‘Bash Mitt’ Movement Is In Full Swing As Republican Presidential Hopefuls Arrive In South Carolina

Gingrich And Everyone Else Looking Up At Romney Now Loaded For Bear

MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBSNewYork) – The race for the Republican presidential nomination is heading south. Candidates have left New Hampshire and are now in South Carolina courting conservative voters.

After his decisive win on Tuesday, Mitt Romney headed to the “Palmetto State,” where some Christian conservatives have still not warmed up to him. And, as CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports, other candidates want to take advantage of that.

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For Romney, a win in South Carolina on Jan. 21 hinges on support from both conservatives and evangelicals.

“We were winning among all those groups so if I can duplicate that elsewhere I can become the  nominee. I sure hope so,” Romney said.

One of the biggest threats to Romney in South Carolina is Newt Gingrich, who seems like he’s on a kamikaze mission to damage the former Massachusetts governor as much as he can.

No sooner had he landed in South Carolina did Gingrich send out a fundraising letter that let  Romney know what the primary holds in store:

“We can either nominate a timid Massachusetts moderate Republican to take on a secular socialist, or we can nominate a bold Reagan conservative who will take the fight to Barack Obama in the fall,” the letter said.

“As his record is better and better known, I think he will grow weaker and weaker very fast because his record is so much further to the left than the average voter in South Carolina,” Gingrich added.

The other Republican candidates also tried to pile on.

“We’re going to challenge everything and it’s not just here. It’s Florida and beyond,” Rick Santorum said.

South Carolina is known for its multimillion dollar, often negative, ad wars. Already Gingrich is attacking Romney for switching from an anti-abortion position to supporting abortion rights.

“Romney appointed a pro-abortion judge, expanded access to abortion pills,” part of the ad says.

The worry for Republicans is that if Gingrich and the others do too much damage to Romney, it will make it more difficult for him to take on President Obama if he’s the nominee.

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One Comment

  1. pat disalvo says:

    watch the reps. mess this up.

  2. katheen says:

    I unlike most politicians, do not believe that the “I like being able to fire people” comment, take out of context will hurt Romney. People can’t be that stupid?????

  3. TJ Walker says:

    Great ad on mocking Romney “I like being able to fire people” quote:

  4. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

    South Carolina should be interesting (though Huntsman is the only candidate I really like).

    Santorum is a flaming moron and a bigot. He bashes Obama’s comments about striving for college education. Maybe he hopes to further “dumb down” the country so that people will only pay attention to reality TV and hot dog-eating contests, while he and his lobbyist buddies (in the top 1%) continue to rob Washington.

    . .. and what’s with Santorum’s sanctimonious nonsense about civil liberties, when he’d seek to impose his own ideas on abortion, gay marriage and religion on EVERYONE (even if they don’t share his beliefs). Santorum is an idiot and a loser.

  5. Matthias Klein says:

    The salt has lost its flavor. Evangelicals have lost their influence.

    Why? As the body of Christ has been split so is their political influence.
    And the attitude – country first Christ second – is wrong?

    What needs to be done to become salty again?

    Watch video: A German preacher’s thought on American Christians and politics

    1. Schniff D. Tookus says:

      You tell em’ Matthias, make em’ smell your ass. Wanna smell mine? It has healing properties, downright miraculous.

      1. katheen says:

        You live alone, or with your mother?

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