Robber Allegedly Attacks Disabled Woman In N.J.

MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An elderly woman said she let a man into her home who was screaming for help, but who then tried to rob her.

“This person came over, yelled ‘I am having an emergency. I am your neighbor’,” said 84-year-old Mary Dicke.

Dicke let the man into her Monroe Township home around 1 a.m. Friday, but instead of gratitude, Dicke said he ordered her to lay down and started attacking her 64-year-old, disabled daughter.

“He punched me in my face. I put my foot up like this when I fell down,” Claudia Dicke told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The women said the man, reeking of alcohol, demanded money. So the Dickes gave him all the money they had, but it wasn’t enough.

“He turned around and said ‘don’t move cause I’ll come back and I’ll kill you’,” Mary said.

Mary Dicke said when she opened the door, the suspect barged in and pushed her, but she fought back.

“I kept pushing him, trying to get him out the front door, but he was really strong,” she said.

The suspect bruised her wrist but she kept going, grabbing the mask covering his face.

“I pulled it down to here so I know he didn’t have a mustache,” she added.

The feisty senior said she was actually subdued by fear for her daughter’s safety.

“If I were by myself it would have been a different situation. I probably would have worked him over,” she said. “I would have bashed him. I got hammers out there, too. I would have gone after him.”

Mary Dicke said if the suspect comes back, she’ll use those hammers.

She gave police a description of the suspect.

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  1. D.F. says:

    What right does this poor excuse for a human being have that he thinks he can hurt people and demand money…especially elderly or disabled. I hope they find him and punish him appropriately . It would have been better justice if this woman did grab that hammer and give him something to think about!!!

  2. Greta says:

    Whatever your comments are ignorant and stupid. The article didn’t even say what her disability is. She could be blind, crippled or schizophrenic for all we know. People like yourself make me sick. You only care about yourself. You are a self centered loser. Get a life and don’t worry about other people’s lives which are none of your business.

  3. I am me says:

    The drunk probably came from Ryans….what was he wearing? Maybe someone there that night will know who it was. As for using the disability for sympathy…in this whatever is an ass for that comment. Grant it I agree with alot of what you said but in this situation leave the disability part out of it ok that he hit a woman?

  4. whatever says:

    stop using a disability as a way to gain our sympathies!!! many people are now considered disabled due to stupid laws! there’s many, i mean it, MANY who fake illnesses to receive disability benefits…especially those who use it as a mean to obtain workers’ compensation payouts! oh…my back is hurting…i’m now disabled. oops…i secretly lift 50 pounds of crap after getting that big fat paycheck in the mail. la la la…the government and insurance agencies are too tied up to investigate me! this is how it works in society!!! omg omg! i’m depressed. yeaaa!!! the law says i’m now disabled! where’s my monthly check!!! omg omg omg!!! i’m pregnant!!! i’m disabled!!! where’s my monthly check!!! i’ve seen people claiming to be disabled and still working under the table or better yet, going on frequent vacations. it is outrageous! i have no sympathy for those who use disability as a means to gain our sympathies. they can walk! they can talk! they can work!

    1. Vernita Worrell says:

      Did anyone say that this person was pretending to be disabled? Why is it so hard to believe that her daughter was disabled? She did not say we fought him she said she did because she feared for her disabled daughter. There are lots of people walking around with a disability and if they did not tell you there was something wrong with them you would not know it. Just like people with the AIDs virus. If they did not tell you that they had the virus you would not know. So please Whatever don’t go there because if the lady said her daughter is disabled who are you to say “No she’s not?

    2. YOU'RE A JACKHOLE says:


  5. thor's hammer says:

    saddle up pardners, you are all deputized. these attacks on the elderly and disabled should outrage us all. it is time to drop dimes, quarters and the hammer of justice on the poor excuses for oxygen consumption on OUR planet. listen up good you lowlife, we have got the 411 on you and your only hope is that the cops get you before some neighborhood watch, that way, protective custody applies as opposed to a deliverance style smackdown. your prison cell should be no more than 4 ft in diameter, no window, no tv/computer/phone/free education/free health care. just major sized dope slaps as you do the perp walk to the pokey. your court appointed lawyer should just stay seated & quiet, for there is NO defense for what you’ve done. be afraid, be very afraid. justice for the fictim only!

    1. Vernita Worrell says:

      Very well said.

      1. Concerned says:

        This was an artice on the attack of a someone trying to hep out a neighbor who then attacked and robbed her. Why all the comments about disability? The only problem is that the world still has low lives living in it, and the good people have to suffer. Cops should catch this animal before someone in the neighborhood does………..

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