The Giants made it clear early-on yesterday that despite their underdog status, they were going to give the 15-1 Green Bay Packers all they could handle, and then some.

Similar to the Giants, Jerry Recco made it clear early-on that his first update of the morning was going to be chalked full of sound from yesterday’s 37-20 Giants win, beginning with ‘I Love It When You Call Me’ Bob Papa calling Hakeem Nicks’ 37-yard touchdown catch in the final seconds of the 2nd quarter.

From there we heard from both culprits, Nicks and Eli Manning before a thrilled Tom ‘kiss my ass’ Coughlin praised the Giants ownership.  Brandon Jacobs had nothing but nice things to say about Eli, while Justin Pierre-Paul was feeling pretty good about his ‘guarantee’.  JPP’s defensive line-mate Justin Tuck talked about knowing what it takes.

Aaron Rodgers was asked about his under-performing teammates, a question he didn’t care much for.  Jordy Nelson was one such teammate and he faced the music.  Packers running-back Ryan Grant finished with 33-yards on 8 carries and didn’t find much solace in going 15-2.

We also heard from Osi Umenyiora on Sunday’s match-up with the 49ers and Carl Banks’ take on the penalty called on Osi for roughing the passer.

Plus, the Ravens squeaked by the Texans – setting-up an AFC Championship with the Patriots, former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is expected to be named offensive coordinator for the Rams under new head coach Jeff Fisher, Rangers struggle in Montreal – losing 4-1 to the Canadians, Knicks -Magic this afternoon at MSG – Carmelo Anthony is hoping to suit-up, Nets in LA to play the Clippers and Bartolo Colon will reportedly sign with the Oakland A’s…

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