, he will have you thrown in jail.

  14. BAN GEVELTE FISH in NY says:

    Is Gevelte Fish a mistery meat?

    It is vile, and discusting and can have insect parts or rat feces in it, sure tastes like idt does

  15. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Have we forgotten about the failure of Prohibition? This is what happens when you try to legislate personal behavior so let me have my coca cola, twinkies and cigarettes it’s my life stay out of it! I wonder what bar and restaurant owners think since the city is all too happy to take their tax dollars, but wants to make it much tougher to do business?

  16. J says:


  17. danny says:

    The city must be in tip top shape if this is the only thing our mayor can find to do while at work. “What unemployment problem? What homeless problem? We need to get rid of booze!”

  18. PaPa Joe says:

    I think the problem is taht if we, the people can’t or won’t do something for ourselve then the government will do it for us. People, wake up, remember, if we won’t then they will and if they do they will take to an extreme.

  19. Benjy Bronk's bald spot says:

    Inside sources say his next crusade is going to be against diapers. He was quoted as saying “those smelly poop-filled drawers are stinking up this city and there must be limits, for both young and old New Yorkers.”

  20. DRLJR says:

    I have a simple phrase for people to consider : Prohibition of the 1920s.

    This is what happens when one elects Progressive/Marxist to office. New York – wake up and look at what your servants are doing to you in your name. You are the rulers not the elected officials. And take the time to learn about Agenda 21, and all of the other moves by Progressives to restrict your freedoms, rights and privileges.

  21. what's next I breath more air than the person next to me says:

    the mayor is so full of $hit he needs to limit himself from that

    1. DRLJR says:

      To the Progressive/Marxist the answer is yes. They believe that they can improve people by regulating and controlling people and what they do.

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