Poll: Most New Yorkers Oppose Cuomo’s Convention Center Pitch

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A new poll shows New Yorkers still strongly support Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but not all of his ideas for his second year in office.

The Siena College poll finds 57 percent oppose the centerpiece of his State of the State speech this month, a plan for the nation’s largest convention center at Aqueduct race track. A casino operator would build the Queens center as Cuomo also pushes to expand casino gambling.

The poll released Monday finds 82 percent support his proposed new education panel as well as plans for campaign finance reform and road and bridge repairs. New Yorkers are split on three other issues.

Siena questioned 805 registered voters last Sunday through Thursday. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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  1. Robert Moses says:

    Cuomo’s proposal comes with two huge and intolerable risks: (1) increased tax revenues for the City, and (2) jobs for City residents. These dire risks MUST be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

    Remember that cities exist only to accommodate and subsidize suburbs (where REAL Americans live). Therefore, all new jobs and tax revenues MUST be reserved for the suburbs.

  2. JNYC says:

    A poll of 800 people represent the state? I can find 8000 people in an hour who would be 100% for this. Not only would this create jobs in construction and at the finished project, but it would bring in massive revenue. In addition the the casino, which usually brings in retail business, entertainment and dining; it will also keep much of the lost gambling revenue that leaves NYS to CT and NJ every week.

    As much as you want to argue about high prices, people being out of work, can’t afford rent blah blah blah…… The truth of the matter is, that will still be the case if this happens or not. The only difference is that jobs will be created and those who continue to leave the state to gamble will stay here and put that money back into the local economy. This would be rest and finish off what NYC has been lacking for years in terms of being a total vacation destination. Now we will have beaches, world class food, arts, theater, the worlds most important city center and casino gabling.

  3. Jack says:

    I live in Staten Island and thought it oddly strange that none of our elected officials came out solidly against it. Our politicians gave the usual fence riding speech on raising money on the back of those least able to afford to lose money, risk of rent and/or mortgages not being paid etc. What was odd to me was that with a Casino at the Aqueduct race track New Jersey residents would most likely travel through Staten Island to get visit it. The Staten Island Expwy would be impacted in a huge way, everyday. A few years back our elected officials refused to meet with NASCAR (an American enterprise) which purchased a plot of land for $125 million dollars on which to build a race track that would be used only 3 weekends each year. They screamed at the thought of traffic. Trust me, as soon as they see something in it for them they will pile on faster than anyone would imagine.

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